Is Canada a Sovereign, Democratic Nation

Sent to all Canadian Parliamentarians



26th May 2023

Is there a single politician in Ottawa who is brave enough to say:


The answer clearly is that there is not a single one.

Canada is controlled by the USA, NATO, UN, WEF, CFR, WHO, IMF, EU, BIS, World Bank and certainly not by our Parliament and definitely not by the Canadian People.

It appears that all of you follow only what the CBC et al and your mainstream newspapers report and your heads are collectively buried well into the sand.  Over the years it appears you have succumbed to our neighbour’s war mongering around the world, defending the almighty dollar rather than listening to the Canadian people who gave you your jobs and pay you far too much money for you to absolutely ignore what we want. You claim to talk to your constituents when you are home and yet go back to Ottawa and blindly obey your party whips.

Is peace too much to ask for?

Who is the real devil here?

Russia coming to the aid of the Donbas after 8 years of attacks by the Nazi forces of Ukraine following the 2014 CIA coupe and after lots of warnings that they were going to help that region of Russian speakers who had no desire to be further slaughtered by those Nazis; their men, women and children killed off to harvest their organs?


The USA bought and paid for NATO countries which wanted those organs and also a war with Russia in which only the Ukrainian fighters would become proxy cannon fodder?   The question was asked on a show I was watching “Where is the antiwar movement? “  and the answer is simple.  No NATO troops are in harms way so there is no outcry.  What a hypocritical bunch they are

The answer to me is pretty clear.  

The USA has ignored International law *, meddled in, conducted political coups or simply financially destroyed over 30 countries in the last 50 years plus while to the best of my knowledge this is the first time Russia has crossed its border without invitation (only Syria comes to mind even at that).

  • No State or group of States has the right to intervene or interfere in any form or for any reason whatsoever in the internal and external affairs of other States. … The right and duties set out in this Declaration are interrelated and are in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.Dec 9, 1981  

Why are we still giving taxpayers money and military equipment to a bunch of Nazis who are now actually attacking Russian towns, shelling schools and hospitals as per usual using the equipment we (NATO) have given them?

We are being bombarded with red herrings to keep our minds off this sort of thing, concentrating on Election meddling which I know took place here in Canada in 2008 by a local party and nothing was done back then and it happens every election.

Canadian politicians are ignoring what is happening in the real world as more and more countries are turning away from the US dollar, and in effect ours too as we have become completely subordinated to the USA both morally and financially.

Is there one of you who will step up and say:

Enough is Enough?

Please “think” over the summer break and really listen to your constituents for a change with the idea that they are your employers, not some partisan party whip.

In absolute disgust at what is happening in Ottawa now clearly a suburb of Washington,

Jeremy Arney

Leader of the Canadian Action Party

Victoria BC

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. George Orwell 

Ps.  Another Nazi attack using Hymars rockets in Donetsk today aimed at civilian homes, schools and hospitals at rush hour yet.    Hope you all sleep well knowing what you are supporting.

Foreign Affairs gone nuts

The Right Honourable Melanie Joly

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

MP for Ahuntsic-Cartierville  Que

WEF Attendee and devotee

15th May 2023

I appreciate that you are not actually responsible for our current military actions, nor indeed the actions within Canada concerning The Rule of Law, hate speech as defined in the Criminal Code nor the Rights and Freedoms of Canadians as recently demonstrated in Ottawa by a violent suppression of a peaceful protest against this Government’s overreach. However, I am concerned that you in your job as Minister of Foreign Affairs are completely out of touch with Canadians.

Nearly one hundred years ago we engaged in a war against the Nazis of Germany fighting as allies with the Russians in order to defeat them.  Now here we are with Russia as our enemy and the Nazis as our allies.  What happened to cause this? apart from the USA desire for constant war of course, that we would spend vast sums of money not only in training Ukrainian Nazis (since 2014) but also supplying them with weapons (who knows where they are now and if we will ever replace our own stocks) and donating large sums of tax payers’ money to who knows whose bank accounts, or massive yachts or mansions in the Caribbean.  You are completely behind these expenditures as shown in your obvious infatuation for the converted comedian drag queen, Zelensky, shown in your recent visit to Ukraine.  

Now the idiots in the UK are giving cruise missiles to him, and they have already been used against civilians in Lugansk, I have to wonder what comes next?  Somehow, we have slipped into a very dangerous position and you as Foreign Minister have helped us get there.

Instead of listening to Canadians, who actually pay your salary, you listen to Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden and his NATO and some unelected head of the European Union.

The equally unelected and puppet head of NATO even managed to state very recently in a Washington Post interview that NATO forces had been in Ukraine for years, and I imagine he was referring to those Canadians training Nazis to kill men women and children in the Donbass.

