Ukraine hypocrisy in Canadian Parliament

To all Members of the Canadian House of Commons except one.

Some of you were not around the house a few years ago I grant, but your parties were, and as members of those parties you should all be included in this following statement.

You should every one of you, except Ms. May, look yourselves in the mirror and see the face of hypocrisy staring back at you concerning your actions, votes and intonations about the situation in the Ukraine​

You pontificate about so called ‘Russian invasion’, you talk about democracy and human rights as if you know what those words mean, and you claim as a badge of honour being banned from another country. You talk on and on about sanctions both personal and state against Russians and Russia for actions they have or are taking in Crimea, as if that is the greatest crime of the century so far.

Ladies and gentlemen ( I use the terms here loosely) of the Canadian House of Commons it is not.

That crime falls to the glorious parliament of Canada which led the charge against and the invasion and destruction of a country know as Libya.

You all supported that, except Ms. May, and then claimed honour and valour in the Canadian actions of attacking civilian targets from the safety of the undefended air, whilst encouraging the mercenary forces on the ground ( and did those include Canadian special forces units as well?) to rape, kill and torture civilians not matter where they were found, and eventually lead to the capture, torture and death of the leader of the country in a prime example of blood lust.

Yes you backed that action supporting our Foreign office and its  Minister’s ​unwavering support for the ‘incredibly impressive” rebels, against a man who had established in Libya a standard of living so far above what we have here in Canada, that when he annoyed the IMF by threatening their never ending gluttony for money and profits, you fell all over yourselves to get rid of him.

Now after you put that shame of war crimes actions on the conscience of all thinking Canadians you step forward again with your absurd claims of democracy and human rights at the very time when you are taking them away from Canadians here at home through Bill C-23 as one example.

People give you heads a shake and think what you are doing for once instead of what your inglorious leaders are getting you to do.

More and more as one from BC I have the feeling of such disconnect with our so called federal government of fools that I am seriously beginning to accept the fact of BC leaving Canada and stepping away from these absurd situations. Perhaps it really is time to allow BC and Quebec to go as we have become a nation of fools being lead by traitors who are in turn being lead by corporate promises of wealth when they have done the dirty work.

Yes that is you.

Look at yourself and claim it is not so…I dare you…and if you can refute what I claim, then do so by your actions not your pathetic words. Stand up and be counted or else we should abandon this once glorious dream called Canada.

In total disgust at our so called representatives and employees in Ottawa.

Jeremy Arney

It is hard to believe even Israel would do this.

I received this in e-mail f0rm and it caused this reaction..

It is interesting to me that the Harper Government (I refuse to call this the
Government of Canada because it is not) is in full agreement with these actions
by the terroristic State of Israel. Over and over again Ministers, particularly
Harper, Kenny and Baird have said that Israel can do no wrong and they thus
support this deliberate destruction of vital (and expensive) water tanks in a
neighbouring country. The destruction of water tanks in a desert is nothing
short of criminal, but its condoned by this revolting trio .

It is then hardly any wonder that under this Harper regime we are being turned
into an “Israeli lite” terroristic country with war against civilians
on our minds. Libyans at the moment but who is next?

When in the election in May 2011 leading up to 25% of Canadians electing this pathetic excuse for a corporate government was it mentioned that we would be building 7 military bases around the world and why we would pretend to be the military “go to” country?

It has only been a few weeks but already we are seing the direction that Harper’s
bosses want him to take and frankly I do not like it and I certainly do not
give my permission to my employee Harper and his band of ministerial misfits to
go there.

They will anyway as the Canadian people are only a means to get elected to them, and are certainly not to be listened to.

Harper proved that during the election. Did he talk to anyone who wasn’t press or a CPC supporter?


I do not recall hearing anything about this in the “mainstream media”
and that is one reason why the mainstream newspapers will soon be a thing of
the past. Give us the truth or perish, your choice.

The comment immediately below in bold I received in red and left as I got it but I removed the sender’s id and signature.

