Leave an old man smoking a cigar alone.

I live in a building now that has strict smoking rules, not even on the balconies, so we have some wooden benches we use across the road. I was sitting there today minding my own business having a cup of tea and a small cigar when a couple came out from our building. I am used to people asking my opinion about things and mostly not really liking what they hear, but the wife asked me what I thought of the situation in Ukraine and wasn’t it awful.

I debated with myself about not replying as it was such a nice day, but simply said “follow the money”.

That caused such confusion in her mind that I tried to explain that whenever the USA gets into financial trouble they looked for and created a war. In this case they were not actually at war but were suppling the weapons to one side to use to kill civilians and blame it on an enemy. Whichever way you look at it this current friction has been brewing ever since NATO was created, and the USA stuck military camps into Europe and then its nose into the business of Ukrainian elections.

I then had to point out that the world bank was usually behind any conflicts as their member privately owned central banks made nothing but money from war, which led me to the example of the Canadian led destruction of Libya and the killing of Ghaddafi after he had been nominated for a UN humanitarian award approved of by Stephen Harper’s Canadian government.  However, because he was trying to set up a central bank of Africa, based in Nigeria, and owned by all the African countries, the money the World Bank would lose in fiat money interest was too much so the puppets from the west (NATO) were turned loose.   The result was that Canadian forces committed murder and destruction of universities, hospitals, schools, pipe lines carrying water to the cities and then the factories where those pipes were made cutting off water supply to the cities. Not surprisingly the oil fields were untouched. A proud day for our military I ended

At this point the husband jumped in and said he as ex-military and he had had to sign an oath to do what he was told to defend Canada and Canada’s interests.   Ok I said though I could not see where Canada’s interests were being protected by the destruction of Libya, but does the same as you were told to do not that which you know is wrong not apply to the Ukrainian army in using NATO donated modern armaments to attack their own people in the east and blame the Russians?

At that point they decided they were in the wrong place and needed to go and watch some more CBC, and left abruptly.

This little microcosm of time seems to me to sum up the attitude of most Canadians – ie “I don’t want to think what we are doing by sending our own military’s equipment overseas just to have it bombed by Russian’s wanting to defend themselves and Ukrainian citizens from its use”.

Meanwhile our tin pot dictator is still trying very hard to turn Canada into a banana republic and in spite of the Freedom Convoy showing us what to do we are letting him do it.  The arrogant brutality shown in removing a peaceful (and legal) protest also shows how our government politicians and the NPD and Greens have become slaves to the World Economic Forum’s CBC propaganda and what they perceive to be public opinion.

It is a question of getting votes, but I think the NDP will come out big losers as will, of course, be the Liberals.

The money being spent to prop up this pretty little boy with a reputed name that he is making very ill reputed around the world, with his lies and pompous self-righteousness, would be much better spent here at home on such mundane things as fresh clean water, houses without mold and affordable groceries in the north for example.   Problem is those people up there do not matter.

Come on Canada, wake up from this nightmare and take back your lives.


Letter to Canadian MPs by Bill Woollam re Libya

I have been in contact with Bill Woollam for months on this subject and he and I are of the same opinion. With his permission I post this from him.
Thank you Bill,

Attention Members of Parliament:

I wrote to my Member of Parliament regarding the NATO war crimes against Libya. ie: Supporting ‘outright regime change’, ‘privatizing’ the Libyan oil fields, ‘privatizing’ the former Libyan national banking system, along with bombing raids which are hitting Libyan hospitals, schools, civilian targets and most recently the Libyan water supply system and water pipeline factory.

I have done my research on this topic from day one. Thousands have read my published findings on the net.
It is titled “The Battle For Libyan Oil Fields”

My first question to any ”thinking” member of Parliament is:
“Would not the American Administration use its military force to quell an armed, US domestic revolt?”
“Would not the Canadian military be sent in to quell an armed Canadian domestic revolt within Canada’s borders?”

So why in heaven’s name would NATO forces interfere with Gadhaffi’s decision to quell an armed revolt within his own country?

Why? Could it be that news reports fail to mention the real motives behind NATO’s interference and aggression?

My member of Parliament had the gall to imply that Canada’s role in the obvious ‘war for regime change’ was as follows:

“1) Make clear that the goal of the UN-mandated mission was to protect civilians.

2) Secure an increase to Canada’s support for humanitarian assistance.

3 Strengthen our diplomatic role with the acknowledgment that only a Libyan-led political transition will end this conflict.