Stoltenberg:  “Non-E.U. NATO allies like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have trained Ukrainian forces since 2014. And, of course, they’re providing a substantial part — 78 percent of the support to Ukraine comes from non-E.U. NATO allies.”

He also said:

Stoltenberg: “NATO has fundamentally two tasks in the war. One is to support Ukraine, as we do. The other is to prevent escalation. And we prevent escalation by making absolutely clear that we are not party to the conflict, and by increasing military presence in the eastern part of alliance as we have done — with 40,000 troops under NATO command backed by substantial naval and air forces.”

Stoltenberg: “First of all, all NATO allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of the alliance. All allies agree that Ukraine has the right to choose its own path, that it is not for Moscow, but for Kyiv, to decide. And thirdly, all allies agree that NATO’s door remains open. Then the question is when, and I cannot give you a timetable on that.”

And what was the reaction from Hungary?    A tweet that said  simply : “WHAT?”

At what point was breaking the promise “not an inch east” acceptable to honourable people when it became a thousand miles or so?   Quite a large inch eh?

Can you explain that to those you have been elected to serve?   What percentage of informed Canadians support you?  I do not mean those still believing that CBC can actually be an independent, truthful and factual media but those who can think for themselves. As for Canadian Ukrainians, I feel great sorrow for them as we from way over here help to destroy their home country with callous disregard for human lives.

On top of that you and your administration are totally supportive of the State of Israel and their acts of piracy, apartheid and genocide against the Palestinians.  Again, are you sure that Canadians agree with your totally supportive actions in regard to these matters?   Yes, we ourselves are still practitioners of apartheid towards our own origional peoples in spite of your leader’s talking and promising to do better; there are still homes on reserves with no clean running water, mold in most of them and overcrowding not to mention lack of proper medical facilities.  However, this does not mean we have to approve of the State of Israel’s actions.  B’rai Brith and Irwin Cottler should not control your thinking in this matter by saying any criticism of the Zionist State of Israel is antisemitic, but Canadians should, and any democratic country would pay attention to its people.

I ask again what you have done to expand our relationships with the quickly multiplying number of countries of BRICKS and SCO?   That should be part of your job as Minister of Foreign Affairs or are you going to leave us in the cold and stick within the shaky skirts of the USA which leads only to war and violence?  I doubt that you are going to take us into an expanding trade and banking era and just maybe peace in our life time.

What do Canadians want Ms. Joly? or are you simply not interested?

I do not consent to your actions taken on behalf of Canadians in these matters.

Jeremy Arney

Leader of the Canadian Action Party

Victoria BC

Stoltenberg interview here:

Military Madness In UKRAINE

Didn’t send this because I was mad enough to write somethings I maybe should not have.

Anita Anand.

I was watching a briefing to the PM and a couple of other stooges, by our soldiers in Alberta who were there to help fight wild fires.

The point of an army is to defend the country and that is why they fall under the supposed command of the Defense Department. The armed forces are very efficient at helping with wild fires, floods and other natural emergencies.  At Vimy Ridge they figured out a way to succeed and have been largely successful since….. now their feat is being eliminated from the Canadian passport – way to remember.

You have given away all our working tanks, artillery and ammo for them and we have outdated planes and you are planning to replace them with single engine planes to fly over the northern part of our country.  Single engine!!! Good luck if that goes on the blink or gets a bird strike. Will the pilots get danger pay to fly them up there?

However, the military’s main purpose is defense of Canada, and when we need them here, a 1,000 or more are teaching killing methods in Eastern Europe and probably more in the UK which both have centuries of experience in that endeavour.

Bring them home Ms. Anand so they can help defend our citizens against natural (or maybe not) disasters.

Of course, it takes caring to do something like that and our PM clearly doesn’t give a darn for the Canadian people, but you could if you so choose.  Photo ops and no action is the trade mark of this fellow.

Can I assume that the weapons being used to train Ukrainian Nazi troops to kill or wound men women and child civilians in the Donbas will be left in their hands to take back to Ukraine?


Canadian House of Commons

Question period is a farce and as such is not really funny.

I plan to do a series on some of the ludicrous questions and answers to highlight where an hour or so of expeniive time our House of Ill Repute excells itself.


From 17th April 2023 taken from Hansard

Mr. Jasraj Singh Hallan (Calgary Forest Lawn, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, the Liberals should slap a “not as advertised” label on it every single time the Liberals and the NDP talk about their carbon tax scam. They know for a fact, and it is backed up by the PBO, that, on average, Canadians will pay an extra $1,500. The PBO also proved them wrong and emissions have gone up.