Date: Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 10:39 PM

Subject: Fw: IDF destroys nine water tanks in parched Palestinian village

Why does the world continue to look the other way while israel
behaves in such a barbaric way? Anyone condoning this is as abhorrent as

There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.

Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 11:42 PM

Subject: Fwd: IDF destroys nine water tanks in parched Palestinian

destroys nine water tanks in parched Palestinian village

Sean O’Neill

+ 972, July 6, 2011Late Tuesday morning, July 5, around 11:30am, a convoy of
IDF, Civil Administration, and Border Police arrived in the Palestinian
village of Amniyr accompanying a flatbed truck with a front end loader and
a backhoe. Israeli settlers having a picnic at the settlement outpost next
to the Susiya archaeological site looked on as the army destroyed nine
large tanks of water and a tent.Amniyr is a small village of 11 families in the South Hebron
Hills, just northeast of the Palestinian village of Susiya and the Israeli
settlement of the same name. The village of shepherds and farmers, like
most villages in the area, is totally dependent in the summer on tanks of

That water does not come cheap. Costs of transportation, due
to the poor infrastructure in the area – Palestinians are normally not
permitted to build roads in Area C of the West Bank and have restricted
access to Israeli roads – mean the cost of water is much higher than
normal. A cubic meter of water in the nearby town of Yatta costs 6 shekels.
In Amniyr it cost 35. The tanks themselves cost 1,000 shekels each, and
each tank held 2 cubic meters of water, yielding a total of over 10,000
shekels in damage, which for many in the area is equivalent to a half
year’s work.

This is the fifth demolition in Amniyr in the last year,
according to village residents and Nasser Nawaja, a B’Tselem worker. One
month ago the army destroyed 11 houses and two cisterns full of water. The
cisterns had also been destroyed 5 months ago and rebuilt with the help of
Israeli activists from Ta’ayush. The ruins of houses from previous
demolitions is still present, broken stones and twisted metal. Located just
south of the archaeological site of old Susiya, the Israeli government
claims it is state land.

Ten of the families now sleep in Yatta and come during the
day to tend to their olive and almond trees as they have no place to stay
and no water. But Mohammed Hussain Jabour and his wife Zaffra refuse to
leave. The morning after the demolition they were making tea on an open
fire next to their tent. “I’ve been here with my father and our sheep
since I was a little boy,” he said, with visible indignation. “Now
I’m an old man. And now Israel tells me I can’t be here. I’m not

“What are we supposed to do?” Zaffra asked.
“What will we drink? We can’t live without water.”

The demolition comes on the heels of the demolition of 6 tent homes and a lavatory in the
village of Bir al Eid,
two kilometers to the south, two weeks
ago. Both incidents are the latest in a long history of demolitions of
Palestinians homes and buildings in the area by the Israeli army, affecting
both these villages and the villages of Susiya and Imneizel, a village
south of Susiya.

Sean O’Neill worked for Christian Peacemaker Teams from
2006-2009 in the South Hebron Hills supporting Palestinian-led nonviolent
resistance to Israeli occupation and continued settlement expansion. He is
currently an MA candidate at New York University in Near Eastern Studies
and Journalism. He is in Israel/Palestine this summer researching for his masters’


Jeremy Arney

:: Article nr.
79315 sent on 07-jul-2011 09:55 ECT

9-11 to civil disobedience

A couple of years ago I was in the UK, and I asked a military man I have known for many many years what he really thought about the events that happened in the USA and that we now refer to as 9-11.

Without much hesitation he said that the attacks were carried out by a bunch of cowardly thugs, acting on some misconceived religious beliefs.

So I then asked him if he would be willing to listen to what I had to say and ask and give me some purely military answers and he replied after some though that he could and would.

What I said was something like this:

OK thanks, so now let’s take what we were told almost immediately after the attacks and that is that 14 people were responsible for the actual acts of the day. There were reportedly 4 planes involved which means three and a half people per plane which is odd but let’s not quibble about that. Two of those planes with 7 people in charge hit two buildings in New York killing approximately 3,000 people.

