Wednesday 9th February 2022

Once again, this morning I watched the “ugly three” ministers on the Freedom Convoy 2022.  I do not man that they are facially ugly but their attitudes most definitely are.

Their common theme today was that all these demonstrations are breaking the law.   Ok, just which law has been enacted by the federal “government” to allow coercive mandates to be imposed in complete contradiction to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

BILL BLAIR, the Butcher of Toronto.  The man who controlled the most aggressively brutal police forces during the G20 meeting in Toronto. No one will ever forget that female enforcement officer’s feral look on her face as she battered a peaceful protester. Nor will we forget the sight of a small circle of Canadians sitting peacefully singing Oh Canada right before the tear gas was fired and the circle attacked viciously and dragged away to detention. How many protesters were assaulted by your glorious police sworn to serve and protect the people?  Thanks Bill.   Your attitude towards lawful actions speaks clearly in your past actions, and the look on your face today was clear that you haven’t forgotten and ……


Your ability to avoid answering the questions while repeating ad nauseum that the “unlawful” protests were under control is amazing.  Clearly the control belongs to the truckers, not the massed police forces.  You can increase the police and it will not alter that determination of the truckers to get back the FREEDOM taken away by illegal and coercive mandates. Perhaps it is time for you to acknowledge that the people of Canada mostly realise that FREEDOM is important and are beginning to understand that they have lost theirs.

“No one is above the law”   Really?  

The criminal code is not the law?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms part of the Constitution Act 1982 is not the law?  

When the government of Canada recognizes that they too must abide by the law of the land instead of the law according to Trudeau they will have the right to claim that we are a democracy (that’s a joke now) with a rule of law.  Until then be careful what you say.


Your mandates in the federally controlled sections in the transportation industry are the cause of this truckers FREEDOM Convoy.  My employer in the marine sector was obliged by you to attempt to coerce me into taking an untested, unapproved jab I did not and still do not want. They however recognized that I have the right to not accept this coercion but I must be tested before I perform shifts.  Being in BC I have to pay for all tests  (including the rapid tests being given away in other jurisdictions like boxes of candy on Halloween). 

The answer to this whole glorious absolutely Canadian mess is so simple but the three of you are so terrified of losing your cushy jobs by offending his pharmaceutical majesty Trudeau, that you will not acknowledge it.

Remove the illegal coercive mandates and within hours the problem will be solved.

By listening to the millions of supporters all over Canada for these truckers asking for FREEDOM from mandates that tell them ‘get jabbed or lose their job’, you will end the Canadian portion of this now worldwide protest.  Somehow, I believe you will find support from your Liberal comrades in your caucus.   By the way if you doubt what I say forget about massive foreign donations and realise that Canadians have raised more money in less time for these Truckers than the Liberal party could hope for this year.

What we all want is for the truck drivers to get back to work, for illegal coercive mandate to be done and gone, for Trudeau’s antifa to go back into hiding again, and for Canada to open up again and acknowledge that flu season is still upon us and we have survived them before and will again.

For Canada’s sake wake up and act for us all for a change.

Jeremy Arney

Victoria BC


Ottawa’s state of emergency

From Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa, Ontario  Canada

“We will always defend the right of citizens to assemble in peaceful protest, but what we have seen over the past four days is indefensible…The catalogue of outrages is long, well-documented and, frankly, appalling: flying swastikas and confederate battle flags; desecrating memorials to our veterans and to national hero Terry Fox; stealing food from the homeless; and threatening local residents and businesses.

“Whatever legitimacy this ‘protest’ may have had has been squandered by these images being beamed out of Ottawa.”

Yes Mr. Mayor, but who is actually doing these things?  Could it be a small fringe of Trudeau’s Antifa mob of thugs?   I mean they have been known to do this sort of thing before; leaving a roll-on roll-off bin filled with rocks right among the trucks…clearly a move practiced before in BLM etc., events, and a ready supply of missiles for them to throw, but this time there were too many cameras pointed at them.  I am curious to know which police officer(s) allowed this bin to be placed there and which detachment (s)he (they) belonged to.  Most likely the RCMP, or perhaps the OPP.