    The Liberals claimed they would fix the environment; that was false. They said that Canadians would be better off; that was false. The Liberal minister admitted that they misled Canadians for eight years. One in five Canadians are skipping meals and 1.5 million Canadians are using a food bank in a single month. Let us get real; this is a tax plan. Let us scrap the scam and give Canadians a break.

Hon. Sean Fraser 

    Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives’ argument rests upon the premise that the alternative to putting a price on pollution is to do nothing to fight climate change. Every measure that they have put forward would have a greater cost than putting a price on pollution. Look to the court decisions, including those from western Canada, that said putting a price on pollution is the most effective way to make it more affordable for families at the same time.

Perhaps if the price was actually put on pollution instead of gas and diesel it would make more sense and be aimed at the big corporations which pollute whenever they can and with the blessings of this administration. 

The side effect of extra fuel costs should be obvious to all but somehow this administration does not get that, as they are fixated on Carbon instead of figuring out why there are less trees and a sick ocean to capture carbon dioxide and release oxygen back in to the atmosphere as has been the way for millennia.

Mr. Frank Caputo (Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, I highlight two recent times that catch-and-release has failed victims of intimate partner violence.

    In one instance, an alleged abuser allegedly beat and repeatedly breached restraining orders against a partner. The result: multiple bail hearings, and likely, a terrified partner.

    In another case, a woman was threatened; firearms were involved. The result: a bail hearing and a terrified partner.

    When will the Liberal government end catch-and-release so that vulnerable women will no longer become terrified partners?


Hon. David Lametti (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Lib.) 

    Mr. Speaker, Canadians deserve to feel safe, and as a government, we are taking action so that they will.

    Bill C-75 already reduced the burden of proof in intimate partner violence cases when it came to bail. We are going beyond that. We have met with our provincial and territorial counterparts to bring reform to the bail system.

    We recognize that this is something we have to work on with the provinces. Obviously we will take action in areas of our jurisdiction. We will move, and we will find a solution together.

Nothing is obvious with this administration except the dictate of the WEF




Mrs. Dominique Vien (Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, since this Prime Minister took office eight years ago, our streets have become more and more unsafe. Under the Liberals, violent crime has increased by 32%. In contrast, when the Conservatives were in office, violent crime dropped by 23%.

    Criminals are out on the streets instead of in prison because of this Prime Minister’s soft-on-crime policies. Is it too much to ask that this Prime Minister take care of victims rather than criminals?


Hon. David Lametti (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Lib.) 

     Mr. Speaker, Canadians deserve to feel safe and be safe. We are working with the provinces and territories to reform the bail system. We will work to inject resources into the system to tackle violent crime in our society. Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Moldaver urged us to do more to address the issue of serious crime.

Why only serious crime?  Does the rest not matter too? Corporate crime is no longer serious as shown by SNC Lavalin?

How can Canadians ever feel safe if they fear the anti-Canadian people actions of this administration?  When a peaceful protest is put down by very violent police/military forces we know we are not safe.

Ms. Raquel Dancho (Kildonan—St. Paul, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, last week a 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death on a bus in Surrey, British Columbia. This was the third stabbing on public transit in B.C. over the last month, happening only two weeks after a 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death at a Toronto subway station. Edmonton is reporting a 53% spike in attacks happening on public transit.

    The violent crime surge in this country has reached into every corner. When will the Liberal-NDP coalition finally wake up and end the dangerous catch-and-release policies that are making our streets so unsafe?


Hon. Marco Mendicino (Minister of Public Safety, Lib.) 

    Mr. Speaker, first, I want to remind my colleague that the Minister of Justice and I met with our provincial and territorial counterparts, and we will be moving expeditiously to revisit our bail system.

    More than that, our government has invested close to $1 billion to support law enforcement. What did the Conservatives do on each of those occasions? They voted against it. We put $450 million in to stop the illegal flow of guns into this country by reinforcing the CBSA. What did the Conservatives do? They voted against it.

    If they want to take crime seriously, they should support the policies and the investments of the Liberal government.

When the ministers of this administration say they will it really means perhaps, meanwhile how many more people will be stabbed?  By the way Mendicino guns do not stab.

Mr. Michael Barrett (Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, the Trudeau Foundation accepted a gift of $200,000 from an agent for Beijing’s dictatorship, and senior PMO officials were made aware of the gift and where it came from. The Prime Minister‘s chief of staff told committee that the Prime Minister is briefed on everything and nothing is withheld from him.

    On what date did the Prime Minister become aware that the Trudeau Foundation accepted a $200,000 gift from the Communist dictatorship in Beijing?


Hon. Mark Holland (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, Lib.) 

    Mr. Speaker, I have already made it clear in this House that the Prime Minister, over the last 10 years, has not had any involvement with that foundation.