4) Ensure improved oversight of Canada’s involvement, including parliamentary committee meetings and better information sharing.”

When one does the research, one quickly discovers that specific British, American and European oil cartel interests have been instigating a takeover of the Libyan national oil fields for over 30 years. Those who pull the strings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have pushed for the replacement of the ‘nationalized Libyan banking system’ with a ‘private-for-IMF-profit” system. And specific weapons manufacturing cartels have also been behind the Libya regime change. See the connections here:
A variety of other excuses have been used to take the West into these
illegal Middle East wars where the ‘power-elite’ who pull the strings of NATO member nations can carry out their agenda of control and domination of Eurasia.

NATO member nations’ military capabilities are being used as a ‘corporate’ police force to enforce the will of specific international corporateers.
I suggest taking two minutes and watching this short video clip narrated by John Perkins (former economic hit-man for the IMF) which explains the entire sinister process.

The salient points of international concern spoken of by Courtenay Barnett (writer for ‘counterpunch’ http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/09/19/libya-whither-international-law/ ) are:

” 1. Is the world to see the upholding of the principles of the United Nations Charter for the promotion of peace in the world and settlement of international disputes by peaceful means; is Article 2 of the UN Charter to remain the basis on which nations can, under international law, lawfully go to war, or by reference to Article 51 (self-defence) as a legitimate basis to engage in belligerent international action?

2. Does the concept of sovereignty have applicability in the international community, and more particularly has the concept been respected in the case of Libya?

3. Did either UN Resolutions 1970 or 1973 permit the NATO nations lawfully to bomb Libya, and to arm and support a faction in Libya to obtain regime change?

4. Will the actions of the US and the European branch of NATO use Libya as an international precedent for incursions into any resource rich country, or rely on the casus belli of “humanitarianism” as a basis to oppose militarily any nation that deigns to advance any truly independent national polices, not in accordance with NATO’s wishes?

The answers to these types of questions will yield one of two results:-

1. A world that is committed to peace and respect for the rule of international law; or

2. A world of unending and perpetual warfare where covert support for uprisings deemed to be in the interest of the US/NATO will increase with concomitant global instability on a massive scale for most of humankind as covert militarism becomes manifestly more blatant, outrageously illegal and overt.”

Bill Woollam
September 28, 2011

Stephen Harper admits getting rid of Gaddafi was the real goal.

Well NATO have succeeded it would appear in destroying Libya in preparation for the huge contracts for rebuilding what they have just bombed the hell out of.
The construction corporations of the world are lining up to bid on contracts sponsored by money already stolen from Libya and now to be released to the rebels to spend no doubt half on re-building and half on themselves and the Libyan people can whistle in the wind.

Canada’s part in all this should give us all pause for consideration.

Harper is proud to say that we are the new ‘go to guys’ in this kind of operation and that our pilots should be proud of the damage they have inflicted on men, women , children, hospitals, schools, universities, drinking water pipe lines and the factory to repair the bombed pipe line, not to mention the homes bombed to help the people see that they had better fall into line with the CIA, SAS, IMF sponsored rebels quickly. I feel sure that Israel had a hand in all this too, along with the French of course.

Canadian Forces in Libya give that country new hope: Harper
2011/09/01 | Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the work of Canadian Forces in Libya has given the country new hope.

He said Canada punched above its weight in the international military effort to oust Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Interesting as all along he and his NATO co -war criminals have denied that was their aim, claiming it was to protect the civilians they were bombing, which seems oxymoronic even for the Conservative Party of Canada and their war lord.

Harper said the former Libyan dictator has bankrolled terrorism the world over and said Canadians still condemn him for his role in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, which killed 268 people and two Canadians.

Interesting also that now suddenly after all these years vengeance has to be enacted and how Harper can make that claim, when the biggest terrorists the world has ever known are his future bosses to our south, whose actions have caused a civilian death toll in Afghanistan and Iraq alone that are enough to make any normal person weep. Incidentally those 268 deaths though regrettable are small in comparison to the treasonous action of 11th, September 2001 in New York, done for money and to give an excuse for a war to supposedly kill one man, but which is still going on today and that man has been long dead. Are we really to believe he only just died? I don’t any more than I believe he was responsible to the attacks of 9-11..

Back to Harper:

He said a world without Gadhafi is a better place,

So now he is taking the removal of Gaddafi to the next step and like any good extremist christian wants him dead. This is the man who has the nerve to end his talks by saying: “May god bless you and may god bless Canada”. Frankly I don’t want his spiteful, hateful god having anything to do with either my family or I.