So looking at it purely from a military view point would you consider that 7 people taking out 3,000 with equipment belonging to Americans was a success?

After looking at me for a minute or two he eventually agreed that it was very acceptable odds indeed.

So I then went on to to say, Ok so then when you add in the complete destruction of three buildings as well, and the resulting damage to the psyche of the USA it could be argued that it was a huge military success carried out by 7 people.

He was now lo0oking at me strangely but reluctantly this time and then more enthusiastically as he agreed that it was a fantastic achievement militarily. All that damage by just 7 people!

So I then said that in my mind it was not a success because the buildings should had held up to 20, 000 people each at that time of day and if the planes had hit at the twentieth floor instead of where they did the death toll could have been between 30 – 40,ooo instead of just 3,000. It is also amazing in that not one Israeli who normally worked in those buildings showed up for work that day.

But they couldn’t have got to the twentieth floor was all he could bleat.

Ah I said why not? Because here is where we have to consider the other two planes.

One is claimed to have performed a maneuver that 95% of commercial pilots who fly those planes said they could not do (and the other 5% said was impossible) and then fly a 120 foot wingspan plane between two poles 90 feet apart which would have either broken the wings or the poles would have been smashed flat ( they are still standing whilst we talk) and then flew into the pentagon, without the resulting fire one would expect from burning aviation fuel, not to mention the plane wreckage and passengers’ bodies left behind.

Before we get to the fourth plane lets us look at this too, we saw over and over and over again the two planes flying into those two buildings in New York and the falling of those towers from multiple angles, (not I might add building “ seven” which most people in the world are unaware also collapsed that day within hours from collateral damage!) and yet at a building which has more cameras per square foot inside and out than any other building in the USA and maybe the world, we did not get even a glimpse of a real passenger plane approaching or flying into the Pentagon. So if you can believe that one of the people flying that plane could have done that then the twentieth floor of the two trade centre buildings would be child’s play.

About building Seven, the BBC reported that it had collapsed and at what time and yet over the shoulder of that poor misinformed woman reporter, for all the world to see, the building was still standing and not even smoking that much!

To the fourth plane, the one they made a movie about just to get Hollywood in on the act, was supposed to be heading for the White House but was actually shot down by the Navy so they claim, and again there was no wreckage, just a big hole in the ground without any plane wreckage or bodies for the local coroners to remove, not even a trace of the 3.5 people who supposedly hijacked it.

What about that I asked my military friend. He was looking rather sick at this point and gazed pityingly at me as I smiled at him. He just walked away and has spoken very little to me since. Too bad because I believe he is a good man at heart.

He was ex military when this discussion took place.

So the point here is that since then we have been lied to by the presidents of the USA, the UN, the prime minister of Canada and the heads of the European countries, and of course the media so often that we just seem to accept what they say.

Who was it who said “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes accepted as the truth”.

Weapons of mass destruction were never found in Iraq and how many millions died over what G W Bush considered a joke?

Bin Laden was supposedly killed a few weeks ago, conveniently at a time when lies were being spread about Gaddafi slaughtering thousands of his people.

There is not one shred of evidence that this has or is happening, yet it is lied about in the US Congress, the UN, in our Senate in the throne Speech a few days ago, and none of the media point this out. Al Jazeera (English) has interviews of Libyans asking “why would we want to get rid a man who has done so much for us?’ But Fox news and the Sun and yes the BBC and CBC and ITV and CTV in fact all of them fall all over themselves to further the lie. The printed media is just as bad.

A young page Brigette DePape objecting in the throne speech in the Canadian Senate to what Harper is doing and is going to do is more newsworthy than the truth about Libya. Actually she is, because it is our youth here in Canada who are beginning to say no to the future they see Harper bringing to Canada.. That young woman said we need an “arab spring” here in Canada and she is right. I will stand beside her if the occasion should arise.