As for stealing food from the homeless, wake up!!  there are tables, even flat bed trucks set up with food and it is being gladly given to the hungry and homeless ie  those from whom you accuse them of stealing.  Perhaps someone has misled you on the difference between stealing and donating, and perhaps there should not be any homeless and hungry in Canada’s national capital specially in a cold winter.

So then your other suggestions of misdoings fall under the same description of really?   You have proof it was truckers not Trudeau’s antifa buddies?   I know it sounds better if you can give these reasons for your declaration of an emergency but it looks very wishy-washy to me.

It really is time you watched yourself on some of these interviews you have given to CBC to see how ridiculous you appear to be.  Even the CBC could do nothing to clean up your image of a man out of his depth clearly wanting someone to step in and help him.

For instance, why did you leave it to a private citizen to get an injunction against the horns? Never thought of it eh?  I know I am not there but I have seen no images of any trucks flying either a swastika or confederate flag, perhaps you could point me to a site where I can see them?    I am sure if it was true it would have been all over Trudeau’s Covid Broadcasting Corporation’s news programs with appropriate condemnation, and yet I saw nothing there.

As you sleep in your nice warm bed do you give a thought to those who only want their freedom back sleeping in cold bunks in their trucks because you are stealing their diesel?   Thought not as you only want them gone and are not interested in setting up a meeting with anyone who can give them back what they want but that has been stolen….FREEDOM,  and really is that too much to ask for even in the fractured Canada of today?

What an incredible mess



Where to begin on this the 7th February 2022?

No matter how you look at it this present Canadian government is totally out of control. 

Earlier today I caught a news conference on the Covid Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of Canadian Government Cabinet Members. Regretfully I did not see the whole thing but what I did see was the most blatant set of misdirection (lies) I have heard for some time.  For that to happen in Canada considering what we have been spoon fed by our corporately driven Prime Minister, our 24 hours a day Covid Broadcasting Corporation, Teresa Tam with her nonsensical ravings.


Once again our Transport Minister is reiterating that the federally mandated workers in Air, Rail, Road and Marine Transport must submit to jabs and boosters. No excuses and no relief.

A Prime Minister whose word is useless, whose loyalty clearly lies with Schwab, Gates and Fauci, and their jabs kickback is saying a lot.

Now here we are at a crossroads in our History as a country with the world watching us again and this time for the right reasons.  We have a convoy of peaceful truckers and their support vehicles in Ottawa under constant attack because they are asking for FREEDOM.  Freedom from coercive mandates. Freedom to control what is injected into their bodies.  Yes, a lot of the drivers have already given in to the jab coercion in order to be able to deliver what Canadians need, without being hassled at every turn by overreaching illegal mandates and yet to come soon some regulation changes to the Labour Code of Canada. To top it off Trudeau is using his antifa thugs to cause mayhem and blame it on truckers when in fact those truckers have been feeding the homeless, cleaning up their garbage after themselves, looking after the tomb of the unknown warrior, and the Terry Fox statue.  The same cannot be said for Trudeau’s thugs.  We all knew they were coming as they have in the past and most likely will again.  It is a tired old playbook used over and over again. The few who have or will be arrested will get cheap bail and dissapear again, till the next time.

The law here in Canada is meaningless as Trudeau and his puppets have destroyed any vestige of the rights enshrined in the laws of our land.

The Criminal Code of Canada re coercion, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms re coercion, the Nuremberg code re coercion, The UN declaration of human rights re coercion , and here in BC the BC Human Rights Code to mention just a sampling.  Then there are the laws about hates speech.

 According to Justin Trudeau, as he publicly stated, I am an activist, I am a misogynist, I am an extremist and I do not believe in science.  All this because I refuse to take an unapproved experimental jab with no known long term side effects, but according to VAERS a multitude of short-term ones up to and including death.

This from a man who does not know me, has not even a clue how old I am nor if I have any medical history or religious beliefs (that I actually do not as I am an atheist).  He on the other hand is a Catholic who clearly does not believe in the teachings of his god, in fact I probably know more than he does in that respect.