From so called Libya TV (translated page of propaganda?)
1 Sept 2011

I say so called because it reads more like Fox or Sun TV to me.

Conference of the Friends of Libya starts Thursday in Paris
Posted on: 30/08/2011
Tweet Tweet
With the participation of delegations from 60 countries
Conference of the Friends of Libya starts Thursday in Paris

With friends like these blood sucking killers who needs enemies right?

Oh well if you follow the money these are all parasitical countries who wish to help divide the spoils and make sure that Libya falls in with the rest of the world and becomes a beholden, broke, and starving African nation along with most of the others on that continent. It might be said that Gaddafi had his faults, and I am sure he did, but being in debt to the international banks was not one of them. Thus he had to go anyway so that the Libyan money he had invested all around the world to start to help the other African States with their financial freedom could be frozen (under the claim it was his, not Libya’s) and used for something else.
By following the money you find which countries stood to lose huge amounts by Gaddafi’s plan to free those other African Countries from debt. Why do you think the African States do not recognize the rebels?
Why do you think the rebels had their own central bank given to them by the IMF before it was sure that they would even manage to obtain their weapons which had yet to be air lifted in by the US, French, English and of course Israel? And before the commandos from England, USA and France were on the land to help them.. Until they arrived it was a doubtful game, but with them there it became a forgone conclusion. unlimited amounts of new weapons and professional soldiers to use them made all the difference.

Now we know for sure. Harper has admitted that the aim was not to give democracy to Libya, (anyway who are we or any other corporate country to give or teach something we do not have), but rather to get rid of a man dangerous to the monetary profits of the world banks.

Strange how oil played a part in this too isn’t it?

Harpers claim that we – Canada – had to do this to save the people of Libya, and that we in no way intended to profit from what has happened is such a blatant lie that I felt ashamed again that he was speaking for Canada. When we and the rest of the world just stood by through Tunisia and Egypt and are doing nothing about Syria it makes a complete mockery of his words, nothing unusual there though. Where were/are  the ‘no fly zones’ in those three countries to ‘protect the civilians’ ? 

But of course the real profits are to be made from the rebuilding of a country largely destroyed by NATO and the CIA backed rebels, and the future interest on the soon to be debt of Libya to the international banks thanks to that new IMF sponsored central bank, backed by imaginary money again of course.

So once again corporate profits trump human lives, and an indifferent peoples of the world looks on with jaded eyes, as they try to figure out how they will survive themselves over the coming financial crunch, because the governments of the world refuse to accept that consumption is not the only way to prosperity. Consumption is indeed a sickness which we have been misled into thinking has to happen in order for any benefit to come our way. Nonsense, we as people do not benefit from increased consumption, we just pay more taxes and give higher profits to the producers of the junk we buy, and as it is worn out in a few months have to rebuy to keep pace with the Joneses, who in turn think we are Jones.

When we learn to look after the planet, and all the species that dwell on it, then we will start to see peace and prosperity, but until then we are deluding ourselves in thinking that we can be happy, or even peaceful. As long as we have hate filled men, such as Harper, controlled by corporate powers we will have nothing but wars and greed, poverty and hate, lies and deceit, killing and stealing and worship of fake gods.

I would like to see peace and love and respect for all living things in my time, but I think I am too old for that now.

Jeremy Arney

There is a stink of Hypocrisy emanating from the Foreign Office of the Harper Government.

A rebuke to John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, An embarrassment to Canada, and the world.

There really is just so much one can take before starting to complain about your ethical standards and those that you present to the world on our behalf. Hypocrisy gone wild.
From the CBC report entitled “Libya transition ‘won’t be perfect,’ Baird cautions”. June 27th 2011.
Baird said the group preparing to take power once the country’s dictator, Moammar Gadhafi, is ousted has a strong dedication to democracy, but he added no one should expect that transition to take place overnight.
Baird, who gave you permission to have Canada undertake to replace Gaddafi?
“Our vision is a strong, prosperous Libya, living in freedom and living peacefully with its neighbours,” Baird said after meeting with anti-Gadhafi rebels and delivering trauma kits to help their cause.
What do you think they have in Libya now? They have an educated , healthy, employed, housed, and self-feed peoples and a civil war sponsored by the IMF, CIA, SAS and Mossed and who knows which other terroristic organization out there. You claim the rebels are interested in democracy and yet you have no idea what democracy is do you Baird? We do not have it Canada so how can we export it? We have a corpocracy here and you know that very well, because you answer to them not to the people of Canada.
But, he added, “I don’t think we’re going to move from Gadhafi to Thomas Jefferson.” The post-Gadhafi regime, he cautioned, “won’t be perfect.”
If you and your Israeli partners have anything to do with it then it will be absolute hell for the Libyans.
“We are doing our due diligence because that is what Canadians expect and the Libyan people require.”
Since when did you or your party start even considering what people want? Never mind Canadians who overwhelming say “Get out of Libya now”, or the Libyans who say “Why would we want to replace a man who has done so much for us with rebels who will bring us debt, disease, unemployment, broken homes, Monsanto and our oil money leaving the country after the rebels have taken their share?”

