More rumblings from the west coast of Canada

I have been stewing about this for a few days now and have reached the point where I cannot contain myself any longer.

For more than two years now the CBC has fed us a line of bullshit unequaled in Canadian history, or at least since Brian Mulroney rode his hobby horse away from Reagan’s stallion after the FTA back when (1989)   Yes, I know they (CBC) have been off the mark for much longer than that but since early 2020 they have excelled in their propaganda of fear and division created by our moronic ex school teacher without any clothes, assisted by Fauci and Gates.  While he still talks of helping the middle class and those struggling to join it he actually has destroyed the middle class here in Canada whilst his family foundation is raking in a fortune from every MnRA jab.  Aquitas from UBC developed and of course patented the delivery system for these jabs – not sure how they beat Fauci to it but they did and 40% of Aquitas is owned by – you guessed it – the Trudeau foundation.  Without the fear and panic caused by the CBC and their constant promotion of Trudeau in his Svengali disguise demanding that we all get his jab whilst he turned Canada into a potential zombie state we might have learned the truth from those real scientists who were trying to get our attention.  Instead, all we got was paid mouthpieces whose ready abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath was amazing.

So now here we are two years later still being fed the same line of BS but in-between we have had the stripping of the rights and freedoms we used to have over our bodies and what is pumped into them either experimentally or not and full information about ingredients and possible long-term side effects.  Illegal mandates in the transport industry inspired a Freedom Convoy which arrived peacefully in Ottawa, occupied the streets there and remained peaceful; cleaning the garbage and snow from the streets; looking after war memorial and Terry Fox Statute, feeding the homeless, hungry population of downtown Ottawa, and having a party every weekend for all, including children.  Of course, this had to end violently as that is all Bill Blair knows, and Trudeau illegally invoked The Emergencies Act to enable that violence to take place – which of course it did with military police using the usual methods to violently disperse the freedom convoy and steal bank accounts of participants and jail without bail so called leaders of a peaceful protest for mischief.  Then when that violent damage was done and it looked as though the Senate was about to reject the illegal use of this act, it was abruptly withdrawn.  Did we get the news and explanation as to why from the CBC?  Of course not as they are a political arm now not a real news source.

Just in time to change the channel there is a conflict which has been brewing for a decade or more that blows up in Ukraine so of course reporters go there to spread the false news yet again.

So after these years of lies and deceit by the CBC can we be blamed for believing that everything we hear from over there is BS.  Why are we taking the actions we are to supply a CIA/Nazi backed army to attack its own people and propagandize that it is the Russians who are doing it?   I for one do not buy into this as nobody has been able to explain to me why the Russians would want to  kill those who they want to liberate.  So once again I am being ostracized as someone with no idea what is going on.   Really?  Zelensky is part of Schwab’s growing empire of globalists so of course our Canadian globalists  have to assist him at the expense of the Canadian people.

Here in alpahabetical  order is the list of MPs who have ties to the WEF:

Terry Beech, Marie-Claude Bilbeau, Randy Boissonault,Francois-Phillip Champagne, Ed Fast, Sean Fraser,Chrystia Freeland, Marc Garneau, Karina Gould, Patty Hajdu, Ahmed Hussen, Melanie Joly, Mike Lake, Mary Ng,Ginettee Pettitpas Taylor, Pierre Poilievre, Michelle Rempel, Andrew Sheer, Jagmeet Singh, Justin Trudeau, Jonathan Wilkinson

As you can see that is a big chink of the cabinet, some conservatives and even an MP from the fringe party – the NDP.  I would have thought that as the WEF is so completely opposite to what the Canadian people want for themselves and Canada, membership in such a lunatic group should be disclosed as conflict of interest but I also suppose that with this particular PM nothing about Canadian law applies anymore.

Ms. May has also swallowed the koolaid on this one as she did with the Freedom convoy, and the Covid thing too.

