National Post and the Bank of Canada

July 2010
Dear Editor,
National Post Thursday March 11th.

I found a back issue of your publication and it was fascinating to read the various articles published on this day about the Bank of Canada.

There was a series about the list of governors, a suggestion that perhaps R P Bennett was not all that bad after all, and another libertarian biased piece called “75 years of funny money”.

Interesting to note that nowhere in those musings was it mentioned what the Bank of Canada was responsible for and did for the country between 1935 and 1974. During this period the cost of WW11 was paid for and the social network of Canada was established and paid for by the Bank of Canada at virtually no expense to the people of Canada. Because all the money required for the establishment of such things that we used to enjoy such as the public medical system, pensions, road systems across Canada, to mention but a few of those social networks created with money from the Bank of Canada at very low rates of interest. That interest was paid to the shareholder of the Bank of Canada, which is the Minister of Finance on behalf of all Canadians.

Unlike all other Central Banks the BOC was and is not yet a private corporate affair, and was not (and yet is not) operated as such as inferred in your articles. It is possible that this dysfunctional government might try to sell it, we don’t know. It was not mentioned either that the reason for the change from using the Bank of Canada to finance the country and to create money for Canadians was because the Bank of International Settlements told us that this was not a fair business practice to shut out commercial banks from this potentially highly profitable process of loan and money creation. Regretfully our politicians of the time didn’t have the balls to tell the BIS where to go and instead started using the commercial banks to finance the operation of Canada, and allowed them to create money that did not and still does not exist.
Thus we went from a national debt of some $80 million owed to ourselves to what we have to day which is about $520 billion owed to commercial banks at a compounding interest rate. Those banks are paying their CEOs in the many billions in bonuses alone each year. And even a simple man like me can see why.

I wonder if anyone knows how or has the ability to calculate just how much interest has been paid since 1975 to those commercial banks which are sucking the very life blood out of Canada. How much good could that money (even if fake) have done for the country instead of taking us into an every increasing debt.?

This may be an oversimplification of the facts, but it is a lot closer to the real truth of the fall of the Bank of Canada into an international “yes sir Mr. President” bank so much so that it is considered by your writers to be just another central bank instead of a Canadian jewel.

So happy 75th indeed Bank of Canada, and how I wish we were using you for the reason you were created. To Finance Canada and pay us back as we paid you back.

Jeremy Arney

What’s going on Mr Cannon?

Dear Minister Cannon,
It appears that neither you nor your department have read the PM’s memo.

Your Leader has clearly stated that Canadian Sovereignty is soon to be a thing of the past, so why are you using it as any of excuse for not signing the UN declaration of the rights to clean water for everyone.?

From the National Post:
“Melissa Lantsman, press secretary for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, said Wednesday that Canada’s sovereignty over its own natural water supply is a key issue for government”.
“We continue to assert that international human rights obligations in no way limit our sovereign right to manage our own resources,” Ms. Lantsman said.

Your fellow cabinet member and Minister for Indian Affairs wrote to me that:

“Our government” will continue to demonstrate leadership by advancing the cause of indigenous rights around the world and create opportunities for a better future for Canada’s Aboriginal peoples”.

This was in response to my question to him about Canada’s reluctance to sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as promised in the latest throne speech. It would appear that the rights, wellbeing and health of our own First Nations peoples are being put on hold by both of you whilst this Reform / Alliance coalition government plays political games in the name of sovereignty which you plan to trade in for global corporate rule.

What is really going on here Mr. Cannon?

Jeremy Arney

Is this the Canada we want?

Is this the Canada we want?

As I read some of the newspapers, watch the TV and listen to the talk radio stations, from here in Canada and from the USA, I am struck by a common trend:


People no longer matter.


I know there are those who will say – where have you been?  But I have been here watching and fuming but I have also realized that especially our present Federal Government and the BC legislature have openly lost interest in the people in favour of big business. At least in the past there has been some pretense, but now they do not care that we know it, they thumb their collective snouts at us.