You have spent the most part of the last 5 years, belittling, sneering, slandering and generally bad mouthing the Bloq in the House of Commons and wherever you could get anyone to listen. What have you called them?
Traitors, Quebecers only interested in breaking up Canada, separatists, amongst other things, and accused them of no supporting all manner of bad bills simply because they could and indeed Quebecers required them to do so.
And just what and who are these people? Why they are duly elected MPs from a legally registered federal party in the House of Commons. Yes they are interested in Quebec and the wellbeing of the Quebec nation, and that’s why they were sent to Ottawa. What right do you, a Reform/Alliance misfit, masquerading under the name of Conservative Party of Canada (a name I might say that was stolen by Peter MacKay and sold to Harper) have to do such unjustified name calling?

From the same report on CBC :
“I was incredibly, incredibly moved by the courage and determination,” Baird said of rebels who gave him their firsthand accounts of battles with Gadhafi forces and subsequent escape to the safe haven of Benghazi.
“It is a remarkable accomplishment” said the minister.


In 1948 land was stolen from the Palestinians and given to the newly created State of Israel, and the Palestinians are still today losing more ground to the terroristic state of Israel, by military or police backed incursions, by confiscation of land lusted for by the Israelis, and the Palestinians are still being kicked out of their homes and farms that have been in their families for centuries to make room for the expanding hordes of imported Israelis.
Where do you stand on that?
Why you are 1000% in support of your friends in Israel of course. It actually gets worse because the election of 2006, monitored by US President Jimmy Carter and declared by him to have been conducted in exemplary fashion, elected HAMAS, which you and your religious leader cannot stand, and refuse to recognize. What right do you have to refuse to recognize a duly elected government? They are the people of that country’s choice not yours and you should be able to accept that. Such is your hatred that you will not lift a finger to help the men, women and children constantly being killed, raped, turned out of their homes, starved and entrapped in a small strip of land called Gaza. Meanwhile you praise the state of Israel and say they can do no wrong, and even if they did you would back them completely because they are justified in doing those things to people who would choose to elect Hamas as their government!
See above about your admiration for the Libyan rebels! Wow!

So Now you hate the Bloq (Liberals and NDP too and in due course we can add the Green Party MP) and Hamas and Gaddafi…that’s a lot of hate Baird, but I’ll bet there is more to come isn’t there?

So, in case it is not obvious by now, this brings us to the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier. While you despise and hate those duly elected both in Canada and Palestine, you are only too willing to jump into bed with rebels in Libya. Not only is that hypocritical but it is also morally wrong; unfortunately it is completely in line with the Harper government’s philosophy.

The IMF have sponsored a dispute in Libya, and backed a bunch of ragtag rebels whom are really only in existence because the CIA, SAS and Mossad (your friends again) have been feeding them arms and money for decades, and they have been a constant thorn in Gaddafi’s side whilst he has turned Libya into the closest thing to a democratic country that exists in the world today.
Canadian Oxford dictionary definition of Democracy:
1. A form of government in which the power resides in the people and is exercised by them either directly or by means of elected representatives.
3 A classless and tolerant form of society.
Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva in 1712 and he eventually wrote a series of books “Social Contract” and in book three chapter 4 he gave the four conditions for a country to be labeled a democracy:
1 The state: the bigger the country the less democratic it can be. The smaller with many individual communities the greater the chance of democracy.
2 Simplicity in customs and behavioral patterns.
3 Equality in status and wealth
4 No luxuries unless enjoyed by everyone.
(For more and greater detail on this you can visit “The Lies behind the West’s War on Libya” by Jean-Paul Pougla.
http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va%aid=25212 )