Then along comes the budget 2022 and caused me to write to one of those on the list:

To Chrystia Freeland, Canadian Finance Minister, Board member of the WEF

Re Budget 2022

While I do appreciate that you must obey your leaders, Trudeau, Schwab and Zelensky, I cannot endorse your efforts to give weapons of war and death to a CIA/Nazi regime in the Ukraine.

These will only be used against Ukrainians to devastating effect and blamed of course on the Russians.  No one has been able to explain to me why Russia would bomb and shoot those who wish to be free and maybe join them, but I do understand why the military in the western part of the country would want to destroy those who want to leave.

If you were to listen to your other “democratic” bosses – the Canadian people – I am sure you would find that the vast majority would prefer that you spend this obscene amount of money on running, fresh water on reserves, or really have an impact on low-cost housing both on and off reserves, but you cannot listen to the Canadian people can you?

I do not consent to your willful spending of money on a conflict far from our shores with absolutely no benefit for Canada when we need soo much done here at home.

In disgust

Jeremy Arney etc.,

Since then, the Canadian military seems to have been stripped of its heavy artillery so it can be sent overseas for another “army” to use on its civilian population and blamed yet again on Russians.

I know I am older now, not necessarily wiser but it does seem to me that there is huge apathy here in Canada to what is really being done to us. Yes, I hear lots of people saying its all bs but they are not willing to do anything about it.  The great Canadian live and let live seems to have taken on a new meaning – live until they take it away from us.

Time to go back to bed and rest for my shift tonight.


Money, Funny Money and Funnier Money

I think the time has come to look at the big picture of what is happening in the world, not just Ukraine and whatever the outcome is there, which I believe is almost inevitable.

The idea that the west, and most of the world seems to be relying upon, that sanctions against selected Russians will bring Putin to heel is not working and I wondered why not.

(The internet is such a fund of information if you bother to research it, so I spent most of this morning (Tuesday 15th) looking here there and everywhere. The very last place you look for real information is our Canadian media specially CBC which can be relied on only for popular governmental propaganda and occasionally the more abysmal quotes from our pathetic PM and his cabinet of Klaus Schwab puppets.)

Has Putin retaliated with sanctions of his own?

Not that I am aware because he is looking at the big picture, not just a panicked narrow view of what has been brewing for 10 years or more.   Ukraine is rather like Great Britain, where Wales, Scotland, Northern Island and England are independent within one umbrella, and yet there is separation taking place with introduction of home rule and reintroducing languages. So how do you live with two different peoples that have not melded over the years, and the Russian side really want to be back where they have belonged in the past. The western Ukrainians want to be part of Europe.  Ok so what’s wrong with that? Here in Canada, we have Quebec most of whom still think of themselves as French and yet belong within the Canadian land area and are making the best of both worlds, and although we may grumble and complain about them I think that most Canadians are proud of what we have accomplished together with them.

But there has been plenty of time for both Russia, Ukraine and the Western NATO allies to figure out what will happen now, after all it is months that the Russian army has been on the border. But a comedian of Schwab’s USA/CIA choosing is just doing what he is told….(Strange he has soo much money for a comedian, houses in Italy and Florida worth about $50 millions between them I hear, but people are starving and dying in eastern Ukraine )

NATO economic sanctions have been imposed because that is what they know best.  They fear sanctions against them selves because they are all vulnerable so they assume that others feel the same way. The mass hysteria propagated about who is winning and who is losing and who is really bombing or shelling what is just that, propaganda.

But what if Russia wants to get away from the US dollar as the enforced world monetary supply?

Sanctions imposed on all their foreign, ie US dollar investments, would do that for them would it not?

There are other factors which we, the USA et al, do not seem to have figured out and they are China and India, and maybe be even Brazil because they have been playing with this concept for years now. Remember the BRIC? Remember what happened to Saddam Hussein when he said he wanted euros for his oil?

