Is this real?

It is hard to imagine that with the resources of the Canadian government at hand no answer was forthcoming from either the Minister of Justice or the then Trade Minister, now gone of course to rattle Canadian Sabers at Russia?

This request was made in November of last year.


This is a very simple request to the Attorney General of Canada and those most responsible for the negotiations of CETA.  I have not included the Prime Minister as he is neither a lawyer nor a negotiator, just a dictator.

In the definitions of the CETA are these:

Text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – Chapter one: General definitions and initial provisions

Section A – General definitions

Article 1.1 – Definitions of general application




national means a natural person who is a citizen as defined in Article 1.2, or is a permanent resident of a Party;


person means a natural person or an enterprise;


person of a Party means a national or an enterprise of a Party;



Article 1.2 – Party-specific definitions

For the purposes of this Agreement, unless otherwise specified:

citizen means:

  1. for Canada, a natural person who is a citizen of Canada under Canadian legislation;
  2. for the EU Party, a natural person holding the nationality of a Member State;


Please explain to me the definition intended but not specified for a “natural person” .


the inference here is that an enterprise has the same rights as a natural person (undefined as such but qualified under person).  

Does this mean that under CETA a legally established business has the same rights and standing as a natural person now?  If so please define those rights.

I have asked about this in relation to the TPP as well and no one has bothered to respond…is that because you are not willing to explain this  ludicrous situation or because to you do not know the answer even though you have  agreed to this wording?

Jeremy Arney

Interim Leader of the Canadian Action Party