We do not have any of those 4 requirements, but Libya comes very close…do your research and due diligence Baird, the people of Canada expect it of y0u.!
Gaddafi has given the Libyan people a standard of living that is so far above that of either Canada or the US and has actually paid for everything (health, education, jobs, irrigation of the desert, homes for all but the nomads, interest free loans to start businesses and much more) and has no debt to the IMF and World Bank. In fact he is due to cost them a fortune because he wants to create the United States of Africa and have every country therein free and clear of any IMF induced debts.
(Interestingly we could be the same way, but we decided that the BIS and IMF should get their way when they complained about the Bank of Canada financing all the wonderful things it did which you now wish to do away with. More stupidity which you share with the Liberals this time.)
The IMF simply cannot let this happen all over Africa so they arranged to finance the rebellion in Libya, gave the rebels a central bank- for which the rebels will pay dearly later – and twisted some arms from indebted nations, such as Canada, to attack Gaddafi. It is Gaddafi they must replace as he is the one with the humanitarian aid and financial self-reliance designs for Africa. So now we have a bunch of ragtag rebels supported by the IMF against a very valid almost democratic Libyan government, and you step in and on behalf of The Harper Government (not the Government of Canada) give that ragtag rebel bunch full support and recognition.

How dare you !

And you are brazen enough to say this is all about replacing Gaddafi !
Nothing to do with a no fly zone being rolled into an all out bombing of Libyan civilians by NATO forces.
You have decided that Gaddafi must be replaced no matter what the real people of Libya think, because you have chosen the side of the rebels. No wonder that we did not get a UN security council seat, we are the joke of the world thanks to you and your leader.

Baird, you are an embarrassment to Canada and 75% of Canadians, and I suggest you resign as Foreign Minister, and come home as Government House leader where we can laugh at you making a fool of yourself and not Canada.

Jeremy Arney

Open comments to all Canadian MPs regarding Libya

It was with considerable disbelief and regret and yes even disgust that I heard MPs all talking about Libya in today’s (14th June 2011) so called debate about our terroristic attacks there in support of the IMF and USA and of course UN and the oil companies.

What I heard was a parroting of the “official” CIA, SAS, Mossad propaganda, not what appears to be true to anyone who has followed the Libyan situation over the last 40 years. What I heard time and again was almost word for word what we heard that the American contract soldiers were doing all the time in Iraq, and almost certainly have done in Afghanistan and probably many other countries as well. Are Bush, Cheney under indictment for war crimes from the UN? Don’t think so and anyway they are all welcome here in Canada by the government even if not by the people.

Ms. May, my MP just spoke and said she does not support this motion on behalf of her constituents and she is correctly speaking for me.  She didn’t get it quite right but, it seems, stands alone for what the majority of Canadians really think. Of course she was attacked.  Vote eventually 276 (I think) yeahs – 1 nay. Thank you Ms.May
I heard time and again from the debate that Gaddafi is a brutal man who is killing and raping his people. None of this makes any sense to me, unless we look at it in the same terms as Bush joking:

“Weapons of Mass Destruction, are they under here? no, over there perhaps? no.” , or even more ridiculously after the 9/11 fiasco

“Don’t panic, just go out and shop!”

What monkey sees monkey does, or what you read in the CIA media is gospel. Here we go again into lies, deceit and bombing when all we have is the right to operate is a no fly zone, not clear the way for and conducting bombing runs on Libyan civilians. The criminals here are not Gaddafi but the UN backed killers.

Simple research, which seems beyond the abilities of Canadian MPs, would show just what Gaddafi has done for the Libyans over the last 40 years since he turned his attention away from nurturing foreign terrorists with his training camps etc.,

So again I will show you what my limited research has told me; I do not have unlimited government resources as you do and you could verify what I am saying if you bothered to pay attention to 60% of the Canadian people who do not want us there, in fact want us out. Do you not wonder why?

Proud promises I hear every day in the House about serving your constituents to the best of your abilities are empty and hollow because you follow the party line not your constituents’ wishes. Yet I heard again and again from the House floor today that you are doing what the Canadian people want. According to whom? Not we the people.

So these questions for you:

Do we have free education at all levels including universities at home and abroad? No; but the Libyans do.

Do we have free and efficient medical and dental health? No; but the Libyans do.

Do we have full employment, that is a job for anyone who wants to work or run a business and support their family and community? Nowhere near, but the Libyans do with the exception of the Nomadic tribes.

Does every Canadian who wants one have a home and a car and the ability to support them both? Good grief no, but those Libyans do, although the Nomadic tribes still like to wander the desert and that is their choice.

