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   Every day in our House of Commons, MPs stand and spout the word “democracy” over and over and occasionally – very rarely actuality – “sovereignty”. There is no doubt in my mind that none of them have the first … Continue reading

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Pipelines, Albertan tar and NAFTA

Premiere Rachel Notley of Alberta. 13th January 2018  I was cruising CPAC the other day and I came across your address to the Economic Club of Canada from 21 November 2017 concerning amongst other things the need for pipelines from … Continue reading

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Site C Dam

Here is my presentation to the BCUC on 11th October 2017:   My name is Jeremy Arney a resident of North Saanich. Thank you for the opportunity to present to you and welcome back into the Site C fray. I … Continue reading

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NAFTA renegotiations a joke? Maybe…

It really is time to get serious with what our ex-Trade Minister and now Foreign Minister has and is still doing about our investment agreements, misnamed Free Trade Agreements. Right from the start, Ms. Freeland ignored all requests and pleas … Continue reading

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