He has spent a minimum of two years deliberately dividing this country pitting the Canadian people against each other in a way even Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney would have hesitated to do.  Lying to us is his mantra and has been never since he became PM and he even lied to us all to get that position.  Remember election reform?  Nation to Nation dialogue with the original peoples of Canada? Climate change? a Just Society (oh no that was his father), open and transparent government? just more lies.

Now with the world watching as he hides from the convoy and his responsibilities the world is actually laughing at him.  His answer is always the same: a small fringe minority is not welcome here in Canada !

Maybe one day someone will be able to show him that this small fringe minority is actually an almost complete country.   Compared to Trudeau an ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand is clear sighted.

As jurisdictions around the world and here in Canada have started to realise that covid-19 is not something to hide from but is nothing more than another flu we have to learn to live with and are dropping their absurd restrictions, he is still insisting that the only way to defeat this is with jabs that do not protect against getting covid 19 or stop spreading it, and more mandates are the way to coerce Canadians into taking them.

The good part of all this is how many people there are speaking up for the convoy, finding another way to fund it after the Go-Fund-Me fiasco, and realising that this is after all about every Canadian’s Freedom.

Rock on drivers.

Open letter to Omar Alghabra

To the current Minister of Transport for Canada and the Queen.

On 3rd November of last year, I wrote to you asking several questions about both The Constitution Act of 1982 and the repeal of that act; the criminal code re coercion into taking an unproven, not yet tested for long term effects toxic jab.

I am not surprised that I have not heard from you as silence is your best defense for illegal and irresponsible actions against a selective portion of the transportation industry.

Since your colleague the Minister of Labour is coming to your rescue with some overreaching regulations under Part 11 of the Labour Act, again aimed at specific targets within the federal jurisdiction but excluding some 200,00 federal employees according to the deputy PM,

“Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland Wednesday detailed a vaccination program for federal employees exempting over 200,000 workers without mandating immunization proof.”  CANADIAN NEWS Oct 7, 2021 

 I wrote to him on 4th January asking for clarification, and no I haven’t heard from him either.

But to the situation in which your federal ministry of transport now find itself regarding transportation and the supply chain.

For you information I have been involved with transportation sine 1973 in one form or another – mostly as an over the road long haul driver travelling between Canada and the USA.  I am acutely aware of the importance of moving products of all kinds to their destination safely and on time.  One of the main reasons I stopped was the increasing regulations making it very hard to conform to this ideal of safety and on time. Petty regulations and high fines were a reality I had no inclination to encounter.

Crossing the border has never been easy with all the paper work involved, but now you are demanding that all drivers be fully vaccinated or self-isolate between trips.   Perhaps you are not aware that most drivers are alone in their cabs for 20 hours a day, and only leave their cabs for necessary breaks and fuel.  Sitting a home for 10 days at the end of each trip not only reduces the movement of goods but also makes driving unaffordable. Each 5 day trip would require 10 days of sitting at home !!!  Perhaps you are not aware that there is already a shortage of drivers without you making 25% of those left sitting at home for no reasons other than sheer bloody mindedness!

But the overriding aspect that the CBC finally acknowledged today that this Freedom Convoy of truckers heading your way, is not about icy roads, (whoever heard of such nonsense – icy roads are a fact of Canadian winter) but about something that used to be really important to Canadians.  It is called Freedom.   This is not a word used in Ottawa anymore because your leader only believes in freedom for corporate profiteering.

I heard today that you claimed the truckers had been given plenty of warning about this yet another illegal mandate of yours so the fault lies with them and not you.  How can you sleep at night with this attitude? Who gave you the right to demand that anyone should hand over control of their body to you are anyone else? 

Your government will, I am sure, blame everyone but yourselves when the crunch comes and the grocery stores are almost empty, gas shortages are everyday events and unemployment skyrockets.  You will have no answers because you are bereft of ideas that do not originate with your heroes the Economic Forum, Fauci, Pfizer and Gates.

You have bought this upon yourself, and I feel no sympathy with anyone but the unwitting Canadians who were foolish enough to believe the Emperor’s new clothes scam.

Enjoy the convoy when it arrives and hopefully you will have the courage to meet with them.

