Is Canada a Sovereign, Democratic Nation

Sent to all Canadian Parliamentarians



26th May 2023

Is there a single politician in Ottawa who is brave enough to say:


The answer clearly is that there is not a single one.

Canada is controlled by the USA, NATO, UN, WEF, CFR, WHO, IMF, EU, BIS, World Bank and certainly not by our Parliament and definitely not by the Canadian People.

It appears that all of you follow only what the CBC et al and your mainstream newspapers report and your heads are collectively buried well into the sand.  Over the years it appears you have succumbed to our neighbour’s war mongering around the world, defending the almighty dollar rather than listening to the Canadian people who gave you your jobs and pay you far too much money for you to absolutely ignore what we want. You claim to talk to your constituents when you are home and yet go back to Ottawa and blindly obey your party whips.

Is peace too much to ask for?

Who is the real devil here?

Russia coming to the aid of the Donbas after 8 years of attacks by the Nazi forces of Ukraine following the 2014 CIA coupe and after lots of warnings that they were going to help that region of Russian speakers who had no desire to be further slaughtered by those Nazis; their men, women and children killed off to harvest their organs?


The USA bought and paid for NATO countries which wanted those organs and also a war with Russia in which only the Ukrainian fighters would become proxy cannon fodder?   The question was asked on a show I was watching “Where is the antiwar movement? “  and the answer is simple.  No NATO troops are in harms way so there is no outcry.  What a hypocritical bunch they are

The answer to me is pretty clear.  

The USA has ignored International law *, meddled in, conducted political coups or simply financially destroyed over 30 countries in the last 50 years plus while to the best of my knowledge this is the first time Russia has crossed its border without invitation (only Syria comes to mind even at that).

  • No State or group of States has the right to intervene or interfere in any form or for any reason whatsoever in the internal and external affairs of other States. … The right and duties set out in this Declaration are interrelated and are in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.Dec 9, 1981  

Why are we still giving taxpayers money and military equipment to a bunch of Nazis who are now actually attacking Russian towns, shelling schools and hospitals as per usual using the equipment we (NATO) have given them?

We are being bombarded with red herrings to keep our minds off this sort of thing, concentrating on Election meddling which I know took place here in Canada in 2008 by a local party and nothing was done back then and it happens every election.

Canadian politicians are ignoring what is happening in the real world as more and more countries are turning away from the US dollar, and in effect ours too as we have become completely subordinated to the USA both morally and financially.

Is there one of you who will step up and say:

Enough is Enough?

Please “think” over the summer break and really listen to your constituents for a change with the idea that they are your employers, not some partisan party whip.

In absolute disgust at what is happening in Ottawa now clearly a suburb of Washington,

Jeremy Arney

Leader of the Canadian Action Party

Victoria BC

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. George Orwell 

Ps.  Another Nazi attack using Hymars rockets in Donetsk today aimed at civilian homes, schools and hospitals at rush hour yet.    Hope you all sleep well knowing what you are supporting.

Foreign Affairs gone nuts

The Right Honourable Melanie Joly

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

MP for Ahuntsic-Cartierville  Que

WEF Attendee and devotee

15th May 2023

I appreciate that you are not actually responsible for our current military actions, nor indeed the actions within Canada concerning The Rule of Law, hate speech as defined in the Criminal Code nor the Rights and Freedoms of Canadians as recently demonstrated in Ottawa by a violent suppression of a peaceful protest against this Government’s overreach. However, I am concerned that you in your job as Minister of Foreign Affairs are completely out of touch with Canadians.

Nearly one hundred years ago we engaged in a war against the Nazis of Germany fighting as allies with the Russians in order to defeat them.  Now here we are with Russia as our enemy and the Nazis as our allies.  What happened to cause this? apart from the USA desire for constant war of course, that we would spend vast sums of money not only in training Ukrainian Nazis (since 2014) but also supplying them with weapons (who knows where they are now and if we will ever replace our own stocks) and donating large sums of tax payers’ money to who knows whose bank accounts, or massive yachts or mansions in the Caribbean.  You are completely behind these expenditures as shown in your obvious infatuation for the converted comedian drag queen, Zelensky, shown in your recent visit to Ukraine.  

Now the idiots in the UK are giving cruise missiles to him, and they have already been used against civilians in Lugansk, I have to wonder what comes next?  Somehow, we have slipped into a very dangerous position and you as Foreign Minister have helped us get there.