Well maybe Putin figured out how to do it with the help of the USA and its allies and get back at least the Russian portion of Ukraine at the same time. There are other factors which we, the USA et al, do not seem to have figured out and they are China and India, and maybe be even Brazil because they have been playing with this concept for years now. Remember the BRIC? Remember what happened to Saddam Hussein when he said he wanted euros for his oil?

If you add the land masses and combine the percentage of world’s population of these 4 countries, with maybe Africa joining in too as China have been cultivating strong ties with Africa since Libya’s Ghaddafi and his African Central Bank was taken down by Canada at the behest of the World Bank (another western super rich invention), you have way more than 50% of population and land mass and food production all now outside the US dollar sphere of influence. 

The future of the word still depends on food and if we had anyone in Canada who was able to think for themselves instead of leaping to do Klaus Schwab’s bidding, we, as another very large land mass with huge agricultural lands and mineral resources could be there too with the Canadian dollar being independent of the US anchor.  Remember that our central bank is owned by the people of Canada not the Rothschilds.

Interesting, eh?

I wonder how many asset managers have figured this out and are swapping out their “NATO” country bonds.


Wonder how many discards this got?

To Chrystia Freeland Canadian MP
Board member of the World Economic Forum

The Canadian government has criminalized the receiving of funds from the Freedom Convoy 2022 campaign and now are trying to seize the funds to redistribute.

This is what I received in an email yesterday from GiveSendGo and my immediate reaction was one of frustration and anger that once again a man who proclaims Democracy, Freedom, Sovereignty and Rule of Law for everyone around the world yet does not practice any of them here in Canada, has deliberately attacked Canadians rights to support what they consider to be a good cause; The cause of Freedom.  This is the second time for the same cause so there can be no clearer message to all Canadians: “If you support Freedoms guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms you are a criminal”.

I consider now that any donations requested of me for the Liberal Party of Canada will also be unlawful solicitation for the WEF.  

When a peaceful protest about unlawful actions by the federal government causes this much hatred, and indeed blatant hate speech from a Prime Minister, who then deliberately instigates police violence, it is clear that all vestiges of the Rule of Law and Democracy have left the room.

This Liberal Government is totally out of control and has lost sight of Canada and the Canadian people just to placate and please Klaus Schwab and in your case to ensure your continued membership on the Board of his World Economic Forum.

You cannot serve him on the one hand and the Canadian People on the other as his and our views on life are diametrically opposite; his being that we are all slaves and should be happy to be so, and ours that we still believe that freedom and the rule of law is possible in Canada in spite of this PM and you; so, I suggest you resign your seat in the House of Commons immediately in order to cease your unlawful, anti- Charter of Rights and Freedoms activities which are also against the common law of Canada.

I no longer consent to anything you have done or are doing because I now believe it is your intent to destroy Canada.

In total disgust,

Jeremy Arney

What a hollow suit !

Last week I watched on the Conflict Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as our PM went to Europe to meet with real, or as real as they get today, leaders over there.

He was as usual well dressed and coiffed and strode like a man full of Klaus Schwab instilled confidence. However, he made such a fool of himself whenever he opened his mouth that I cringed that he really thought he was representing Canada.

Here is a man who said on twitter  (2 Feb 2022) of peaceful truckers:

“Today in the House all MPs unanimously condemned the antisemitic, islamophobia, anti-black racism, homophobia and transphobia that we have ever seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together. Let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive.”

Actually, I read Hansard for that day and found no mention of any of the gross accusations the MPs were supposed to have supported. Once again, our PM is promoting his own agenda and words onto others.

At any given time, I suspect there are more of those feelings in the chamber than there was outside where the whole protest was inclusive and full of peace and love. To any one of those MPs who supposedly condemned the protestors on Feb 2 do not make the mistake of thinking this is over. Freedom is too strong. You should cherish it and allow yourselves to be free to support your constituents or you may well get fired next election.

