Good luck to Canada on May 2nd 2011

Good luck to us all on Monday 2nd May 2011.

This is a date which may well go down as the end of the end of Canada should we be foolish enough to reelect this man Harper with a CPC majority.

Is that saying too much? No I don’t think so as the signs are very clear that what Harper says is not what Harper does. What he has done speaks volumes of his desire to destroy Canadian sovereignty in favour of international corporations, and as soon as possible be swallowed into their world government.

It appears that the largest support that Harper has is from old foggies such as I  and let’s face it we are in the majority of voters at this time and growing.

I saw a statistic somewhere that 74% of people over 55 support Harper, and I have to wonder why. We are much better educated than our children of today simply because we have been around the block, and we should be able to read the read the signs.

I can only assume that so many seniors are thinking nostalgically of Diefenbaker and Mulroney, both whom could be said to be vastly superior to this current man.

The Dief gave us the Bill of Rights because he said we would need it and he was right, he also destroyed the Arrow aeroplane, and I mean completely destroyed it.
Mulroney insisted on the FTA and thus started the business of giving Canada to the USA, and running up huge debts in doing so.

So the nostalgia, if that is the cause, is somewhat misplaced.

Do they think their investments that are allowing them to maintain their life styles will go bad if anyone but Harper is in charge?
Hard to say if that’s the reason, but let’s face it if Harper has his way all Canada will be sold to any company which wants to buy, prior to relying on the handouts from USA and Europe. Besides with the plummeting value of the US dollar and the new perimeter deal we could see ourselves assuming a chunk of the US debt as part of Harper’s harmonization deal. We have enough problems of our own without taking on theirs as well.

Do the old folk think that our current position in the eyes of the world is an improvement?

If so what do they want us to be?

At this time Canada is against any form of efforts towards climate change; we are withdrawing our help to those countries which have been relying in us for years, instead of altering that help to make them more self-sufficient; we are intolerant towards women’s rights world wide and even the rights of all to water we do not support. and worst of all we are becoming warmongers and supporting unconditionally the two worst terrorist countries in the world, maybe three if you include the UK. There is now news of open talk about troops into Libya to back up the CIA, SAS and whatever backed ‘rebels’ after the killing of Gadhafi’s son and grandchildren by “courageous” bombers. All for the IMF and big Oil. We can be really proud of our part in this can’t we ! Other NATO countries are questioning what is going on but not Harper. I feel sick when I think of what we have become under this man. Unfortunately the Libs and NDP seem to agree with him on Libya.

I do not.

Is it because Harper rarely has a hair out of place, only smiles when it suits him or he needs something, has extreme views on religion and life styles and is intolerant of anyone who does not share those views?

Who knows but I would love to have the answer.

Come on people, we have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to give them a chance to fix what we have wrecked. Giving Harper the chance to destroy our country will not give them anything with which to work.

What I am saying to all you old people is think it through. You don’t have to automatically support the Conservative Party of Canada because it was a family tradition. This man does not honour tradition so why should you?

Are you really ready to reward a man who lead his government into contempt of parliament and has lied to you non stop throughout this campaign, blaming his own doing on everyone else including a coalition only he sees, and creating fear that anyone but he is the devil and only he can fix what he broke?

Yes I am a member of the Canadian Action Party, but there is no candidate in my riding this year so I am looking at everyone, particularly Ms. May . Everyone that is except Gary Lunn the CPC incumbent, because I want my grandchildren to have a country without black, dead, toxic shore lines, and a chance not to be chained to a broken corporate system called North American Union or something like that.

Please join me in electing people to the parliament of Canada who will work for us not against us.

Jeremy Arney