    The member opposite is asserting, and let us go with the heart of what he is asserting, that this government would welcome the interference of a foreign country. That is absolutely absurd. The fact that it would be clapped for is disgusting. Every single member of this House is dedicated to ensuring Canadian democracy. The member opposite, myself and every member has firmed themselves to protect and defend Canadian democracy, and every member of this House will continue to do so.

I am puzzled that you still continue to use the word “democracy” in relation to Canada and our House of Ill Repute, or even Canada generally.  We are governed by a couple of alternating partisan parties which have no consideration for anything but their leaders dictates which most likely come from Klaus Schwab who, as every Canadian knows, is not even on a ballot anywhere in the country, even though he claims to own our government and future ones too.

Mr. Michael Barrett (Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, let us just be clear. The Trudeau Foundation is government-funded, and Liberal governments have in the past, and the Liberal government still has the ability to, appointed members to the foundation. It must be a coincidence that after Beijing’s gift to the Trudeau Foundation, the Prime Minister met with the front men who signed the cheque on behalf of the Communist dictatorship and gave them a meeting where they had direct access to influence the Prime Minister.

    Why are shady deals and influence opportunities for dictators the priority for the Liberal Prime Minister?

Hon. Mark Holland 

    Mr. Speaker, on the floor of the House of Commons, members are protected by privilege. They have the opportunity to say anything they wish. However, when they are swinging their bats aimlessly for partisan advantage, they are attacking not-for-profit or non-partisan foundations, they are attacking organizations like the CBC and they are attacking free and independent media. They seem to have no care whatsoever over what or who they attack for their partisan ends. It is not becoming of this place.

Mr. Luc Berthold (Mégantic—L’Érable, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, here are the facts.

     The Communist regime in Beijing feels that it can influence the Prime Minister by using its money and front men. Clearly, it is a master at it. Two directors at the Trudeau Foundation are appointed by a minister in the Prime Minister’s cabinet. The Prime Minister himself is still a member of the foundation, according to its most recent annual report. By accepting a contribution from a front man, the foundation directly contravened the Income Tax Regulations.

    Will the Minister of National Revenue open an investigation into the use of front men at the Trudeau Foundation?


Hon. Mark Holland (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, Lib.) 

    Mr. Speaker, the only interest the other side has is a partisan interest. It is also clear that the goal is to keep playing politics, which certainly does nothing to help our economy or our democracy.

    Obviously, each and every one of us here, including myself and those on the other side, are loyal to Canada. Obviously, this is our primary responsibility as members of Parliament. That is why I am here and that is why the members opposite are here.

The CBC is not a faithful mouth piece for their main sponsor?   I am sure that Rebel News will be happy to hear that you are now going to stop attacking them and deliberately banning them from everything you do and maybe even talk to them as they are free and independent media.

You claim that under parliamentary privilege you can say what you want in the house, but I do not believe that includes lying as you do when you refer to Canada as a democracy.

And finally for that day as I could not take any more:

Mrs. Rachael Thomas (Lethbridge, CPC) 

    Mr. Speaker, based on Bill C-11 and Bill C-18, we know the government is abundantly committed to censoring what people can see, post or hear online. However, what we just learned is that the Prime Minister actually got a head start. According to government documents that were tabled in the House of Commons, the Liberals actually pressured social media companies a total of 214 times over the period of 24 months. Talk about heavy-handed. Why is the government so committed to censoring speech?


Mr. Chris Bittle (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Lib.) 

    Mr. Speaker, we cannot spell conspiracy without “CPC”. It is another day, another conspiracy theory.

    Once again, the Conservatives choose to abandon our creators. They stand up for big tech companies and turn their backs on our culture, but we choose to stand up for it. We believe foreign tech giants should do more for our creators. Canadians have the best stories to tell, and this is supporting hundreds of thousands of good-paying j

obs. We will always stand up for creators and artists on this side of the House.

So happy for Rebel News.

If we even spent half the money we have given to Ukraine for our proxy war and rampant corruption there on housing, there would be less homelessness and maybe some of our aboriginal people would be in houses with clean running water.

No, sorry, I just had to add this tidbit:

Hon. Randy Boissonnault (Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, Lib.) 

    Mr. Speaker, it is completely irresponsible to suggest that the government censors Canadians’ questions and comments. What is true is that we will be there to defend families, protect children online and ensure that web giants pay their fair share into the Canada Media Fund. We are there for creators and Canadians, but not for this so-called Conservative mantra of freedom of speech, which is unacceptable.

OOOps that is clearly saying that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms no longer applies to speech – except hate speech by the PM of course.

RIP Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Climate Change


Sent to all Canadian MPs and senators and BC Cabinet

4th April 2023

Global Warming begat Climate Change.