Jeremy Arney



More dumb stuff from a Montreal school teacher

It is astonishing to me how far Canada has fallen under the evil spell of Fauci/Gates money and propaganda and the remarkable gullibility of one Trudeau 11.

The truth often evades being recognized due to its utter incredibility  Pericles?

We have a middle aged school teacher in the art of acting from a school in Montreal, professing to be a feminist and actually a practicing prostitute saying and doing things that no rational man would or even should say or do.

This farcical feminist freak from Montreal has the nerve to call me a racist, misogynistic, extremist who doesn’t believe in science based on the fact that I don’t want to have an untested, unapproved by any reputable body, toxic concoction injected into my body. I accept that others do not agree with me and they want to be part of this experiment for whatever reason and that is their right and I acknowledge and respect that. As far as real science is concerned it has always been open to interpretation, ie both sides of a scientific idea examine and maybe even argue all sides until a consensus is reached and theory proved or disproved – people didn’t fall off the flat earth so maybe it is not flat ! Science is not an economical proposal with enormous financial profits to specific sections (including the political leaders of the world) of a ludicrous idea with all opposition being violently squashed worldwide, and coercion the general practice of the day.  That, drama teacher, is not science; it is criminal acts against the people of the world, and you are in it up to your neck.  Don’t you dare make those accusations against me when you have no idea who or what I am, nor where I have been and are making those judgments, as you make almost all others, based not on real facts but for money in your pocket and at the demands of your puppet masters.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.   Marcus Aurelius

Right from the start of this propaganda circus this ‘actor’ has been there telling lies and preparing Canadians for a “Build Back Better” future; remember two weeks to flatten the curve?  How well did that work out? Then the introduction of a “lifesaving” injection which will end the problem immediately, again how well did that work out?   Here we are heading almost into the third year and I just had a positive test (mandated by this school teacher’s minions) for covid something or another when all I actually have is a common cold. Can anyone remember a time in history when a common cold was a reason for self-isolation. Good grief.

“If [fear of disease] justifies the suspension of liberties and the institution of an emergency state, then freedom and the rule of law will be permanently suspended.”    ACLU

There are two basic forms of con, financial (greed) or fear (loss of freedoms or even life)   This current world wide one is motivated by greed and based on fear and just like the old story of the Emperor’s new clothes the people of Canada ( and other nations too it must be said but I am not concerned with them particularly) were too scared to be thought idiots so they became idiots. Regretfully the kids who could see that the teacher was naked are either not in school, or punch drunk from being jabbed or kept busy on smartphones or tablets playing games which make them idiots too.  My son has told me that these are their new toys, but the toys of my day were at least thought provoking or manually challenging not button pressing dopamine releasers.

It is times like this when as an old man who does not fear dying, I am almost ready to do just that, but I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who are being affected by the actions of greedy, power-hungry men – and yes the odd woman in there too – without inhibitions or conscience.  Though I might be able to do little to stop them at least I will be able to say I tried to wake up those happily sleeping through a nightmare.

“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” – C.S. Lewis


Letter to Justin Trudeau 14th December 2021

Prime Minister Trudeau 11.

I was at first intrigued by your SVENGALI disguise as you gave daily briefings on an imagery virus. As your lies continued and indeed intensified, I grew alarmed at what I perceived was going on, and realized that the Svengali disguise was becoming more apt every day.

Instead of calming the Canadian people about a new form of flu you actually whipped up fear and indeed in some people I know – who should have known better – panic.  Soon, to me anyway, it became obvious that you were not thinking of Canada and the Canadian people at all, but were supporting the other corporately owned leaders around the world all acting in some strange paralysis of intelligence or blind obedience to Fauci, Gates, The World Economic Forum and their Agenda 21.

Where was this virus that had all you leaders in such a dither?   What was it? A virus or a disease?  When would it be identified as more than just another virulent flu? As of the time of this letter it still hasn’t been isolated and identified anywhere in the world except in a computer model.