 The word contempt comes to mind

 It is not a new and sudden thing for sure, but in the last few months it seems to have been ramped up that the people do not matter, that the Canadian Parliament can be made dysfunctional by stupidity and that it is quite alright for “officials” to lie to us, pretend we are not here, or even herd us like cattle as was shown in Toronto a few weeks ago.

 Actually cattle probably get treated much better than those who simply wanted to make a peaceful statement, and were not allowed to do so. My daughter, who was in Seattle (unknown to me at the time) for the WTO demonstration a few years ago, knows well the smell of tear gas and that allowed her to escape the evil clutches of the Toronto security thugs (both those overdressed in riot gear and those with their shirt tails hanging out) who were supposed to protect everyone against terrorists and chose instead to attack peaceful demonstrators singing “Oh Canada”.  Did anyone else notice the ugliness and hate on the face of that plain clothes straw haired woman cop as she swung her baton? After allowing mayhem to be done by what we now believe to be their brothers in arms the previous day, to attack the citizenry in such a fashion can only be called stupid and cowardly, and any loss of faith in the police agencies in Canada was well earned that day.

 We are told that these men and women were just doing what they were told, and that makes it even worse as they knew what they were doing was wrong. Let’s not even get into how much they were paid to assist in the suspension of any civil liberties Canadians think they might have.

 But these events are really only the surface that the media glom onto rather than tell us the real story.

 Our federal government is comprised of a rag tag bunch of Alliance/Reform coalition politicians, who it seems are bound to follow like lemmings as their senior idiot sells Canada to who ever wants to buy us. It is bad enough that many years ago Mulroney sold us out to the Americans and then Chrétien made it worse, now Harper wants what is left to be purchased by EU countries, Colombia and if there are any pickings left I am sure he has another buyer in mind. 

Remember the throne speech : “Canada is open for business” translation means open for investment, means open for buyouts.

Since Mulroney’s original FTA deal we have steadily lost our ability to control our companies and production of anything as manufacturing leaves our homeland for cheaper countries. This of course looses us jobs of any value, and this government is happy to replace them with part time jobs at such places as Wendy’s or Wal-Mart.  Benefits, once part of a job package, are now almost unheard of except in upper management or civil service positions.

 All governing parties are making the claim that they are reducing taxes and what they really mean is that they are infinitesimally reducing the personal income tax of lower income earners.  At the same time other taxes are rocketing up and corporate taxes are due to come down again. The argument is that keeping corporate taxes high will stop prices from coming down for goods and services, and will stop future expansion of businesses. That argument is about as sound as me holding a full gown elephant over my head with one arm.

How can anyone justify reducing taxes for a company which has just made record profits and paid huge bonuses to the senior directors?  They need help?

If one follows the money, which is generally good advice, it takes us, or I anyway, to assume some very ugly things about our politicians and their personal financial healths.

 Over the last 70 years a social network was put in place so that there would not be people without the means of living a meaningful life. These services have been so eroded since Reagan and Mulroney got together that we now have a homeless and sick population in Canada which is totally unacceptable to anyone but the heartless corporate morons who run our governments.

 This headlong rush into trade deals with all other countries does not benefit you and I one bit.  Yes it benefits the bigger companies, which will be purchased, gutted and then abandoned along with anyone who worked there. How exactly does that benefit the person on the street? How does it for instance benefit the Colombian peon? Be sure that the CEOs and their friends in government will make out very well.

We already know that the NAFTA ruined the Mexican corn farmers because Yankee corn flooded the market down there at a deliberate knock down price designed to destroy the Mexican farmers…thus the price of Yankee corn could go up again…strangely benefiting  companies such as Goldman Sachs with their futures games, but not the American corn farmer.

 In spite of all this Harper wants to bash on with the great Canadian Giveaway on the backs of what he considers to be great Canadian accomplishments recently; namely the disruption of the Copenhagen Climate Control summit in order to protect the Alberta tar sands; the  winter Olympic financial fiasco  which was a great success thanks to the athletes not him, and the non-meetings of the G8 and G20 which as far as I can tell accomplished nothing inside the meetings thanks to him, but established the future of the Canadian Police reaction to any peaceful public action by Canadians. Peaceful demonstrations are not to be tolerated but of course the police and their cohorts can do what they want. Just a few days ago the Liberal government of Ontario arranged  the  arrest of people peacefully demonstrating in a government building about the cuts in funding for the physically handicapped…  Imagine, riot police charging wheelchair inhabitants with batons raised and then arresting them for being in a public building to present an invoice for lost funding.!…that’s the modern Canadian policeman?

