The fear of the words anti-Semitic.

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

Who is afraid of the black mamba snake?
Who is afraid of the mother bear?

Who is afraid of the daddy swan or Canada goose?


I could go on but the answer is anyone who knows what these creatures can do if you threaten them, or more importantly their offspring, should be afraid.

They do not know about money, power, greed, excessive profit or persecution and out right deceit and robbery.

They just know that they have the duty to protect their young.


I will not buy anything from Israel, and if I find something I need is from Palestine I will not hesitate to buy it.


Yes in a way this is a deliberate attack on those in Israel who make anything for sale here in Canada who support the actions of the State of Israel. If they are not willing to stand up and be real Jews, proud of their country,  and say to their government that they are not supporting the Israeli state terror and killing of Palestinians, then they themselves are not worth supporting. If they keep electing the same monsters then they condone those actions and are asking for the same reaction from around the world. The same can be said, and I have done so, for those who blindly followed the treasonous maniacal puppet we had for PM for a decade; those who stood by and allowed his intended destruction of the country of Canada, our sovereignty, our parliament, the people of Canada and whatever else he could are not worthy of the support of any Canadian. Perhaps this is why in Question period for the last week or so they haven’t been asking questions, they have been personally attacking members of the Liberal front bench. They have nothing else to offer.


But this is about Israel, not Canada although in my mind the similarities are striking.

Here in Canada we have 337 MPs who all swear that they love Israel and state that that murderous State is our best friend and can do no wrong.   Do they really think that or are they just following the party lines?  Are they scared to be falsely labelled as anti-Semitic if they really speak their minds or are they all in favour of the killing of Palestinians civilians, and the continuous theft of their homes for the Israeli settlers?

Does this sound as if maybe this is happening to the members of the Israeli parliament too?  Are they all afraid of the power of the expression “anti-Semitic”?  Are they all bought and paid for puppets as our politicians are here in Canada and in the USA too?  Does no one understand that when the truth is told heads will roll, and the heads will belong to the truth speakers, not the deceivers, liars, cheats and killers.


Why would Israel not want to talk to Iran?  Are they afraid perhaps that Iran has no desire to go to war with Israel, in fact they want nothing to do with them at all because they have no human values they can trust.  Maybe Iran has some values we do not understand either but we want to talk to them now rather than fight them.  Fighting just cost money and lives and ultimately achieves nothing for the people, in fact the only winners are the money people.


The logic of sanctions is to encourage those to whom the sanctions are applying to wake up and change their ways. In today’s world these sanctions are almost exclusively financial or trade and hurt the people of the sanctioned country not necessarily those who rule it.




The world is saying that what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people is wrong and yet no sanctions have been imposed by any country have they?  No because all countries are afraid of being called ant-Semitic.


We used to say when I was a little boy, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”  So go ahead and try to prove that I am anti-Semitic, you will have a lot of trouble with that.  Say I am anti the State of Israel and its actions and I will agree with you and confess to that.   Say that I am against Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians for no other reason than that they exist and I will agree with that too,


But none of that makes me anti-Semitic, any more than saying that because I am anti Conservative Party of Canada and all they stand for makes me anti Canadian people.


Those roses are smelling really good at this time of year.


Jeremy Arney

Indigenous peoples and this Canadian Government

It occurred to me the other day that the main reason for the long delay in this Canadian government signing the UN Declaration of Rights for Indigenous peoples could very well have been that they would have to recognise that the Palestinian people are indigenous to the area occupied by Israel.
Since this conservative government specifically have stated that no matter what Israel does they will support them, then obviously they cannot support the position of the Palestinians that they have some right to land in the area in which they have lived for thousands of years. Our own First Nations people know what that’s like.
It is also regrettable that this government refuses to recognise a legally and democratically elected government simply because they do not like the elected party and their opposition to Israel’s pugnacious and criminal attacks upon themselves. It shows that the belief in democracy in this Canadian government is dead because of their apparent hatred of Hamas. Why can they not see that Hamas is the choice of the Palestinians, and we should respect that. I certainly do. Lets face it the present government of Canada has a minority not only in the seats, but also in the volume of the votes cast, and actually has less right to rule that do Hamas. Do I like what they are doing? No. However under our system I and all Canadians are stuck with them.
In the debate in the House of Commons last night concerning the problems in Egypt, MP after MP stood to protect the rights of Israel to peace, and I could not but help wonder what they were thinking. This is not about Israel – probably second in terrorism and aggression only to the USA – anymore than the Gaza Strip (heaven help us if anyone mentioned that pathetic little besieged country) or Jordan or Iran; no, this is about Egypt and the Egyptian people and their wish for democracy. Let us hope they choose a much better model than we have here in Canada where democracy is as totally dysfunctional as is our government and so, by their constant devise actions, is our parliament and parliamentary system.
You know maybe the youth of Egypt are showing the youth of Canada something. The established Canadian government is not working for them, it is working for big business, so I say to our Canadian youth, take to the streets and take your country back. It will be yours soon anyway, but my advice would be to take it back now while there is still something Mr Harper hasn’t sold or given away.
Jeremy Arney