You didn’t answer any of these questions but piled on the practice of closing small businesses, isolation, masking, “social distancing” were your mantras none of which had any value at all except to make people paranoid.  Walmart, Costco, Superfoods, Amazon etc., all benefited greatly from this action, making me wonder how many of these stocks are in your portfolio. Your claims of the dire number of deaths which would happen never materialized from the “covid19 ” but suicides, depression, despair, bankruptcy and anger grew exponentially.  Families were split not only by jabbed or not jabbed but also by the fear that the older members of the family should be afraid of their grandchildren. Meanwhile the very rich got even richer.

“If [fear of disease] justifies the suspension of liberties and the institution of an emergency state, then freedom and the rule of law will be permanently suspended.”    ACLU

Your sickening promotion of an untested, experimental toxic jab – given emergency approval in the US by the Fauci/Gates owned CDC so of course we had to do the same here – designed to do many things but not to protect against infection or transmission of your precious yet imaginary “covid”; and your subsequent actions against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Criminal Code of Canada and the Nuremberg Code namely coercion of us all to get jabbed.   I wonder what coercion you will use when you give Theresa Tam the go-ahead next year to jab 6 month old babies?  It is all a crime of monumental proportions, and I didn’t hear one word of this during your unnecessary snap election.

The CBC, once owned by the Canadian people, is now the Covid Broadcasting Corporation. I think it fair to say that 80% of their programs are propaganda about this “covid” and its variants, whipping up fear and  leading to the logical conclusion that those who have gone down the rabbit hole will probably be taking boosters for the remainder of their time on earth.

Then on 13th December 2021 I watched a video of you telling us that your 7 year old had been “vaxxed”.  Did I believe that? Absolutely not!.

How does this fit with your actions?

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was launched by a UN Summit in New York on 25-27 September 2015 and is aimed at ending poverty in all its forms. The UN 2030 Agenda envisages “a world of universal respect for human rights and human dignity, the rule of law, justice, equality and non-discrimination”.

Judging by your, and previous, government’s actions towards this land’s aboriginal peoples on their unceded lands, never mind the rest of us, it simply does not apply to the Canada of today.

Your slavish attitude towards Fauci, Gates, big pharma and your corporate buddies contrasts with your attitude to Canada and the Canadian people.  I thought that Mulroney and Harper in their efforts to betray and alter Canada had set a pretty high bar but you have surpassed both of them put together.  There is now more hatred, bigotry, fear of each other and genuine distrust of and contempt for politicians at both senior levels of government than ever before. 

Congratulations !

What will happen when the flu season arrives or has it now?

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”Marcus Aurelius

May your mythical catholic god have mercy on your soul, if you have one.

Jeremy Arney

Leader of the Canadian Action Party

Langford BC



Tuesday 14th December 2021

I watched in horror and disgust as your Covid Broadcasting Corporation whipped up fear and panic all day about “Omicron” with so called doctor after doctor saying that injections and boosters are now even more important than ever!  What has happened to simple questions such as why get three jabs when the first two, never mind the first one, are not working to prevent the contracting or spreading of this mythical virus?  Brings two quotes to mind:

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”.Winston Churchill

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Something a little lighter filled with love and hope, instead of lies and greed.


Back in 1996 I was introduced to a fantastic event started in Victoria and run by Victorians of all stripes.

The brain child of Judith Armstrong and others it is an event which started in 1971 to bring developmentally challenged people of all ages together once a year to participate in athletic events designed for all levels of ability.

The event is hosted by the University of Victoria and held at their facilities in Gordon Head.

It is sponsored in part by local businesses: a Credit Union, a local Grocery outlet, Service Clubs, local TV station and a local FM radio station, and a local pizza supply company to pack lunches for everyone on Saturday. Then there is Judith’s army of red hat officials to deal with emergencies from lost articles or competitors or even their misplaced belongings.

There are nurses to look after medications and apply sun cream, or to hand out ponchos when it rains. There is a an announcer to remind all when an event is taking place;  a marching pipe band to open the event,  and an orchestra on Sunday morning.  There is an array of students from the University to man the equipment and swimming events, and to cook meals; and of course a local army of volunteers to look after the dormitories for the out of town athletes and more to act as councilors for both out of town and local athletes as needed and marshalls to organize the events.  These range from early teens to old people such as I.