 Is this the Canada we want?

Not for me.

Who will take it back for us?

Liberals and NDP are struggling with realising that they are useless as long as they vote the party line because I suspect their leaders are bought and paid for and will not look after the people ;  the Bloc are interested in rescuing Quebec from the demise of Canada, so who do we have in our corner?

I really think that the answer is to eliminate all political parties, including those on the fringe such as the Green Party and Canadian Action Party, the latter of which has some absolutely great ideas that cannot be put into place as long as corporation controlled parties run our lives.

Maybe it’s the time for the elimination of all parties and to have 308 independents in Ottawa.

Now that would be something and yes I have some ideas about that I will get to later.

Enough for now


Jeremy Arney

Watch out BC

With the recent airing of “British Columbia Tax Revolt” by Ed Watson on CPAC, and the re-run of Jack Etkin and Steve Poole’s Face to Face with Gwen Barlee of WCWC on our local Shaw community channel, I have realized something temporarily hidden from my consciousness.

Gordon Campbell is continuing his relentless destruction of British Columbia.

Whilst we are all wondering at and rejoicing in the HST rebellion, the reason for which Campbell accepts full responsibility (CPAC interview), his incredibly destructive “B C Green Plan” continues to destroy our environment. This plan is so green that California will not buy hydro from us created under this green plan, because it does not meet their environmental standards

By now everyone is aware of the problems with the open fish farms on our BC coast partly because, a few years too late, The Times Colonist has suddenly awoken to the fact that we and our wild fish are under attack. It seems it almost takes a court order to get information on anything from this BC government, and so they can hide whatever they so choose from the people’s prying and inquisitive eyes. Alexandra Morton aided and abetted by such people as Rafe Mair and The Tyee have been doing their best to make this an issue, and indeed Ms. Morton has succeeded in getting to court about this, in spite of Gordo and Ms. Shea the federal oceans and fisheries minister. I can only assume they both have hidden agendas, which usually means money is at stake.

Highway 37 is to be electrified.

Is that good news or what? On first glance it seems to be good news for to the few homes and communities on the highway, but of course Gordo has something else in mind.

Coal mines, yes that’s right coal mines.

In this time when the whole world is asking for less harmful emissions, and Gordo is claiming “green” he is electrifying h/way #37 to allow coal mines to have subsidized electricity! There is also the Red Chris Mine up there with its toxic tailing pond,( to be built there I am assured instead of using the local lakes) which will depend on “free” hydro to get going and operate. The hydro transmission lines will by themselves have a huge environmental impact even without the emissions of the magnetic fields to harm wildlife and humans too…..Tsawwassen anyone.

Where is the payment of all this extra high usage of hydro coming from? You and I is the answer.

To recap a bit about BC Hydro. A crown corporation which is a jewel in the BC firmament right? A crown corporation which has in the past averaged $300 million a year into the BC bank account, but this year cannot give even one penny because of bad contracts to be mentioned in a moment. Once the asset debt ratio exceeds 80% – 20% by law no money can be paid to the sole shareholder – BC.

Not so much a jewel any more as an opaque piece of coloured glass.

Early in his reign King Campbell decided to sell B C Hydro and indeed he did succeed in getting rid of the accounting side to Venture, an American company, before it was discovered and then, following the outcry, came the Heritage Act which does not allow for the sale of BC Hydro. In other words King Gordo said “if I can’t do it no one can”. But that is not what he trying now. Instead he has issued orders through regulations (the easy and hidden way to get the dirty deeds done now) that will force BC Hydro into bankruptcy thus allowing it to be sold off in a fire sale.

Wait a minute you say, how can he do that? BC Hydro is not allowed to develop Ruin of the River power, but must instead buy power from huge corporations that can, such giants as General Electric (the world’s largest armaments manufacturer) at a price which is about twice what can be expected from selling that power. I am not an economist but even I can see that if you buy for $2 and sell for $1 you will not be in business for very long. We, the gullible people of BC, will be expected to support this.


