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Dear Peter Van Loan
Government House Leader.
Bill C-24
I watched today the 30 minutes of questions and comments on your motion to bring closure yet again to debate in the House of Commons, and I have to say I have never heard you so arrogant and patronizing before and I do not find it becoming of you.

I heard you mention democracy several times and wonder if you actually know what it means. Do you? And do you really think we have it here in Canada?

I have a simple question for you which you, as the Government House leader, should know the answer off the top of your head and it is this:

How many amendments proposed by any opposition member at any stage of passage of any bills through either Houses of Parliament have been adopted since the election of May 2011?

IF you can find even one please tell me about it.

I believe that should provide you with the answer about Canadian Democracy today, because the voices of 60% of the voters are being muzzled.

Jeremy Arney

Pipelines, Albertan tar and NAFTA

Premiere Rachel Notley of Alberta. 13th January 2018  I was cruising CPAC the other day and I came across your address to the Economic Club of Canada from 21 November 2017 concerning amongst other things the need for pipelines from … Continue reading

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