Then the Emergency Act was invoked to deal with a parking problem in Ottawa,  and brutal police enforcement against those who did not resists them even when being held on the ground and kneed, pepper strayed directly into their face, or trampled by horses. Imported thugs waded onto lines of peaceful protestors with batons being used to beat them back even though they were against concrete barriers.  Bill Blair must have been wetting himself with glee and remembering Toronto.

The Emergency Act had to be passed in the HOC and the Senate and it looked as if it would not pass in the Senate, and the parking problem having been brutally solved, so low and behold it was revoked in the nick of time.

But the point here is that this whole thing was about Freedom from being coerced into taking experimental and toxic jabs against a not quite regular flu.  No one in the convoy was a particular  anti-vaxxer, in fact most had already submitted to the coercion and been jabbed, but the illegal mandates towards those who work in the federal jurisdiction of the transport sector and specially to those truckers who crossed the border with the USA, who had to take a ten day quarantine when they came home was too much. Freeland exempted 200,00 civil employees from jabs but these did not include independent truckers. To go from hero to vilification in two years should be reserved for people like Trudeau, except he was never a hero after he rescinded his Election change promise. 

So here is this PM over there in Europe talking about Freedom and Democracy and Sovereignty and the Rule of Law which are all things he is denying Canadians.  Can he not see that the whole world is laughing at him?  He is also stealing from our military stockpiles which will have to be replenished, and donating huge sums of money to Ukraine with no idea of how he will pay for it or even what it will actually be used for. That is a subject for another day.

How do you think that the half of the Canadian government cabinet who are also under Klaus Schwab’s thumb feel about all this?  Probably do not care at all.

One more quote from Trudeau:

“While the Emergency Act is over the issue won’t just go way. We need to constantly work to defend our democracy. The Emergency Act was created to flow from and uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These measures had to be and were compliant with the Charter.”  

Defend our democracy? What democracy is he waffling about here? We do not have democracy here in Canada; we have a semi-dictatorship where all the power lies with the PM and the PMO instead of with the people. Anyone who claims we are a democratic country is simply smoking the wrong stuff. How can anyone equate police thuggery and violence in the face of a very peaceful request for return of freedoms, as being in compliance with the charter?

No matter how hard I try I simple can’t imagine that any Act of Parliament should be deliberately in opposition to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Beating up on peacefully demonstrating grannies, reporters and freedom seekers by imported military styled police thugs is in compliance with which Charter from which banana republic?

By the way for the last two years at almost 24 hours a day CBC could be:  Covid/Climate-Catastrophe/Convoy/Conflict Broadcasting Corporation but whichever, it does not serve Canadians as it has all just been propaganda on behalf of a man who is making a fortune from his family trust owning 40% of Aquitas, and getting royalties from every jab around the world.

When Canada really needs a leader where can we find one?


Stop the world and let me off, I’m tired of going round and round


Sent to all Canadian MPs




To all those elected to the House of Commons on the false pretext that the voters were actually voting for the leader of their party.

To all those elected MPs who bleat about democracy as if it was real and alive in Canada.

Good day to you all.

It is not a good day in Canada nor has it been for many, many years.  You are all aware of the problems facing Canadians every day with their jobs, or lack of due to illegal mandates, due to food, gas and home prices and yet you simply allow the puppet PM and his ministers to make things even worse day after day.

Is that what you were elected to do?

Is it democracy when your leader dictates what you say and do or support?

My own representative to the government of Canada (Alistair MacGregor) has absolutely no idea what I expect of him because it does matter to him. I expect him to act like a human being instead of a puppet. In spite of many emails addressed to him of which has refused to answer even one and his characterization of the Freedom Convoy could be right out of the more rabid puppet liberals  How can he act for any of his constituents if he is not interested in any of their viewpoints?   How can he respond to their requests or suggestions if he ignores them in favour of his leader?

He is not alone in what almost certainly applies to every MP including those of the ruling junta, and yes, it is a junta controlled by a puppet of Klaus Schwab who has made open claims he controls the Canadian Cabinet.

