Canada and You, Mr Ignatief

Mr Ignatief,

On 9th July 2010 I received an email from Rob Jamieson asking me
a)to join the Liberal Party and
b)help form the Liberal Party platform for the next election.
I did neither.

I have heard you say that you are for the Canadian People as is the Liberal Party and yet you are doing nothing for us to prove that.

You have just allowed Bill C-9 to pass into law even though it is not in the best interests of Canadians. The NDP and the Bloq both could see that this was not in the best interest of Canadians but you and the Liberals turned a blind eye to that.

Now we are faced with the prospect of you and your party allowing Bill C-36 to get swift passage through into law as well.

You claim to love Canada, and I have to ask you which Canada you love: the sovereign Canada that still clings to life today or the foreign controlled Canada which will arise from the ashes of a passed Bill C-36?

Please watch this:

Men have fought battles both in warfare and in politics for this country and you are surrendering all they fought for and I wonder why?

We already know that Prime Minister Harper will go down in history as the man who completed Mulroney’s initial giving Canada away, and you, if you continue as you are, will be described as the Canadian Nero who allowed, aided and abetted him in his endeavours. Actually I pity you both.

I truly fear for what the two of you are doing to my grandchildren without my permission as one of your employers.

Jeremy Arney
Canadian Action Party candidate for SGI in 2008

2 thoughts on “Canada and You, Mr Ignatief

  1. Dear Mr. Arney:

    Thank you for featuring my film on your outstanding blog, which I have visited many times in the past. And thank you for your ‘open letter’ to Mr Ignatief, whom I believe would benefit greatly from viewing A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY. I produced this film for people like you, who love Canada and are alarmed by “the selling off of Canadian sovereignty.”

    Please contact me if there is any way in which I can support your efforts.

    Be well,
    Kevin P. Miller

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