I have been saying for months that the only choice we will soon have is mass civil disobedience, because our needs are not important to those who are employed by us to work for us and who think they rule the country. In fact I suppose that more than any other man in our history Harper really does think this. He controls the House of Commons, the speaker of same, the Senate, the Supreme Court, The Governor General, the money to the provinces and therefore the provinces, and he has had this desire for years to change Canada into a corporately controlled wasteland.

Supposedly he has 5 years to do it, yes I know he passed a law saying every 4 years but that’s all bs anyway he’s only broken it twice so far, and what’s to stop him extending it to 20 years or more with the power he has at his command now?

But I get ahead of myself because I keep forgetting that he wants Canada to be part of the USA.

To the 40% of the 60% who voted Harper in, I just say on behalf of my children and grandchildren, thank you for what you have done to their future, and I hope you all live long enough to see what he will do with what you gave him.

Jeremy Arney

The Harper Government, how low can you go.

What follows is an angry comment on what is happening in our Canadian parliament to destroy Canada as we have known it and replace it with a corpocracy, controlled by some unknown forces outside our borders, and the latest attempt by our Prime Minister to undermine the Canadian Parliament.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

Our Canadian parliament is in a total shambles.

The prime minister of Canada is a heartless soulless metronome responding to the corporate interests of the world and not to the people who elected him in his riding, nor those who elected him to lead his party and therefore the country. His contempt for the people of Canada, their future, the country’s sovereignty, the parliament of Canada, and anything that is non Israelite is absolutely astounding. And WE put up with it.

We put up with it because we do not absolutely demand from our elected representatives that they speak and act for us and remove this megalomaniacal son of Alberta from office.

The right hand man to all this is not the government House leader John Baird because he is simply a thick skinned idiot who can stand in the House of Commons and repeat ridiculous statements and falsehoods without blinking an eye. Rather the right hand man is a bumbling, buffoon who miss represents the Law in his position as Minister of Justice, but who probably has to ask permission to fart in the night.

As the Minister of Justice it is his responsibility to ensure that the Canadian Bill of Rights is not trampled on by any Bill prior to it becoming law in Canada.
When the Minister of Justice allows a Bill (Bill C-36) to proceed that removes the courts of Canada from any position in a proceeding of wrongdoing except only for a JP to provide an e-warrant to allow a swat team to enter a home on the suspicion of a civil servant that there might be a violation taking place; and then there is no further action by the courts as from that point on any wrong doing is a “violation” subject only to the kangaroo review board set up by a minister in charge of the swat team, we know that is not in the best interest of the people of Canada and is therefore a violation of the Bill of Rights. This stupid hand maiden to the Prime Minister can argue all he wants that he doesn’t see anything wrong, but he is the same man who is proclaiming so loudly that he and his government are acting in the best interest of victims of crime, and has yet to actually say or show what he is in fact doing for those victims.

Having established his stupidity and treasonous action towards the people of Canada, this fool is allowing his party’s dictator, who thinks he is a king, to change the name of the Government of Canada to The Harper Government. Yes, in the past in both writings about governments and speaking about governments, all governments have been referred to as “Chretien”, “Mulroney” etc., governments which is simply a description of the government of the day. However never before has this been done on official government letter head without the permission of either the House of Commons,  the yes men controlled Senate,or the people of Canada whose government this is. It does not belong to Harper even though his mind might have difficulty realizing this; he is slimply a caretaker until he is fired just as he fires all whistleblowers and people who disagree with him..
Damn the man he is totally unacceptable.

If I receive any correspondence from this “Harper Government” it will be trashed as I do not recognize its legitimacy.

After a couple of days I thought over the above and thus:

After an initial reaction of anger and revulsion for such a treasonous act at a time of very opaque transparency, no openness at all and the spendthrift direction for everything not to Harpers liking I started to think this is actually funny. I mean really how can anyone take this fellow seriously?
Should we take him seriously anymore?
He is supposed to be a Prime Minister so what went wrong?