Do I believe him?  Sure I do because this PM and his sidekick do not give one single damn for Canada or Canadians. From our Constitution to our criminal code; from our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to our privacy laws, from our ability to see family and friends to promote healthy children they have interfered with it all to please the man who pulls their strings and wants to lead Canada into the great reset. On top of this they are giving away our military assets to another country which is being annexed in a much more friendly way thanwhen we attacked all the infrastructure in Libya and ended killing their leader for the World Bank yet! We stood by while Israel has annexed Palestine… oops should have said the Palestinian people as we (official Canada) refuse to acknowledge that Palestine has the right to exist because in our official Canadian eyes the State of Israel is never wrong about anything.

And you still call Canada democratic?

You have permitted a fake pandemic to go on for two full years now allowing the Canadian so-called media to promote fear, even panic, among the easily fooled with your propaganda campaigns.

Allowing and actively promoting untested, toxic injections with no known long term side effects but soo many immediate reactions up to and including death and altering the DNA of injectees, all to benefit the Trudeau foundation financially.  If you don’t know how this is being done then you do not deserve to be where you are.   Come to think of it you should start acting as if you do deserve to be there and act as if our laws actually meant something; that hate speech is not acceptable from anyone up to and specially including our PM; that the Constitution Act of 1982 and its embedded  Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the supreme law of the land, not something to be ignored with illegal mandates causing coercion on too many levels; that an emergency due to your inaction is not necessarily an emergency for the people of Canada who are busy trying to survive, and trust you to betray them anyway; that peaceful protests held in front of the parliament have been legal up till now but that right has been taken away with a nuclear sledge hammer.  If you dispute the peaceful part of that protest then listen to what Senator Batters had to say about how much more safe she felt walking in Ottawa when the truckers were there. Or realise that almost as soon as they were gone guns appeared again in the shopping mall and the homeless are hungry again.

Can you believe anything you see on the CBC? No, of course not.

At a time when Canada needs some real leadership, I find it sorely lacking. Yes there a few of to you who have spoken out but when it comes to voting in the Canadians’ House what do you do? 

“Follow the leader” always was and always will be a child’s game to me.  Adults who have been raised and schooled with love are supposed to have their own minds as to whether or not they do their jobs with a clear conscience or a very bad taste in their mouths.

If you destroy a country financially: if you divide it into partisan factions with family members fearing each other;  if you destroy freedom  by brute force or insidious laws and  mandates; if you strip away a person’s rights to privacy; if you want to control how a person spends their hard earned money without fearing of losing it all for no valid reason except spite; if you want to deny real science and replace it with paid talking heads not allowing both sides to express themselves; if you want ..oh hell the list could go on forever and it seems that you all want it to.

Vote you party leader wishes not your conscience or your constituents wishes and help the country into slavery.








Tamara’s Rights?

Everyone in the world is entitled to the same fundamental human rights. There are 30 of them, in fact. They are the universal human rights that we, as citizens of this world, have agreed we are all entitled to. They include the right to live free from torture, the right to live free from slavery, the right to own property, and the right to equality and dignity, and to live free from all forms of discrimination.

So how does this apply to Tamara Lich?

It does not as she had the temerity to challenge Trudeau’s demolishing of the Constitution Act of 1982 and its embedded Charter of Rights and Freedoms with a peaceful demonstration of objection by truckers largely jabbed with the Trudeau Foundation’s money maker. See Aquitas and their LNP delivery system

She was arrested as we all expected for promoting mischief!  However, she now resides in jail – not prison – without bail as one of Trudeau’s tame judges refused her bail and threatened her with 10 years in jail.