Is the Libyan desert irrigated with water found under the desert, and used in a huge irrigation scheme to allow the desert to become farmable again? Yes it is, while here in Canada we are poisoning our water supply with mining and fracking to the point where soon we will have no fresh water left, but lots of natural gas for export. Oh yes GMO seeds are taking over here too so we will soon have lots of home grown poisonous food to eat. CETA is in trouble because the EU doesn’t like GMO.

Does Libyan have its own central bank which finances the above mentioned health, education and housing plans, and also supplies free money for business startups? Yes they do and there is no national debt, no deficit and huge monetary donations to other African countries? Actually a huge chunk of money set aside by Libya for the benefit of African countries which need the money has been stolen by the USA on behalf of the IMF which just cannot allow those poor African countries to escape their greedy clutches.

Do Libyans own and control the oil of the country, Yes they do. It pays for everything.
Our oil is owned almost exclusively by foreign owned companies who pay us a minimum royalty, and the bottom line leaves Canada without any benefit to the people.

We also have our own bank – the Bank of Canada – which you refuse to use anymore and we are getting further into debt every day, the deficit is growing every day and the compounding interest on that debt is growing every day, yet we dare to criticize Gaddafi and tell the Libyan people they can do things better if they follow our way?

Even Al Jazeera carries articles and stories about the Libyan people who ask the simple question:
“Why would we want to get rid of a man who has done so much for us?”

So please tell me again just how hard done by these Libyans are by their “brutal dictator” and what are we going to do for them again?

Oh yes we will give them debt, disease and illiteracy.

If we are going to protect civilians everywhere and even Chris Warkentin says we must never let civilians be attacked again, then that means that we must stand by HAMAS to defend the Palestinians against the terroristic attacks by Israel. Protect the Palestinian farmers from being evicted by Israeli settlers, and literally thrown out into the road without even their clothing. I am sure they will welcome our help. That will never happen because you are owned in part by Israel who also helps you determine who comes over our borders. George Galloway will testify to that, and Stockwell Day signed the deal allowing that to happen.

Gaddafi has always been harsh on traitors and rebels and dealt with them strongly, because they are the ones who will eventually hurt his people. These rebels are the “people” he says he will get rid of, not the ordinary Libyan civilian, but easy to twist that isn’t it? Indeed thanks to support both financially and with arms and training, that bunch of rebels, which the Government of Canada is now not only supporting militarily but has also recognised as the legitimate council (government) of Libya, is indeed hurting his people. I have yet to be shown any real evidence that government of Libya forces are deliberately attacking innocent civilians as claimed in the House today by almost everyone who spoke. In a civil war such as this the rebels will hide under the guise of pretending to be civilians to get the kind of sympathy you are giving them. Anything done to them is claimed to be done to civilians, even if they do it themselves.

Classic CIA operation really, they have done it so many times and you fall for it every time.These rebels have the backing of the IMF because the IMF has already established a new central bank which they claim is the real central bank of Libya, designed to make money for the IMF because at the present time they, IMF, are not making any from Libya, and this is unforgivable. A bunch of CIA backed ragtag rebels with their own central bank sponsored by the IMF? doesn’t that make you shudder?

New oil companies have been set up to take over those of the Libyan people and to make money (US$ of course), for foreign oil companies not for the people of Libya. It will only be a question of time before some corporation will want to take over the desert and the agriculture, I assume it will be Monsanto so the bankrupting of the farmers and the poisoning of the Libyans can begin.

There is talk from countries who have forgotten or even never knew the meaning of democracy and certainly do not practice it about establishing democracy in Libya.
Well damn it we do not have democracy here in Canada so what right do you have to tell the Libyans that we will bring them democracy. We don’t have it and never will under our present system, so to promote that talk is farcical and dishonest.

It is time we in Canada and the USA for that matter, recognized that democracy does not exist anywhere in the world, maybe the closest it ever came was in Libya prior to our intervention of behalf of the IMF, USA, Israel and the UN etc.

What we really, in the noble and totally all-knowing west, want to do is bring Libya down to our level of enslavement, standard of living and total indebtedness to the IMF, subservience to the robber investors such as Goldman Sachs and their futures rip offs, to the pharmaceutical corporations, insurance, seed and oil companies who have no interest in anything but money. We want to make sure that Libya comes down to our level, because by golly no-one should be better than us eh?

My question is what about the Libyans, who is listening to them in the west?

Oh silly question, you are not listening to Canadians so why would you listen to any Libyans other than the “rebels”?