Is there no one to object to all this? Yes there is or rather there was. B C Utilities Commission which has the mandate of overseeing such entities as B C Hydro did in fact tell Gordo that the whole R O R concept was not sustainable either on the production or financial side nor the environment side. The result is that the BCUC along with the BC Environment Ministry have been gutted and caste aside and now are virtually non entities.

If you want more information check out the websites below and make sure to watch the Damien Gillis documentaries.

It is also interesting to me that two of the main proponents leading the charge on behalf of the people of BC are Rafe Mair and Bill Vander Zalm, neither of whom wants to do anything but sit back and enjoy their retirement. Come on BC lets do our part and allow them to do that.

Jeremy Arney

The reality of Bill C-36

Dear Minister of Health.
I am writing to you again concerning Bill C-36, and even the need for it.
Increasingly I am hearing of invasions of people’s homes and businesses by Health Canada Inspectors backed by RCMP to close the businesses and confiscate their stock of goods.
Dr, Eldon Dahl of Edmonton Alberta.
Marigold Compounding and Natural Pharmacy of Courtenay, BC.
In the case of Marigold Compounding Company of Courtney BC they were also accompanied by inspectors of the College of Pharmacists of BC. What rights do those COPBC inspectors have to be there, and to then decide that the business should stay closed until they choose to let a competitive company open again?
The very nature of compounding suggests that ingredients should be combined for the purpose of bringing relief to a physical problem. In the case of drugs this is a forced and potentially dangerous procedure. In the case of natural health it is a question of offering the body what it needs in one form or another so that it can mend itself.
The so called problem is that these compounded products do not have a DIN and that is the reason for Marigolds being closed and its stock confiscated. You of all people must be aware of how long it takes to get a DIN for natural health products – anywhere up to 2 years or so,( as opposed to a couple of days for pharmaceutical products) thus by the time the DIN is granted for a new natural health compound it is no longer relevant because:
a) the patient is dead from the problem or from the drugs administered by a doctor who may or may not know what he or she is doing, but they are doing it legally,
b) the then new but now old proposed compound is outdated.
This is all being done already in the name of Safety under the regulations of the Food and Drug Act, and I fail to understand why there is any need for Bill C-36 if it really is for the safety of consumer products as claimed.
The suggestion that Health Canada does not have the power to recall is simply stupid in the face of what they are doing in seizing products and closing businesses, with RCMP assistance, on the suspicion of wrong doing and with no criminal act being involved. Why should it matter if it is under the regulations above or the Hazardous Goods Act, the power IS there, it is just an excuse for Bill C-36 to say that it is not.
Bill C-36 is not designed for the safety of the people of Canada at all is it?
It is a mechanism through which you will bring in some more of these damaging regulations to ensure that the rights and freedoms of Canadians are stripped away for corporate gain.
I must hand it to you and your Reform /Alliance coalition government, particularly the Minister of Justice, for the way which you side step the Bill of Rights by doing the dirty deeds through regulations which do not have to go before parliament for approval rather than through the Acts themselves. However with Bill C-36 there is more than enough evidence of your intentions. Foreign governments and bodies of foreign states are clearly to write the regulations for you.
I repeat my claim that Bill C-36 is absolutely unnecessary for the safety of Canadians, and combined with the regulations you will bring in from abroad will be damaging to the Rights of all Canadian People, and in case you had not realized it, that also means you.
In closing I would point out that in a letter to Charlene Simon concerning the labeling of GM foods, which she shared with me and gave me permission to quote, you clearly aligned you and your department to Codex Alimentarius
I quote you from that letter:
Health Canada has established a rigorous process for evaluating the safety in novel foods, including those foods derived from biotechnology, before they enter the Canadian marketplace. The department’s Guidelines for the Safety Assessment of Novel Foods describe the criteria for safety assessment, which are consistent with the recognized international standards adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
So am I right in assuming you consider GM foods to be novelties, not to be treated seriously enough to have their own labeling, yet Natural Health foods have to have a DIN number?
Minister, you also said in that letter to Charlene Simon:
To date, it has not been necessary to require special labeling for health and safety reasons for a GM food.
Thus I determine that a novelty food without any real food value but loaded with weed killers such as Roundup (toxic when ingested) can be foisted on an unsuspecting Canadian public disguised as real food, yet a naturally grown health food cannot even be allowed to be consumed by the same Canadian public unless it has a DIN.
If this Alliance / Reform coalition government, Health Canada and you Minister are to be taken seriously I suggest you understand what you are not only writing but also doing.
I do not approve, as one of your employers, with what you have been and are planning to do (Bill C-36) with your portfolio.
Jeremy Arney.