Meanwhile the desecrator of the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms is promoting those rights and freedoms around the world, particularly in Ukraine (naturally as his pet and co-conspirator Freeland has roots there as well as with the Nazi Party of last century) and meanwhile he is destroying those same rights here in Canada.  This man is more out of control that Putin. His lack of compassion for a fellow Canadian, who stood up for those rights, by insisting that Tamara should be held in a holding cell indefinitely, speaks volumes to his vicious demeaning of a woman who believes in Freedom.

Illegal mandates are still in effect for all those who work in the federaly regulated transportation sector, limiting their ability to earn a living thanks to the illegal coercion being delivered by Trudeau’s lapdog Alghabra, the Minister of Transport for the corporation of Canada.

The Human Rights Commission of Canada is allowing this torturous and inhumane  jailing to happen in the same way that they are allowing the Minister of Finance to attack, without a warrant or any liabilty, the bank accounts of anyone who supported the Freedom Convoy with their hard earned money.  There is nothing legal here, but legality means nothing to the PM and his Cruella de Ville.   Perhaps that freezing of bank accounts should also apply to anyone foolish enough to donate to the Liberal Party of Canada. After all they are against the Constitution and the Charter and believe in violence towards women specially an indigenous one of advanced age with a walker who was talking about peace and love moments before she was struck down by a horse!

Some feminist, eh?

Over all the rating of this PM and his sidekick out of 100 is zero, but then what do they care because Klaus will look after them.

I can see the next election, if we ever have one, will be a mixture of Conservatives (no matter who is their leader) and Bloc and a small smattering of Greens, with very few if any Liberal or NDP members of parliament.

Congratulations Trudeau on destroying the dream of Canada and Canadians.  Klaus must be very proud of you, but what will you tell your children when they are old enough to ask questions?


28 February 2022



Open letter to a Prime Minister in name only

25 February 2022

To Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada,

I saw you on your own propaganda Broadcasting Channel (CBC)  today  24th February 2022  as you said:

“Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms Russia’s egregious attack on Ukraine. Canada is taking strong action to stand up for what is right and protect the rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian people. Let me be clear: there will be serious consequences for Russia’s actions. Together with our allies and partners, we will continue to take decisive action to support the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of Ukraine and by extension, democratic principles, freedom, and human rights around the world.”

I have one very simple question for you:

Why did you commit to defend for the people of Ukraine (and all over the world) that which you are, and have been, very busy taking away from the people of Canada?

Perhaps you should be more concerned with what you can do here at home than further poking at a bear.

I do not consent to your actions on any matter any more.

Jeremy Arney

Wednesday 9th February 2022

Once again, this morning I watched the “ugly three” ministers on the Freedom Convoy 2022.  I do not man that they are facially ugly but their attitudes most definitely are.

Their common theme today was that all these demonstrations are breaking the law.   Ok, just which law has been enacted by the federal “government” to allow coercive mandates to be imposed in complete contradiction to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

BILL BLAIR, the Butcher of Toronto.  The man who controlled the most aggressively brutal police forces during the G20 meeting in Toronto. No one will ever forget that female enforcement officer’s feral look on her face as she battered a peaceful protester. Nor will we forget the sight of a small circle of Canadians sitting peacefully singing Oh Canada right before the tear gas was fired and the circle attacked viciously and dragged away to detention. How many protesters were assaulted by your glorious police sworn to serve and protect the people?  Thanks Bill.   Your attitude towards lawful actions speaks clearly in your past actions, and the look on your face today was clear that you haven’t forgotten and ……


Your ability to avoid answering the questions while repeating ad nauseum that the “unlawful” protests were under control is amazing.  Clearly the control belongs to the truckers, not the massed police forces.  You can increase the police and it will not alter that determination of the truckers to get back the FREEDOM taken away by illegal and coercive mandates. Perhaps it is time for you to acknowledge that the people of Canada mostly realise that FREEDOM is important and are beginning to understand that they have lost theirs.

“No one is above the law”   Really?  

The criminal code is not the law?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms part of the Constitution Act 1982 is not the law?  