We really need a huge make over here in Canada, staring with our so called representatives in Parliament.

Jeremy Arney

The USA wants what Libya has

40 years ago things were very different in so many ways, and this is the strangest turnaround of them all.


Libya under Gaddafi was in trouble with the UN and his hands were smacked and he decided to change his ways from being a terrorist supporting country to a peaceful self-supporting country.

 The central bank was nationalized as were the oil wells and refineries.  Through
having Libya own these two and thus having a great source of income and no international bank debt he turned Libya into a sort of paradise.

 He looked for and found water under the desert and by making his canal system he irrigated the desert and agriculture flourished providing the country with its own food.  Everyone had free health care, free education including university level either in Libya or abroad, paid for by the government. Everyone who wanted one had a job, a house and a car, and cheap gas. Interest free money was available to start a business or buy a second car. The Nomadic tribes still today prefer to wander the desert so they have no
houses.  Gaddafi himself travelled with a tent until his people had houses, and even now lives in a rather modest place. The life expectancy is now 80, and life in Libya, apart from the constant niggling of foreign sponsored rebels, is good.

 At the same time, that is 40 years ago, a broken down ex actor, ex-Governor of California became the president of the USA and started to deregulate everything that should have stayed regulated.  Banks, insurance, financial and investment
companies, the pharmaceutical and seed companies took control of their own
regulating and the religious nuts were invited into the office of the president
to have a level of control never dreamed of, in fact specifically not wanted,
by the founding fathers. The USA started to flounder as a republic. Reaganomics
started the world controlled by the World Bank and IMF downhill to financial destruction.
World corporate rule is to my mind the destruction of the people of the world.
People do not have a bottom line and are therefore dispensable, except that
they need to, as G W Bush put it, “Go out and shop” in order to feed the

 Now here we are 40 years later, Libya is a flourishing country with the only problem being the constant flow of money and arms to rebels from such organizations as the CIA, SAS, Mossad etc., with the idea that the US could get their hands on Libya’s oil.  What I also think might well be a factor is that desert water.  Water will soon be more valuable than oil.

 On the other hand the USA is morally andfinancially broke, uneducated and sick, and like a rabid dog is snapping and biting at anything that has what it believes is its right to have.

 Then it was decided that as the IMF was losing too much money because Libya was not borrowing from it and did not owe them anything, and the oil companies were not getting their profits from the oil so it became time to act. When the Arab Spring as it was called happened it was just too easy to freshly arm these rebels, give them the promise of
paradise and accuse Gaddafi of killing his people. The fact is he has always
been hard on traitors and rebels and maybe Canada and the USA could learn from
that as The House of Commons, and the Congress listen to big corporations not
the people.

That is treason against our constitutions.
Gaddafi’s people do not want him gone; they also do not want to become a democracy if that means they will be broke, out of work, hungry, unhealthy and uneducated just as most North Americans are.

 But the IMF and the oil companies stepped in creating a new central bank, and new oil companies for the rebels and are telling lies about Gaddafi and so the whole word which is controlled and owned by the IMF is agreeing that he should go.

 Everyone that is but the Libyans.

 It would be ironic if the IMF at the behest of China, demanded that Obama and Harper be replaced but we know that will not happen as we are already heavily in debt to the IMF anyway.

 So that’s where we are now.

 What a crazy world we are leaving our grandchildren.


Jeremy Arney


As a Canadian I do not approve of any of this action against Libya and particularly our part in bombing civilians and blaming it on Gaddafi. It is regrettable that one of ours is leading this sham.

9-11 to civil disobedience

A couple of years ago I was in the UK, and I asked a military man I have known for many many years what he really thought about the events that happened in the USA and that we now refer to as 9-11.

Without much hesitation he said that the attacks were carried out by a bunch of cowardly thugs, acting on some misconceived religious beliefs.

So I then asked him if he would be willing to listen to what I had to say and ask and give me some purely military answers and he replied after some though that he could and would.

What I said was something like this:

OK thanks, so now let’s take what we were told almost immediately after the attacks and that is that 14 people were responsible for the actual acts of the day. There were reportedly 4 planes involved which means three and a half people per plane which is odd but let’s not quibble about that. Two of those planes with 7 people in charge hit two buildings in New York killing approximately 3,000 people.

So looking at it purely from a military view point would you consider that 7 people taking out 3,000 with equipment belonging to Americans was a success?

After looking at me for a minute or two he eventually agreed that it was very acceptable odds indeed.

