I am a Canadian now, out of England in 1967, a father of three, grandfather of 5 who lives on the west coast on Vancouver Island. I have spent most of my working life driving big trucks all over the USA and Canada, but have recently become much more interested in the world being created for my grandchildren. I do not like the present vision of our politicians and am trying to make some sort of difference. I ran in the 2008 General Election for the Canadian Action party and in the vote count I did not do so well, but I raised awareness of many previously unasked questions,  and believe I helped pave the way for the green party’s local victory in the 2011 election.

At times I feel very depressed about what is going on, but have to keep trying to raise awareness of my views (usually well researched) and hope to make a difference long with those others who are trying to do the same thing.  In BC it is exiting right now as people are beginning to flex their muscles knowing it may cost them more in the short term, but more willing to say NO.

I try to educate my grandchildren so that they are aware, and have the knowledge to think for themselves and do whatever is good for them and all mankind and our planet.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. J
    you wrote
    I welcome improvements to the idea.

    your idea was to abolish all parties.

    Tell me why you will not join and support BC Refed. You have looked at us and turned us down Why ?


    • Dennis, I like what I saw, but still think independents are in a better position to listen and re-act.
      Perhaps a BC Refed + independents legislature would be a great mix in BC

  2. Hi Jeremy,
    I am interested in your party, as I am running for MP next election. I have chosen the Green Party as we need someone in my Alberta area and I like the Greens platform, but I also think all of us should talk. You can get hold of me at april reeves 17 at gmail dot com. Rose Stevens gave me your information.

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