I find it really hard to understand how those of you who are supposed to be in the know are falling into the trap of blaming carbon for everything that you claim is wrong with our world; indeed, there is a level of panic about degrees of heat that would make me laugh if it was not so ridiculous.

Global warming and global cooling have been a fact of life for the planet, and probably will be so, long after we have turned it into a nuclear wasteland.  To try and blame these cycles on mankind is, I think, the sign of a futile and infertile mind.

The earth’s axis has shifted and north is no longer north, which even by a degree or two will make changes to the climate patterns we have become accustomed to.  Where is that information in your announcements of doom and gloom?

Since the very earliest days of this planet the oceans mostly but also forests and plants have been carbon users and oxygen producers.  Without their health we will be in trouble – and we are and have been for a long time.  Our lakes and rivers have been polluted by pesticides, fertilizers and mine tailing garbage, and the dumping of industrial waste.  These waters go to the oceans where even more pollution is being created by oil spills, islands of plastic etc., overfishing or ocean harvesting and they are simply being ignored by our elected officials appointed to deal with such issues.  “Sea Sick” by Alanna Mitchell (a Canadian) is a good reference to this.


You bleat on about carbon reduction while at the same time you allow the destruction of the very things that survive on carbon.

Oh, I know there is no money or glamour in protecting the oceans and forests compared with that which can be made by destroying them, but if your reason for being is simply to raise taxes against carbon producers (face masks for cows and horses!!!)  and doing nothing about deforestation, fracking, mining, agricultural runoff, the poisoning of the oceans and all their inhabitants and the slowing of the caterpillar action in the Atlantic Ocean, then I think you are deluding yourselves as well as we the people.

What we really need is new thinking.

A good start to that would be to think of the planet and how it is supposed to operate.  The native people around the world knew (and still know) how to do it, but then we came up with the wheel and the modern way of doing things, that is to say what makes life easier for us. How is that working for us? Not too well I would say.

I do not have the answers as I am just a simple old man and I confess that I am partially responsible for the situation we are in because I have gone along with supporting the corporate way of making money with no serious thought to what those corporations have been and are doing.  The convenience of having a motor car (essential for me as the public transport systems are so inefficient at getting me where I need to be at all times of the day or night); having the possessions and other conveniences to which I have become accustomed are great and then I make myself feel righteous because I recycle. 

It is not enough, and I look to those who proclaim to know better to let me know what I and everyone else can do.

Yet I am not getting anything new.

Carbon taxes, which should be called pollution taxes, are not working because there are always concessions to the major polluters.

I am reminded of the ancient Cree saying:

“Only when the last tree has died

and the last river has been poisoned

and the last fish has been caught

will we realize that we can’t eat money.”

I do not know how long humanity or the other species on this planet have to survive, and I do not think I will find out now, but I have great grandchildren who most likely will have to face what is coming.  Is it fair to them to basically do nothing except ring our hands and utter words that are meaningless?

You have been elected (or appointed) to deal with these issues and you are failing.

The box you have been thinking in is not coming up with the answers and we are looking to those who claim to know what is the best way to deal with the situation to step forward with better ideas.

Let’s all get out of the box and rethink with reality in mind, free from the confines of money, and come up with ideas that the whole world will get behind.

Where are the leaders of today?

This is not only a Canadian problem but one for the whole world, but we could lead the way if we so chose.




The WHO to strike down to Canadian cabinert posts?

The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos

Canadian Minister of Health

Canadian Member of Parliament for Quebec

The honourable David Lametti

Minister of Justice, Attorney General of Canada

Canadian Member of Parliament: LaSalle-Emard-Verdun

Re: the WHO

14th March 2023

It has come to my attention that the WHO, headed by a Bill Gates bought and paid for appointee (whose apparent knowledge of medicine depends on the pharma corporations and of course Bill Gates’s dictates), wants to make an agreement with member countries.

This agreement, as I understand it, means that the WHO will dictate to you as Health Minister (and Health Canada as an offshoot retail advisor for the pharmaceutical corporations) what, how and when to treat all citizens for an obviously new pandemic on the horizon. The certainty of this is apparent by their wanting this agreement now.They will certainly dictate what jabs (tested or not) the Canadian people should be coerced into receiving, along with more masks, shutdowns of everything – except big box store and grocery chain corporations –  and the isolation of the elderly and school children. We were well prepared for this by our PM, Teresa Tam and Bonnie Henry to mention a few – you too for that matter over the recent “pandemic”.

I also understand that this unelected body is attempting to take over our legal system and courts as well in order to enforce their “international dictates” as international law overriding local court jurisdiction. The Canadian courts are already a sham but at least they are our own sham.

