Attack on Canadian children ?

19th November 2021

I have just finished watching the federal security, transport and health ministers etc.,  along with their civil servants talk about the “new” border restrictions and stuff but more importantly  about Health Canada giving the green light for 5 – 11 year old children to be force fed the Pfizer experimental injection. I say force fed because how in the heck can a 5 year old understand that he/she can say “no” and resist a needle wielding adult who say “you have to”.   Bribery of ice cream may work in the middle of summer but now?   What affect will this jab have on either their immune systems or the other 52 jabs they can expect to have here in BC.   No answers or even questions on that.

The whole CBC program was liking watching a group of people who had never seen or eaten spaghetti being confronted with a plate of it and trying to make sense of how to eat it with two knives.

Not once during this sales presentation did I hear of possible side effects, long term or short, as if this was truly a magic jab with nothing but success in its wake so far…..

The whole thing is so clearly a continuous propaganda job and this could not have been more obvious than in today’s Ministers’ presentations and their struggling to answer questions I am surprised were allowed to be asked; yet not one of those questions had anything to do with the rights and freedoms of a 5 year old child nor how they could be expected to understand even what was going on.   They have been so programmed to receive injections right from birth that another one would have no meaning to them. 

Teresa Tam as usual was as unbelievable as ever clearly spouting the corporate program and had no interest in the safety of Canadians; as such she is a true believer in her Prime Minister’s slavish fawning to the corporate injection profiteers.  Interestingly one of the main advertisers on the morning shows on CBC is “EmerganC”  an over the counter cold and flu prevention mixture that contains the major ingredients that real doctors recommend against something called Covid 19.  i.e. vitamins C & D and zinc.  Who knew….

How can you Build Back Better if you are bent on destruction?

I am soo disgusted with our elected and appointed officials who have so clearly been compromised.