There are running races, high jump, long jumps, swimming and a multitude of activities involving sporty themes. There is room for old and young and for those in wheel chairs of various levels. There are clowns, stilt walkers, balloon creators, and face painting sometimes.

It is an event for those from all over BC who come year after year to re connect with their friends and have fun competing, laughing, catching up with each other and for boasting about the amount of multi coloured ribbons they have won at the events. On Saturday nights there is a dance for the athletes which unfortunately I was never able to attend.

At the close of the event at about noon on Sunday there are trophies to be handed out to competitors and teams for best this or that and of course the singing of “In his Hands” followed by the last lunch, when the last intermingling is done before ferries have to be caught, or buses boarded for up island.

I was invited by a friend, who was involved with Garth Homer center here in Victoria, to come along and help.  In doing so he gave me a gift I will always cherish. I had had little exposure to the such amazing humans and was almost immediately taken with the concept and the spirit of the competitors. They were and are humans just like me but with differing abilities yet with a huge appetite for living and competing and a seemingly complete lack of feeling sorry for themselves.   Such a lesson.

For 25 years I have been a day councilor most often working both Friday and Saturday nights at my job as well but it has been a highlight of my year, showing me that friendly but genuine love, friendship and competition is alive and well everywhere.  It has been exhausting yet exhilarating for me to take part.

Then in 2020 it all changed as large crowds were not encouraged, and again in 2021 it had to be cancelled. I can only imagine the disappointment of the participants when they could not make the journey to Victoria again, that they would not meet their friends from across the province. I know it affected me specially as my days as a day councilor were coming to an end.   If and when the event starts again, I will find a way to be there, maybe sit at a table handing out ribbons and seeing the look of pleasure and accomplishment on the faces of the competitors.  However, I am not holding my breath as I see what our politicians and health officers are doing.

Life goes on, but I sure miss my annual fix with some of the greatest humans on earth.


Here we go again

Well, here we go again.

Another variant of a nonexistent virus is introduced.   How many more to come to do think?

Down goes the stock market and then up it goes again.   Reminds me of what Rothschild did after the battle of Waterloo.   Sent word back to England that Napoleon had won the battle of Waterloo and watched the stock market in England crash only to buy up everything and make a killing thus creating his financial empire.   Who is doing it this time around and around?

Only this time the fear, indeed panic, is worldwide, and now I am told that the old folk fear for their lives from the danger of non-jabbed children!  What?   The next thing will be the fox fearing the rabbit!

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Winston Churchill

Fear and panic are not new weapons but are now being used to a much more deadly effect than back then, and indeed ever since the Fauci/Gates computer-generated virus was introduced to the world 18 or so months ago they have become the driving force behind what is going on.  While the CDC admits (as of October 2021) that they have not been able to identify or isolate the “COVID 19” virus, and organizations such as Health Canada have had no more success, there is none the less wide spread fear of something that does not exist.   Meanwhile influenza has seemingly disappeared.

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

Dalai Lama

How many times have we been warned not to drink the Kool-Aid and yet that is the current fad.  Propaganda has made the unjabbed second class citizens, unable to travel, eat at restaurants or even meet with their families; and yet the jabbed who are protected from nothing can not only do those things but also attend sporting events among crowds of people who can not only get but also transmit this fake virus!!! How can you catch and transmit something which has not been shown to even exist?  Even more important how can you die from it?

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.                                     George Orwell

Worse yet soon 6-month-old babies will be injected with the fake vaccine with the full compliance of terrified parents.  I suppose the argument can be made that the natural immunity they should have is compromised by mothers who have been jabbed and therefore can only pass on “spike protein” immunity to their babies. How can politicians who were elected to work for us, and the unelected health officials justify their actions?

The answer lies, as it always does, with follow the money.

Under the guise of philanthropy, the health organizations of the world from the WHO down have been bought and are now controlled by someone who openly said he is making 20 times as much money from vaccines as anything else he has invested in!  The people of the world are lining up to help him in that venture little realizing that his aim is reduce the world population whilst he makes obscene profits.