If we have not yet signed this ridiculous agreement, and I expect our WEF devotees, PM and Deputy PM, have already agreed to do so, I suggest that in order to keep your Ministry you throw as many spanners in the works as possible.  After all, if the WHO is going to tell our PM and Deputy PM what to do to the Canadian people then what is the point of having a Health Minister? The same applies to our legal system therefore also making the Justice Minister and AG redundant positions.

It seems to me that unelected entities are lining up to tell the Canadian people through their dysfunctional and undemocratic federal administration what to do: EU, WHO, IMF, BIS, WEF, NATO and of course the USA which is behind all of them. Not only that but it appears we will be paying them exorbitant amounts of taxpayers’ money to control us.

Meanwhile we are ignoring the SCO and BRICKS and their concept of a multi-polar world of peace and cooperation.

I do not consent to this abandonment of our health sovereignty to go along with your complete lack of understanding for what democracy is or respect for Canadian voters who just might wake up soon.

Jeremy Arney


Since the CBC hasn’t said one word about this, not even to debunk it, we can be sure it must be correct.

Had to send this

The Honourable Melanie Joly

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Member of Parliament for Ahuntsic-Cartierville

WEF attendee.

8th March 2023

The Government broadcasting company stated that while you were in India for the G20 Foreign Ministers’ conference you told your Chinese counterpart:

“Canada will never tolerate foreign interference”

The word “never” implies that this has always been the case and will be in the future.  I find this a bit misleading because we are and have been interfering in the affairs of other countries.

Currently the Ukraine (for nine years now) and Haiti since forever.

and how about this list to mention just a few more from the past:







I trust your Chinese counter part was too much of a gentleman to laugh outright.

I am not a religious man but I do recall this saying by one religious man or another:

Before you can caste out the mite in another’s eye you must first caste out the mote in your own.

If and when we cease to interfere with other countries and concentrate on our problems here at home, then and only then will we be in a position to talk to others on a  level relationship about our mutual problems.

I do not approve of Canada’s duplicity in this matter.

Jeremy Arney

Langford BC


Surprise BC !  

We apparently are not part of Canada

“There are two good things in life – freedom of thought and freedom of action”.               W. Somerset Maugham

Here in BC we are used to forest fires every year, floods most years and we are able live through them. A couple of years ago we had an “atmospheric river” hang over the Fraser Valley and into the interior, causing major flooding of towns and  farms, and washing out roads and bridges cutting off the Canadian supply lines into and out of the Vancouver docks. People died along with a huge number of livestock near Abbotsford and fruit and veggie  crops were wiped out. This was a local emergency requiring just some help from the federal military to help fill sandbags.  We handled the rest here in BC.

Compare that and the recent ‘Fiona’ disaster on the east coast with the 3 week occupation of a town in Ontario by truckers who had maintained the supply chain throughout the draconian plandemic measures, and many of them had submitted to the coercion concerning the untested, toxic, emergency use only approved jab anyway. What they were protesting was the destruction of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which in itself should have been a national emergency.  Against all odds an irritated PM who was compromised over the jabs anyway, invoked the Emergency Act, which demands a commission to decide if the use was justified.

Well, Paul Rouleau came out with his politically expedient judgment on the Emergency Act invoked by that high and mighty PM.

The clear level of danger to Canadian national security was apparently met in the view he expressed.

Either my mind is broken or I am missing something very important.

All the non-violent border blockades which did have an economic factor, but not a national security factor, were lifted prior to the invoking of the Act, so all that was left were the peaceful, Canada loving Freedom Convoy truckers in Ottawa. They wanted to talk but were denied that right by a PM who was more interested in labeling them than listening to them.   There was a claim that violence could break out by the citizens of Ottawa if they did not get their wish to have those truckers gone without any settlement of the Freedom issue. Their local citizen ‘freedom’ was more important than the national freedom.

The CBC had a synopsis of the report which had several points:

“Protesters wanted to be obeyed not heard”

There was a very small element that wanted a MOU delivered but was rejected as not legitimate or relevant to the freedom movement, and it was denied by the Convoy but not by the propaganda machines CBC etc.,.

“No leadership with which to negotiate”

Strange how the City and police were in constant communication with leaders who held daily press conferences (not attended by government media) and were eventually arrested for mischief and held in jail without bail for weeks, and who still have to live their lives under judicial supervision.

“No ability to control people at protests across the country”

Here we go again with this control of the people issue, particularly those who have a legitimate right to protest what they consider illegal actions by a WEF driven government.  The border crossings blockades may have been inspired by the Freedom Convoy, but were not directly connected.  The need for action had been shown to the world and the mantle was picked up at border crossings.

