What an incredible mess



Where to begin on this the 7th February 2022?

No matter how you look at it this present Canadian government is totally out of control. 

Earlier today I caught a news conference on the Covid Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of Canadian Government Cabinet Members. Regretfully I did not see the whole thing but what I did see was the most blatant set of misdirection (lies) I have heard for some time.  For that to happen in Canada considering what we have been spoon fed by our corporately driven Prime Minister, our 24 hours a day Covid Broadcasting Corporation, Teresa Tam with her nonsensical ravings.


Once again our Transport Minister is reiterating that the federally mandated workers in Air, Rail, Road and Marine Transport must submit to jabs and boosters. No excuses and no relief.

A Prime Minister whose word is useless, whose loyalty clearly lies with Schwab, Gates and Fauci, and their jabs kickback is saying a lot.

Now here we are at a crossroads in our History as a country with the world watching us again and this time for the right reasons.  We have a convoy of peaceful truckers and their support vehicles in Ottawa under constant attack because they are asking for FREEDOM.  Freedom from coercive mandates. Freedom to control what is injected into their bodies.  Yes, a lot of the drivers have already given in to the jab coercion in order to be able to deliver what Canadians need, without being hassled at every turn by overreaching illegal mandates and yet to come soon some regulation changes to the Labour Code of Canada. To top it off Trudeau is using his antifa thugs to cause mayhem and blame it on truckers when in fact those truckers have been feeding the homeless, cleaning up their garbage after themselves, looking after the tomb of the unknown warrior, and the Terry Fox statue.  The same cannot be said for Trudeau’s thugs.  We all knew they were coming as they have in the past and most likely will again.  It is a tired old playbook used over and over again. The few who have or will be arrested will get cheap bail and dissapear again, till the next time.

The law here in Canada is meaningless as Trudeau and his puppets have destroyed any vestige of the rights enshrined in the laws of our land.

The Criminal Code of Canada re coercion, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms re coercion, the Nuremberg code re coercion, The UN declaration of human rights re coercion , and here in BC the BC Human Rights Code to mention just a sampling.  Then there are the laws about hates speech.

 According to Justin Trudeau, as he publicly stated, I am an activist, I am a misogynist, I am an extremist and I do not believe in science.  All this because I refuse to take an unapproved experimental jab with no known long term side effects, but according to VAERS a multitude of short-term ones up to and including death.

This from a man who does not know me, has not even a clue how old I am nor if I have any medical history or religious beliefs (that I actually do not as I am an atheist).  He on the other hand is a Catholic who clearly does not believe in the teachings of his god, in fact I probably know more than he does in that respect.

He has spent a minimum of two years deliberately dividing this country pitting the Canadian people against each other in a way even Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney would have hesitated to do.  Lying to us is his mantra and has been never since he became PM and he even lied to us all to get that position.  Remember election reform?  Nation to Nation dialogue with the original peoples of Canada? Climate change? a Just Society (oh no that was his father), open and transparent government? just more lies.

Now with the world watching as he hides from the convoy and his responsibilities the world is actually laughing at him.  His answer is always the same: a small fringe minority is not welcome here in Canada !

Maybe one day someone will be able to show him that this small fringe minority is actually an almost complete country.   Compared to Trudeau an ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand is clear sighted.

As jurisdictions around the world and here in Canada have started to realise that covid-19 is not something to hide from but is nothing more than another flu we have to learn to live with and are dropping their absurd restrictions, he is still insisting that the only way to defeat this is with jabs that do not protect against getting covid 19 or stop spreading it, and more mandates are the way to coerce Canadians into taking them.

The good part of all this is how many people there are speaking up for the convoy, finding another way to fund it after the Go-Fund-Me fiasco, and realising that this is after all about every Canadian’s Freedom.

Rock on drivers.

One thought on “What an incredible mess

  1. Thank you for responding to the lawless and criminal actions by the Prime Minister, the Parliament, the senate, All Premiers, the Police, the RCMP, the Courts, and the Judges, and Health services, who are all in God’s eyes “workers of evil”.

    They are Lying, Stealing, killing, and bearing false witness against the hard working law abiding citizen’s who refuse to comply or support, or enable any further actions by these traitor’s carrying out the WEF International Agenda to overthrow and destroy the Sovereignty of Canada and it’s Rule of Law, and to kill and destroy it’s citizen’s. Klaus Schwab publicly made it clear that Justin Trudeau, was trained through their “World Youth Leaders Program”to be placed within the Government to infiltrate the Parliament and to carry out it’s Evil Agenda.

    That makes this a One World Order International coup, and that is a treasonous action. “God will not be mocked”, “vengeance is mine” saith the Lord.
    I tremble for these people’s souls, as Jesus said “Father forgive them, for they know what they do”.
    Because when they are faced with the sins they have perpetrated on Humanity and against Humanity, they shall have no place to hide, for God’s Wrath will be cast upon them. Then they shall surely realize with whom they have served……..the author of all lies and murder…their god Satan, and they shall spend all eternity with their god…..the god of death.

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