I am an old man who does not want to take part in this experiment, who is hoping that as this is still a trial there are some placebo shots and that my family won the lottery and received those placebos.  If not then indeed from being the oldest in my family I might soon be the youngest, that is if I live a few more years.

Every day I watch with amazement and disgust as CBC promote the new variants, broadcast biased so called medical experts proclaiming that there is a new god to be obeyed and that we should all bow down and submit to never ending jabs.   I watch to compare what the paid media is expounding while also watching the other side of the issue; doctors and nurses who have been de licensed for telling another story; reporting on the effects of these jabs not only the ordinary recipients but also on the healthy fit athletes who collapse performing their sports, or airline pilots who die in flight – so who wants to fly today anyway?  Proclaiming that there are ingredients in these jabs that have no reason to be there – graphene oxide for example, or in one jab ethanol. 

As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever:                  Clarence Darrow

Science was always meant to be questioned and examined even if only to prove the case, but not now.  It is the money way or not at all and never question money.

How many jabs will people accept before they question what they are doing?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

I am not an exponent of world order and government, but rather the introduction of a concept that has never really been bought into effect in the western world, that is democracy.   That would be BUILD BACK BETTER for humanity.

How far away from that we are now.


Attack on Canadian children ?

19th November 2021

I have just finished watching the federal security, transport and health ministers etc.,  along with their civil servants talk about the “new” border restrictions and stuff but more importantly  about Health Canada giving the green light for 5 – 11 year old children to be force fed the Pfizer experimental injection. I say force fed because how in the heck can a 5 year old understand that he/she can say “no” and resist a needle wielding adult who say “you have to”.   Bribery of ice cream may work in the middle of summer but now?   What affect will this jab have on either their immune systems or the other 52 jabs they can expect to have here in BC.   No answers or even questions on that.

The whole CBC program was liking watching a group of people who had never seen or eaten spaghetti being confronted with a plate of it and trying to make sense of how to eat it with two knives.

Not once during this sales presentation did I hear of possible side effects, long term or short, as if this was truly a magic jab with nothing but success in its wake so far…..

The whole thing is so clearly a continuous propaganda job and this could not have been more obvious than in today’s Ministers’ presentations and their struggling to answer questions I am surprised were allowed to be asked; yet not one of those questions had anything to do with the rights and freedoms of a 5 year old child nor how they could be expected to understand even what was going on.   They have been so programmed to receive injections right from birth that another one would have no meaning to them. 

Teresa Tam as usual was as unbelievable as ever clearly spouting the corporate program and had no interest in the safety of Canadians; as such she is a true believer in her Prime Minister’s slavish fawning to the corporate injection profiteers.  Interestingly one of the main advertisers on the morning shows on CBC is “EmerganC”  an over the counter cold and flu prevention mixture that contains the major ingredients that real doctors recommend against something called Covid 19.  i.e. vitamins C & D and zinc.  Who knew….

How can you Build Back Better if you are bent on destruction?

I am soo disgusted with our elected and appointed officials who have so clearly been compromised.

Influenza Season 2021

It is early October 2021 and the northern hemisphere is heading into a new flu season.

But this time it will be different as some 80% of us have weakened immune systems caused by a series of jabs designed to stop something called covid-19.   These jabs do not protect as advertised and it appears that even three of them is not enough protection, but each one of them alters the antibodies in the human system.

When this new season of “normal” flu hits and it will, even though it did not last year because everything was label as “covid”, we can be sure that this year too the normal flu will be classified as covid to keep the hysteria mounting with high hospitalizations and as unnecessary ventilation kills thousands, at least for as long as there are those to insert the ventilators.

There are other side effects as the supply chain will likely creak to a halt as jabbed workers all over fall sick.  All those ordered to take the jabs or lose their jobs may well find themselves too sick to work, or no jobs anyway as the system creaks to a halt, governments close as the civil service collapses and thus into chaos..

Who will be blamed for all this – why the un-jabbed of course as we will be doing our very best to carry the load, care for the sick, drive the trucks, ambulances, fire trucks etc., but many of us are old and can only do so much.

Hope I am wrong, but let’s see what spring brings.


ps. looks as if my part time job will be ended by government toxic jab mandate later this month…Oh joy!!!