“Many protestors were peaceful but protests were not”

Now what the heck does that mean?  CBC double speak propaganda at its finest is the best I can come up with.

I have not read the report and do not intend to as it claims something which never happened.

So anyway, as I sit here on Vancouver Island, as I did a year ago when I felt no threat to Canadian National security from anyone except the government, which was and still is determined to decimate our Constitution Act 1982 with its embedded Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our supposed Rule of Law, along with any small shred of democracy that exists in name only and a parliament that supposedly works for the people not the WEF and its pathetic hangers on.

Here I still am having watched most of the hearings and watched the videos of a year ago, showing the baton wielding police, backed by some kind of military armed to the teeth and RCMP horses stomping an indigenous old lady, bring that violence to the nonviolent protestors who I understand were already getting ready to leave, and I am/was supposed to feel threatened by the truckers? I spent years driving long-haul all-over Canada and the US and should have been there with my fellow truckers. Alas, I could not be and I still regret it. Yes, the federal and provincial governments are a threat to me but I see no act (Emergency or otherwise) being used to get rid of them.   The answer I am told is vote out those you want out, but in doing so the first past the post system will not change unless there is a minority government with the control in the hands of small parties and or independents.  Block voting undemocratic parties must go the way of the dodo.  We have now had two elections since the last ‘first past the post’ election was declared to have taken place in 2015 and that was another broken promise.

“Sunny days are here again” turns out to be for corporate interests not the Canadian people.

Meanwhile, I am supposed to believe that the Freedom Convoy protestors were a threat to our national security but the extraordinarily violent “police” force was not?    Of course they were not as they had a ‘get out of jail’ card since they were ordered into being by our PM, backed by Freeland (freezing money – such a dirty trick but typical), Blair and Mendicino to create the violent national security situation they were supposed to be removing.  Where was our AG at this time?  Hiding under his desk most likely.  This whole thing reflected badly on Canada around a world which was watching our truckers trying to protect freedom with great interest.

Violent suppression is more akin to tinpot dictatorships that a supposedly democratic law-abiding country.

Now we have the vindication our PM organized so well, and Canada steps one more pace into an undemocratic, unjust and unlawful land mass at the beck and call of the WEF.  “You will own nothing and be happy” and you will welcome all future invoking of the Emergency Act to defend the indefensible acts of this or a future regime.

Yesterday’s news people, move on; there is nothing here to cause you to worry about the future your children and grandchildren will face !



“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark: the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”             Plato


15th February 2023

I caught the tail end of a press conference on CPAC yesterday by some politicians concerning the presentation of a report of the “Illegal” invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  I was unable to find the report on Canada’s website, or CPAC or Hansard after I had listened with some confusion to the speakers at the press conference.

It appears that Canadian MPs of all stripes seem to think that this “war” started in 2022, conveniently forgetting or simply disregarding the events from 2014 until 2022.  In 2014 the US, as is their habit, along with countries like Canada installed a new puppet president in Ukraine with strong Nazi ties.  The Donbas region of Ukraine (mostly Russian speakers) did not wish to be Nazified and so they declared themselves independent states – Donetsk and Luhansk.  Naturally this disgruntled the US and, by association, Canada.

We have had military personnel in Ukraine for years training the Nazi Ukrainian army on how to fight and then to shell, bomb, snipe, rape and destroy the Donbass region turning it into a wasteland.  This caused the locals to form their own fighting force to defend themselves, which to a large extent they had been doing for 8 years of constant war with the Nazi part of Ukraine which was aided and abetted by Canadian troops on the ground there.

According to Global Affairs website this is all false information because the war did not start until Russia set out to rescue the independent states of Donetsk and Luhansk from further damage.  Strange how the previous 8 years simply did not seem to happen.

Also strange that at that point NATO, lead of course by the most illegally invasive country the world has ever known – 30 countries and still counting but not including sanctioned countries – decided to engage in a proxy war on the side of the Nazi party of Ukraine.  For the USA/NATO to call Russia’s action illegal is actually laughable.

The imposition of Sanctions by NATO members did not have the desired affect at all, in fact it sort of ruined the EU economially and maybe this was what the US wanted.  Naturally the cheap oil and gas from Russia had to be replaced by expensive stuff from the US – how surprising.  The Nordstrom pipe line was destroyed and since Biden had promised it would be done there can be no doubt who did it; and the British appeared to have failed to destroy that bridge only damaging a small portion of it.

The fact is that there is a hell of a mess over there and Global Canada claims that Russia does not want to talk peace and the US does…Hah.

NATO is running low on stockpiled armaments and Canada sent its only 4 running Leopard2 tanks to the area, along with trainers of course. 