Instead of listening to Canadians, who actually pay your salary, you listen to Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden and his NATO and some unelected head of the European Union.

The equally unelected and puppet head of NATO even managed to state very recently in a Washington Post interview that NATO forces had been in Ukraine for years, and I imagine he was referring to those Canadians training Nazis to kill men women and children in the Donbass.

Stoltenberg:  “Non-E.U. NATO allies like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have trained Ukrainian forces since 2014. And, of course, they’re providing a substantial part — 78 percent of the support to Ukraine comes from non-E.U. NATO allies.”

He also said:

Stoltenberg: “NATO has fundamentally two tasks in the war. One is to support Ukraine, as we do. The other is to prevent escalation. And we prevent escalation by making absolutely clear that we are not party to the conflict, and by increasing military presence in the eastern part of alliance as we have done — with 40,000 troops under NATO command backed by substantial naval and air forces.”

Stoltenberg: “First of all, all NATO allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of the alliance. All allies agree that Ukraine has the right to choose its own path, that it is not for Moscow, but for Kyiv, to decide. And thirdly, all allies agree that NATO’s door remains open. Then the question is when, and I cannot give you a timetable on that.”

And what was the reaction from Hungary?    A tweet that said  simply : “WHAT?”

At what point was breaking the promise “not an inch east” acceptable to honourable people when it became a thousand miles or so?   Quite a large inch eh?

Can you explain that to those you have been elected to serve?   What percentage of informed Canadians support you?  I do not mean those still believing that CBC can actually be an independent, truthful and factual media but those who can think for themselves. As for Canadian Ukrainians, I feel great sorrow for them as we from way over here help to destroy their home country with callous disregard for human lives.

On top of that you and your administration are totally supportive of the State of Israel and their acts of piracy, apartheid and genocide against the Palestinians.  Again, are you sure that Canadians agree with your totally supportive actions in regard to these matters?   Yes, we ourselves are still practitioners of apartheid towards our own origional peoples in spite of your leader’s talking and promising to do better; there are still homes on reserves with no clean running water, mold in most of them and overcrowding not to mention lack of proper medical facilities.  However, this does not mean we have to approve of the State of Israel’s actions.  B’rai Brith and Irwin Cottler should not control your thinking in this matter by saying any criticism of the Zionist State of Israel is antisemitic, but Canadians should, and any democratic country would pay attention to its people.

I ask again what you have done to expand our relationships with the quickly multiplying number of countries of BRICKS and SCO?   That should be part of your job as Minister of Foreign Affairs or are you going to leave us in the cold and stick within the shaky skirts of the USA which leads only to war and violence?  I doubt that you are going to take us into an expanding trade and banking era and just maybe peace in our life time.

What do Canadians want Ms. Joly? or are you simply not interested?

I do not consent to your actions taken on behalf of Canadians in these matters.

Jeremy Arney

Leader of the Canadian Action Party

Victoria BC

Stoltenberg interview here:

Military Madness In UKRAINE

Didn’t send this because I was mad enough to write somethings I maybe should not have.

Anita Anand.

I was watching a briefing to the PM and a couple of other stooges, by our soldiers in Alberta who were there to help fight wild fires.

The point of an army is to defend the country and that is why they fall under the supposed command of the Defense Department. The armed forces are very efficient at helping with wild fires, floods and other natural emergencies.  At Vimy Ridge they figured out a way to succeed and have been largely successful since….. now their feat is being eliminated from the Canadian passport – way to remember.

You have given away all our working tanks, artillery and ammo for them and we have outdated planes and you are planning to replace them with single engine planes to fly over the northern part of our country.  Single engine!!! Good luck if that goes on the blink or gets a bird strike. Will the pilots get danger pay to fly them up there?

However, the military’s main purpose is defense of Canada, and when we need them here, a 1,000 or more are teaching killing methods in Eastern Europe and probably more in the UK which both have centuries of experience in that endeavour.

Bring them home Ms. Anand so they can help defend our citizens against natural (or maybe not) disasters.

Of course, it takes caring to do something like that and our PM clearly doesn’t give a darn for the Canadian people, but you could if you so choose.  Photo ops and no action is the trade mark of this fellow.

Can I assume that the weapons being used to train Ukrainian Nazi troops to kill or wound men women and child civilians in the Donbas will be left in their hands to take back to Ukraine?