When the government of Canada recognizes that they too must abide by the law of the land instead of the law according to Trudeau they will have the right to claim that we are a democracy (that’s a joke now) with a rule of law.  Until then be careful what you say.


Your mandates in the federally controlled sections in the transportation industry are the cause of this truckers FREEDOM Convoy.  My employer in the marine sector was obliged by you to attempt to coerce me into taking an untested, unapproved jab I did not and still do not want. They however recognized that I have the right to not accept this coercion but I must be tested before I perform shifts.  Being in BC I have to pay for all tests  (including the rapid tests being given away in other jurisdictions like boxes of candy on Halloween). 

The answer to this whole glorious absolutely Canadian mess is so simple but the three of you are so terrified of losing your cushy jobs by offending his pharmaceutical majesty Trudeau, that you will not acknowledge it.

Remove the illegal coercive mandates and within hours the problem will be solved.

By listening to the millions of supporters all over Canada for these truckers asking for FREEDOM from mandates that tell them ‘get jabbed or lose their job’, you will end the Canadian portion of this now worldwide protest.  Somehow, I believe you will find support from your Liberal comrades in your caucus.   By the way if you doubt what I say forget about massive foreign donations and realise that Canadians have raised more money in less time for these Truckers than the Liberal party could hope for this year.

What we all want is for the truck drivers to get back to work, for illegal coercive mandate to be done and gone, for Trudeau’s antifa to go back into hiding again, and for Canada to open up again and acknowledge that flu season is still upon us and we have survived them before and will again.

For Canada’s sake wake up and act for us all for a change.

Jeremy Arney

Victoria BC


Ottawa’s state of emergency

From Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa, Ontario  Canada

“We will always defend the right of citizens to assemble in peaceful protest, but what we have seen over the past four days is indefensible…The catalogue of outrages is long, well-documented and, frankly, appalling: flying swastikas and confederate battle flags; desecrating memorials to our veterans and to national hero Terry Fox; stealing food from the homeless; and threatening local residents and businesses.

“Whatever legitimacy this ‘protest’ may have had has been squandered by these images being beamed out of Ottawa.”

Yes Mr. Mayor, but who is actually doing these things?  Could it be a small fringe of Trudeau’s Antifa mob of thugs?   I mean they have been known to do this sort of thing before; leaving a roll-on roll-off bin filled with rocks right among the trucks…clearly a move practiced before in BLM etc., events, and a ready supply of missiles for them to throw, but this time there were too many cameras pointed at them.  I am curious to know which police officer(s) allowed this bin to be placed there and which detachment (s)he (they) belonged to.  Most likely the RCMP, or perhaps the OPP.

As for stealing food from the homeless, wake up!!  there are tables, even flat bed trucks set up with food and it is being gladly given to the hungry and homeless ie  those from whom you accuse them of stealing.  Perhaps someone has misled you on the difference between stealing and donating, and perhaps there should not be any homeless and hungry in Canada’s national capital specially in a cold winter.

So then your other suggestions of misdoings fall under the same description of really?   You have proof it was truckers not Trudeau’s antifa buddies?   I know it sounds better if you can give these reasons for your declaration of an emergency but it looks very wishy-washy to me.

It really is time you watched yourself on some of these interviews you have given to CBC to see how ridiculous you appear to be.  Even the CBC could do nothing to clean up your image of a man out of his depth clearly wanting someone to step in and help him.

For instance, why did you leave it to a private citizen to get an injunction against the horns? Never thought of it eh?  I know I am not there but I have seen no images of any trucks flying either a swastika or confederate flag, perhaps you could point me to a site where I can see them?    I am sure if it was true it would have been all over Trudeau’s Covid Broadcasting Corporation’s news programs with appropriate condemnation, and yet I saw nothing there.

As you sleep in your nice warm bed do you give a thought to those who only want their freedom back sleeping in cold bunks in their trucks because you are stealing their diesel?   Thought not as you only want them gone and are not interested in setting up a meeting with anyone who can give them back what they want but that has been stolen….FREEDOM,  and really is that too much to ask for even in the fractured Canada of today?