We have just been fooled for nearly three years now by the fake flu called covid and so the idiots in charge think we are ready to be fooled again as to what is happening over there.

What is the matter with the world?

Has no one heard of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or BRICKS?  Do we not understand that the continent of Africa is turning away from the liars, cheats and hypocrites from the West?

We are so captured by the WEF and NATO that we are blind to what may well be coming.

Far from being financially crippled Russia is making great gains in trade with and offering assistance to welcoming nations without the usual clenched fist of the West.

Why can our political people not see this and do something positive instead of jumping into the deep end without water wings?

Oh Canada – where did you go?

To all Canadian Parliamentarians

14th February 2023

First let me say that I acknowledge that you all have sacrificed something by agreeing to stand (or sit) in the Canadian Houses of Parliament. Many of you have come from a long way away from Ottawa and have to rent lodgings of some kind there and be apart from your families. Not an easy thing to do.

Travelling long distances to get home at weekends must become a real drag considering the discomfort of our national airlines, and I admire those young enough to do it.

The urge to serve Canadians must have been strong within you to get you to stand for office to get things done and I wonder how much of that is left.

Under our “well past best by due date” first past the post system each of you won the largest number of votes in your ridings, but was that the majority of votes cast there?  In a few cases yes, but in most cases I think not which means that you and your party represents a minority of your riding!  Be that as it may, how do you serve the people of your riding and the party line at the same time? 

There is no doubt in my mind that almost all of you work hard there in Ottawa and the most important thing you do is to vote on proposed Bills, amendments, motions etc., and this is where I have a problem.  Since almost invariably the votes result in block Party votes and as your party is most likely a minority in your riding how can you say, or even think, that you are representing all (or maybe even some) of those of your riding?

Problem:  ”If I vote for my constituents against my party I will not get endorsed for the next election”.  

So, I come back to my previous statement about the urge to serve Canadians and have to ask was it really there or was this just an opportunity to get a job which, if you lasted long enough, would give you a good pension?

It is not really your fault, except that you play the game, but we have completely lost all vestiges of that democracy you all bleat about constantly. When I worked, and still do for that matter, I work(ed) for the benefit of my employer who pays me for my efforts and I am only doing one job at a time.  Too many of our representatives also belong to competing organizations which have no interest in Canada except control. We have lost control of our country and our future unless we do something about it.

Who is better placed to take control back again than you?

What is needed is for good people to stand up for Canadians over corporations and all unelected organizations having control over us, NATO, WFO, IMF, BIS, WEF, UN etc., when none of their dictates should mean anything anyway.

To the Senators I say this:  You are supposed to be the House of Sober Second Thought and I appreciate that you have done that with Bill C11. Thank you.

We are a large country with a very checkered history including our continuing apartheid system towards our aboriginal peoples, our gullibility when it comes to propaganda, and our growing distrust of each other aided and abetted by deliberate separation and pitting one side against the other.

We have lost the Rule of Law, the rights to worship which ‘god’ when and wherever we chose while international and national Rights and Freedoms have been written out of our laws without actually being either repealed or amended.

I ask you: “Is this the Canada you want to leave for your children?”

For those of you who fear losing your ability to run for a particular party again, what a blessing to get away from that form of coercion. Run as an independent on your record or for a small party which will not dictate how you vote.  You will have the backing of those who appreciated what you did or tried to do for them.  You don’t have to have a huge platform of impossible promises, just ideals.

I did actually stand for election in 2008 for a small party and of course I did not win but I opened eyes, ears and minds to possibilities. The events of the last three years have made me wish I was not such an old man and could give it another shot as my dreams for my Canadian children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are disappearing like the morning mist over a lake in the summer. This is not what I planned to leave them.

We have become a warlike nation, supporting apartheid and genocide by Israel; helping to create chaos in Haiti and for 8 years backing the war between Ukraine and the Donbass region, training their nazi army to kill citizens; now we have plundered our funds to supply equipment, ammunition and money to a war effort our propaganda machine has called an illegal invasion by Russia when we have been there for 9 years now.  We have a much better use for that money here at home to solve our own apartheid situation.

Lastly, today,  there seems to be a complete breakdown in the actions of way too many people who think violence is the way to solve their personal problems.  Though I abhor violence it is not surprising when you consider that our leader not only uses hate speech with complete impunity, but actually invokes violence as happened a year ago in Ottawa. If the Rule of Law does not apply to our leaders, why should anyone else expect it to apply to them?

A year ago Canada gave the world a lesson in how to protest in a peaceful loving way which was completely distorted by  and the government and their tame media and then very violently dispersed, thus giving those on the edge mentally the sign that violence was absolutely OK.

I grieve for Canada.

I trust you can find the will to mend her.