B C Elections belongs to Campbell now

Dear Ms. James
Leader of the Provincial  NDP and Opposition in the B C legislature.
I received this email and immediately thought that there must be a reason that you and the NDP  our BC opposition in the legislature and therefore the watchdogs of government have been silent on this issue.  
Or is it that you and the NDP do not have the ear of the MSM in a province so thoroughly disgusted with its government, and so you decided no action at all is best for your party and the people of BC. 
Does this mean you agree with the Liberals actions?
Does this mean it is OK with you for the Liberals to control Elections BC which is supposed to be impartial?

Subject: Re: Elections BC

Rafe here – 
I received this in the mail and while I can’t vouch for its accuracy, it raises very serious concerns that must be answered and dealt with.
>I have worked at Elections B.C. on and off for many years…since the 1980’s…retired now. I am friends with a number of people who still work there. Elections is a (was a) non-partisan office…it says so on the door. And I know from experience that the measures taken to live up to that were total at every level particularly during the tenure of Harry Neufeld (CEO) and Linda Johnson (the Deputy Chief Electoral Officer). Linda knows the Elections Act inside and out…an extremely knowledgeable and competent person who has been with Elections for 28 years..the last 19 of them as Deputy CEO. The appointment of Craig James to replace Harry was a mystery. He has no experience with Elections or the Election Act yet here he is…the CEO. (It is now clear he was hired to “clean house”). James called a staff meeting at EBC and said that he had come from the Legislature and a meeting with officials there and Vaughn Palmer (why him?)….he announced that it was Linda’s last day. The staff was stunned. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the Liberals spent $780,000 on brochures to sell the HST and then weren’t allowed to send them out because they hadn’t followed the rules in the Election Act and Linda told them so? This is obviously a revenge firing. The time line is revealing. What is truly amazing is that there is was no reporting of this in mainstream media. This is outrageous. This Liberal government is corrupt and ruthless…if I didn’t know this before I sure do now. It is a mystery to me why the NDP have not picked up on this abuse of power by the Liberals and demanded an investigation and let the public know how despicable this is. This is BC’s democratic process being dismantled to suit the governing Liberal Party. The silence in the mainstream media is deafening. Craig James is “restructuring” Elections BC at the behest of the Liberals…so much for being non-partisan. The Legislative Committee asked Elections BC for advice on the HST mess. The Liberals didn’t want the Deputy Chief Electoral Office answering questions about a referendum..like how much would it cost..who decides on the wording etc. Linda J got fired before she could answer this…James conveniently went to Africa the next day after the Committee met and wanted to ask this. He doesn’t know anyway.

Ms. James, ordinary people are fed up and want to know what they can do to get our politicians at all levels to listen to us.  They do not believe you are interested in what we have to say, and so far you are proving that to be true.
Campbell sits there with his stupid little drunk’s smile and manipulates you, the legislative process and the courts, selling off or destroying the commons set up so carefully over the years, and what do you do for the people to stop that?
He has absolutely no interest in what the people want, never has and never will.  His contempt of all the people of BC is astounding and yet we hear nothing of value from you.
Are you just waiting for Bill Vander Zalm and the people of BC to do your work for you?
How is that a private person who is no longer in politics can do so much for the people of BC whilst you who are there in the thick of things can do so little?
You are part of the scene.
You have the power to do things. 
Yes you do damn it.
Do you not have the will?
Anyway, I believe that because of your lack of action on so many issues you will face stiffer opposition from the BC Refed party than the so called Fiberal party in the next election, and I for one am very seriously thinking of running in this next provincial election for them or as an independent. The Refeds are for the people to control the provincial, and eventually federal governments, not the corporations, unions and special interest groups that run things now.
I may be old but my grand children deserve better than the shambolic mess we have in our governments today. If you younger people who are already there will not deal with it, then old foggies like me must re-gird our loins and step in again.
Jeremy Arney 

MPs impotency

Sent by email to all Canadian MPs 18th Sept 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have reached a state here in Canada which has passed all logic into a realm even beyond the dysfunctional.

The House of Commons in the Canadian Parliament is no longer even interested in the views of the people of Canada, nor is it responding to its duties.

It needs not be pointed out that our Prime Minister, even though he dictates from a minority Reform / Alliance coalition government masquerading as a Conservative party to be acceptable to some 33% of the more wealthy Canadians who bother to vote, has totally sold out to the corporations of the world.

The sad part is that there are none of you willing to tell him or your party leaders that enough is enough. Maybe you don’t see it or don’t want to see it .

A small country called Bolivia showed us that it is possible to recover control of our Parliament from a corporate dictatorship, and that all we need to do is to nationalise you as if you were an asset which heaven knows you are not.

If and when that happens and we start to regain control of our resources by nationalisation instead of them being owned by foreign companies which strip us of all monies made from those resources, and we start to use the Bank of Canada instead of multi national ‘compounding interest only’ commercial bankes; when we cancel all the terrible trade deals and retake our country for the people; provide education, health care and old folks security and aid to starving and sick people around the world, in a totally affordable way, then we will be re-inventing our forefathers’ dreams for this country.

Can any one of you honestly look yourselves in the mirror and tell yourselves that you are working for the best interests of your constituents unfettered by absolute party dictates?

If you can, please identify yourself as you may be the backbone of the future government we the people seek.

Your leaders have surrender their souls to the “money men” and must be caste aside like worn out shoes and replaced with leaders who have all the peoples of Canada in the forefront of their hearts and minds and deeds, and to be willing to share what we in this incredible country have with those who have not.

It is possible to have a peaceful freedom loving country with plenty for everyone and some to spare for those who have not once we do away with rule by the bottom line mantra of the corporate world. There is plenty of room for profit, but no need for unfettered greed.

Mother earth, all the species who dwell on her, including humans are looking to governments to start the rescue process.

Canada is not part of that process but it should be and can be.

Will you be part of the renewal of Canada or are you too enmeshed in the dysfunctionality?

There is a new session starting soon, please stand up and be counted as a supporter of Canada and all the Canadian People or step down and let someone who can be counted upon take your place.

Jeremy Arney