What happened to choice?

What happened to our choices?

There is a move afoot in Canada to remove from the public domain the opportunity for us to choose whether we can use natural products for our health or if we must be forced to use dangerous and harmful pharmaceutical drugs controlled by Health Canada and Big Pharma with the only purpose being that the corporate bottom line and shareholders profit is far supreme to the health of Canadians.

 More and more today we are hearing of Health Canada inspectors, RCMP officers and Pharmaceutical Board inspectors descending upon and closing health food outlets, or compounding companies and what amounts to the theft of their products. This is being done in the name of regulations.

 I use the word theft advisedly because the excuse for taking the products from Marigold Compounding Company of Courtenay BC was based upon the lack of a DIN for the compounded products.  The very nature of any compounding company is that various ingredients are compounded together with the idea of being of benefit to the patient. Well that is true in the case of natural health products, but regretfully it cannot be said to be true of the pharmaceutical drug compounds.

 In order to understand the difference it is easiest to show that pharmaceutical drugs have a deliberate predetermined effect on the body which has no choice on what happens to it as a result of the ingestion of these drugs.  They have an effect, good or bad, and that is that.

 I wonder too how many of these drugs are tested to see how they will react with the toxins in our environment from the constant use of pesticides, weed killer and fattening drugs for livestock.  Very few if any I suspect because Health Canada doesn’t stop the use of these toxins unless told to by the good old USA

 On the other hand natural health products give the body what it requires to help it cure itself, and the body chooses what it needs and passes the remainder out of its system.

 In the case of Marigold, they are presumably presented with symptoms along with the history of the patient and decide what natural products will have a beneficial effect, or create a cure if you will; actually by Health Canada rules the only products which can claim a cure are harmful pharmaceutical drugs, so it is dangerous to even suggest that a natural product can effect a cure because it unlawful to do so!

That in itself is absolutely ridiculous. It is perfectly legal for Big Pharma to add for instance Echinacea to a cold drug and then claim it is improved with that addition. 

Do not make that claim if you are only talking about Echinacea though because that is not legal.

 Natural foods have been used for centuries without multiple deaths in fact very few deaths can be laid at natural health products door,  whereas just to name two recent examples Gardasil and H1N1 vaccinations have caused many serious side effects and deaths. What’s worse is there is absolutely no proof that either of these vaccinations will do what they claim to do!

 Back to Marigold, after the compound is made, by strict letter of the law a DIN must be applied for to be attach to this new compound and we all know that it could be up to 2 years before such a number is given…meanwhile what happens to the patient? Health Canada doesn’t care about them it is clear, so they have a choice: take something that is made to make a profit and most likely to damage them- a drug, remain sick for two years and maybe more, or take the new compound now and most likely get better.

 But wait! This government doesn’t want that to happen does it? Get better? what nonsense! There is no profit for Pharma in that!

No they are trying so hard to get Codex Alimentarious here in Canada that not only will we not be able to obtain or consume health food products, we will have to survive on genetically modified crap from companies such as Monsanto who are the main backers of Codex anyway.

 We have a Minister of Health who only appears to care for untested vaccinations and drugs for supposed health and safety, and thus seems determined to make us all sick.  Shame on her.

 How did we get to this situation where our ability to choose how we look after ourselves is taken away from us?

 Why is it so urgent and important that our health and safety be controlled by other countries?

 Why do we need a new consumer product safety act (Bill C-36) when the very agency which is to administer it is completely corrupted and indifferent to our health and safety anyway?