So I then went on to to say, Ok so then when you add in the complete destruction of three buildings as well, and the resulting damage to the psyche of the USA it could be argued that it was a huge military success carried out by 7 people.

He was now lo0oking at me strangely but reluctantly this time and then more enthusiastically as he agreed that it was a fantastic achievement militarily. All that damage by just 7 people!

So I then said that in my mind it was not a success because the buildings should had held up to 20, 000 people each at that time of day and if the planes had hit at the twentieth floor instead of where they did the death toll could have been between 30 – 40,ooo instead of just 3,000. It is also amazing in that not one Israeli who normally worked in those buildings showed up for work that day.

But they couldn’t have got to the twentieth floor was all he could bleat.

Ah I said why not? Because here is where we have to consider the other two planes.

One is claimed to have performed a maneuver that 95% of commercial pilots who fly those planes said they could not do (and the other 5% said was impossible) and then fly a 120 foot wingspan plane between two poles 90 feet apart which would have either broken the wings or the poles would have been smashed flat ( they are still standing whilst we talk) and then flew into the pentagon, without the resulting fire one would expect from burning aviation fuel, not to mention the plane wreckage and passengers’ bodies left behind.

Before we get to the fourth plane lets us look at this too, we saw over and over and over again the two planes flying into those two buildings in New York and the falling of those towers from multiple angles, (not I might add building “ seven” which most people in the world are unaware also collapsed that day within hours from collateral damage!) and yet at a building which has more cameras per square foot inside and out than any other building in the USA and maybe the world, we did not get even a glimpse of a real passenger plane approaching or flying into the Pentagon. So if you can believe that one of the people flying that plane could have done that then the twentieth floor of the two trade centre buildings would be child’s play.

About building Seven, the BBC reported that it had collapsed and at what time and yet over the shoulder of that poor misinformed woman reporter, for all the world to see, the building was still standing and not even smoking that much!

To the fourth plane, the one they made a movie about just to get Hollywood in on the act, was supposed to be heading for the White House but was actually shot down by the Navy so they claim, and again there was no wreckage, just a big hole in the ground without any plane wreckage or bodies for the local coroners to remove, not even a trace of the 3.5 people who supposedly hijacked it.

What about that I asked my military friend. He was looking rather sick at this point and gazed pityingly at me as I smiled at him. He just walked away and has spoken very little to me since. Too bad because I believe he is a good man at heart.

He was ex military when this discussion took place.

So the point here is that since then we have been lied to by the presidents of the USA, the UN, the prime minister of Canada and the heads of the European countries, and of course the media so often that we just seem to accept what they say.

Who was it who said “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes accepted as the truth”.

Weapons of mass destruction were never found in Iraq and how many millions died over what G W Bush considered a joke?

Bin Laden was supposedly killed a few weeks ago, conveniently at a time when lies were being spread about Gaddafi slaughtering thousands of his people.

There is not one shred of evidence that this has or is happening, yet it is lied about in the US Congress, the UN, in our Senate in the throne Speech a few days ago, and none of the media point this out. Al Jazeera (English) has interviews of Libyans asking “why would we want to get rid a man who has done so much for us?’ But Fox news and the Sun and yes the BBC and CBC and ITV and CTV in fact all of them fall all over themselves to further the lie. The printed media is just as bad.

A young page Brigette DePape objecting in the throne speech in the Canadian Senate to what Harper is doing and is going to do is more newsworthy than the truth about Libya. Actually she is, because it is our youth here in Canada who are beginning to say no to the future they see Harper bringing to Canada.. That young woman said we need an “arab spring” here in Canada and she is right. I will stand beside her if the occasion should arise.

I have been saying for months that the only choice we will soon have is mass civil disobedience, because our needs are not important to those who are employed by us to work for us and who think they rule the country. In fact I suppose that more than any other man in our history Harper really does think this. He controls the House of Commons, the speaker of same, the Senate, the Supreme Court, The Governor General, the money to the provinces and therefore the provinces, and he has had this desire for years to change Canada into a corporately controlled wasteland.

Supposedly he has 5 years to do it, yes I know he passed a law saying every 4 years but that’s all bs anyway he’s only broken it twice so far, and what’s to stop him extending it to 20 years or more with the power he has at his command now?

But I get ahead of myself because I keep forgetting that he wants Canada to be part of the USA.

To the 40% of the 60% who voted Harper in, I just say on behalf of my children and grandchildren, thank you for what you have done to their future, and I hope you all live long enough to see what he will do with what you gave him.

Jeremy Arney