What an incredible mess



Where to begin on this the 7th February 2022?

No matter how you look at it this present Canadian government is totally out of control. 

Earlier today I caught a news conference on the Covid Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of Canadian Government Cabinet Members. Regretfully I did not see the whole thing but what I did see was the most blatant set of misdirection (lies) I have heard for some time.  For that to happen in Canada considering what we have been spoon fed by our corporately driven Prime Minister, our 24 hours a day Covid Broadcasting Corporation, Teresa Tam with her nonsensical ravings.


Once again our Transport Minister is reiterating that the federally mandated workers in Air, Rail, Road and Marine Transport must submit to jabs and boosters. No excuses and no relief.

A Prime Minister whose word is useless, whose loyalty clearly lies with Schwab, Gates and Fauci, and their jabs kickback is saying a lot.

Now here we are at a crossroads in our History as a country with the world watching us again and this time for the right reasons.  We have a convoy of peaceful truckers and their support vehicles in Ottawa under constant attack because they are asking for FREEDOM.  Freedom from coercive mandates. Freedom to control what is injected into their bodies.  Yes, a lot of the drivers have already given in to the jab coercion in order to be able to deliver what Canadians need, without being hassled at every turn by overreaching illegal mandates and yet to come soon some regulation changes to the Labour Code of Canada. To top it off Trudeau is using his antifa thugs to cause mayhem and blame it on truckers when in fact those truckers have been feeding the homeless, cleaning up their garbage after themselves, looking after the tomb of the unknown warrior, and the Terry Fox statue.  The same cannot be said for Trudeau’s thugs.  We all knew they were coming as they have in the past and most likely will again.  It is a tired old playbook used over and over again. The few who have or will be arrested will get cheap bail and dissapear again, till the next time.

The law here in Canada is meaningless as Trudeau and his puppets have destroyed any vestige of the rights enshrined in the laws of our land.

The Criminal Code of Canada re coercion, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms re coercion, the Nuremberg code re coercion, The UN declaration of human rights re coercion , and here in BC the BC Human Rights Code to mention just a sampling.  Then there are the laws about hates speech.

 According to Justin Trudeau, as he publicly stated, I am an activist, I am a misogynist, I am an extremist and I do not believe in science.  All this because I refuse to take an unapproved experimental jab with no known long term side effects, but according to VAERS a multitude of short-term ones up to and including death.

This from a man who does not know me, has not even a clue how old I am nor if I have any medical history or religious beliefs (that I actually do not as I am an atheist).  He on the other hand is a Catholic who clearly does not believe in the teachings of his god, in fact I probably know more than he does in that respect.

He has spent a minimum of two years deliberately dividing this country pitting the Canadian people against each other in a way even Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney would have hesitated to do.  Lying to us is his mantra and has been never since he became PM and he even lied to us all to get that position.  Remember election reform?  Nation to Nation dialogue with the original peoples of Canada? Climate change? a Just Society (oh no that was his father), open and transparent government? just more lies.

Now with the world watching as he hides from the convoy and his responsibilities the world is actually laughing at him.  His answer is always the same: a small fringe minority is not welcome here in Canada !

Maybe one day someone will be able to show him that this small fringe minority is actually an almost complete country.   Compared to Trudeau an ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand is clear sighted.

As jurisdictions around the world and here in Canada have started to realise that covid-19 is not something to hide from but is nothing more than another flu we have to learn to live with and are dropping their absurd restrictions, he is still insisting that the only way to defeat this is with jabs that do not protect against getting covid 19 or stop spreading it, and more mandates are the way to coerce Canadians into taking them.

The good part of all this is how many people there are speaking up for the convoy, finding another way to fund it after the Go-Fund-Me fiasco, and realising that this is after all about every Canadian’s Freedom.

Rock on drivers.