 Why can we not modify the Hazardous Goods Act and then give the administration of public safety it to an agency that works for the Canadian people?

 Instead we have Health Canada, which is so compromised and corporate influenced it will never again be of any use to the Canadian people.

 It is time for a major shake-up in the way we look at health and the way we treat those who are sick.


Jeremy Arney

Ignatief why do you support trade deals

Mr.  Ignatief

I understand that your party is backing the trade deals with Colombia and the European Union that Harper in his stupidity wants to rush into.

 Mr Ignatieff could you please tell me how it will benefit Canada to have whatever business we still own here in Canada bought by Europeans, or drug dealers from Colombia?

 The idea with Colombia is for them to allow Canada access to their country for our mining, oil drilling and banking companies, but what good will that do for us when those same companies can and probably will be bought by those drug dealers?

Can we afford to loose any more companies to overseas buyers who want to just get rid of competition?

Do we really want every level of our communities from federal, provincial , to municipal and school boards, hospitals etc., to be told by Colombians, or Europeans what they can and cannot do, who they must buy from, when and where?

 It is bad enough that that autonomy has been given to the USA whilst you were not looking during the prorogation this last winter, through the “buy American” trade deal.  If you were looking why did you allow it to go ahead?

 I have written to you before concerning your “image” with Canadians and what you are portraying to my mind is a Harper lite but with less steel and will to screw the country at any cost.

 When will you understand that just “not being Conservative” is enough?   You must give the people something they can believe and want….you are not doing that.

 I  do not approve of Harper’s desire to give the country to the international corporations because it is his personal mantra I think, but do you share that mantra or are you interested in maintaining Canada’s sovereignty?   I understand that you may think that you could right the wrongs if and when you ever get into power, however the only way to change things is to start with complete abrogation of NAFTA, and then all later trade deals with their disastrous results for Canada, and to wipe out TILMA too although that is not really in your power

 We owe more but own less than we did when the FTA and then NAFTA came into being, and we are getting worse and worse.  Our banking system, fraudulent and illegal as it is, will soon be bought by Europeans, and our people owned Bank of Canada will be given away to the Fed in the USA probably. 

 What do you see in all this that I am missing?

 Is this what you really want for Canada, our children and grandchildren?

 To go along with Harper’s contempt for Canada and Canadians we have here in B C a dictator who flat out refuses to listen to the people of BC or to actr in their best in terests, and now we are learning that our official federal opposition party appears to be the same.

 This is not what I want from my employees in the Parliament of Canada.

 I want a backbone in those who are supposed to look out for my interests,

I want a future for my grandchildren,

I want a Canada strong, free, ready and willing to help the world, in actions not empty rhetoric .

 I wonder what you really want because it is not obvious.

 Jeremy Arney

Canada and You, Mr Ignatief

Mr Ignatief,

On 9th July 2010 I received an email from Rob Jamieson asking me
a)to join the Liberal Party and
b)help form the Liberal Party platform for the next election.
I did neither.

I have heard you say that you are for the Canadian People as is the Liberal Party and yet you are doing nothing for us to prove that.

You have just allowed Bill C-9 to pass into law even though it is not in the best interests of Canadians. The NDP and the Bloq both could see that this was not in the best interest of Canadians but you and the Liberals turned a blind eye to that.

Now we are faced with the prospect of you and your party allowing Bill C-36 to get swift passage through into law as well.

You claim to love Canada, and I have to ask you which Canada you love: the sovereign Canada that still clings to life today or the foreign controlled Canada which will arise from the ashes of a passed Bill C-36?

Please watch this:

Men have fought battles both in warfare and in politics for this country and you are surrendering all they fought for and I wonder why?

We already know that Prime Minister Harper will go down in history as the man who completed Mulroney’s initial giving Canada away, and you, if you continue as you are, will be described as the Canadian Nero who allowed, aided and abetted him in his endeavours. Actually I pity you both.

I truly fear for what the two of you are doing to my grandchildren without my permission as one of your employers.

Jeremy Arney
Canadian Action Party candidate for SGI in 2008