Let’s take the next steps:

Harper’s Taxes:
None for the corporations, increases only for the minimum wage milieu.
Harper’s crown:
Wild rose of Israel
Harper’s scepter:
A glass of water to ease his throat when he lies
Harper’s hairpiece:
Replaced by a crown
Harper’s court:
Yes men of the Privy Council:
Harper’s Jester:
John Baird and the cabinet
Harper’s money:
Doesn’t exist because he is overdrawn at the banks
Harper’s credit:
All the corporate directorships he is line for
Harper’s supporters,
Stupid and terrified of him it seems.

There could be many more and I invite you to come up with your own, but the point here is that like so many weak men with inferiority complexes before him he is suffering from delusions of grandeur. This state of mind I think is caused by the inability to understand that we are trying to move forward in this country, not backwards to some sort of medieval feudal system, and Harper is too mentally structured towards absolute control to change.

Harper is not king material nor for that matter, lord of the manor, squire, town mayor or store keeper material. He has shown he is just a homophobic, bigoted, red neck idiot who uses his religion as an excuse.

At a time when the world is watching people power removing dictators he is trying to assume the title of dictator here in Canada.
Can he really be so stupid or are we?

It is definitely time we thought seriously of taking to the streets all over the country and then getting rid of this mental case and consign him to feeding the pigs at a farm in southern Alberta.

My grandchildren wonder why I am so upset with our current crop of pathetic politicians, and I suppose this is a prime example. At a time when we need leadership we are getting petty partisan bullshit, and an implosion of Canadian values.

Jeremy Arney

Letter to Minister of Justice for Canada

I am tired of the antics of the Canadian Minister of Justice who seems to think that he is the only person in Canada who is interested in and working for the victims of violent crime. This is obviously not so and I decided to look at his crime bills, designed to fill the new prisons which his government is building, and his claim that he is protecting victims.  There is the premise which he doesn’t seem to grasp which is that there are no victims until the crime has been committed so in order to protect potential victims the crime must not happen.  That I believe is way to deep for this excuse for a Justice Minister to understand. It is also curiuos that he is getting so excited about crime when crime is diminishing in Canada inspite of him.

Here is the letter I wrote challenging him.


Rob Nicholson
Canadian Minister of Justice.

Dear Minister,

I have watched you in amazement in committees and in the House demanding, posturing, spitting and exploding at the opposition parties and members of the House of Commons who were not instantly passing your Bills, which you claim are hard on criminals and helping victims; You are attacking and accusing the opposition of being soft on criminals, and uncaring about victims. It would make good theatre if it were not so out of place, misleading and factually untrue even in this current parliament, run by a government as arrogant, secretive, deceptive, divisive and dysfunctional as it is.

So I looked up all the bills you currently have before either house and there are 23 of them:
S-4, S-6, S-7, S-9, S-10, C4, C5, C16, C17, C21, C-22, C-23, C-23a, C-23b, C-30, C-39, C-48, C-50, C-51, C-53, C-54, C-59, and C-60. Of these 7 belong to the Minister of Public Safety but are in the same field as your bills.

I have attached a separate list in case you have forgotten some of the catchy, jingly names you have ascribed to these bills.

Bill S-7
(Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act)
gives victims the right to sue if they can wade through the complicated formula required to do so after the act itself.
Bill C-21
(Standing up for Victims of White Collar Crime Act)
Has provisions for restitution if there is any money recoverable.
Bill C-39
(Ending Early Release for Criminals and Increasing Offender Accountability Act)
Gives victims the right to speak at parole hearings, is this really a benefit?

With the exception of Bill C-60 all the rest have absolutely nothing in them for victims, increased jail time maybe and less parole options for prisoners maybe, but for victims nothing at all.

Bill C-60
(Citizen’s Arrest and Self-defence Act)
finally allows an attacked person to protect their property and themselves without fear of being arrested and put in jail themselves for doing so. About time too.

So, Minister of Justice, I am calling your bullshit and bluster and asking you to tell me where these victims’ benefits are in these Bills which you demand be now passed through Parliament at breakneck speed even though you have been sitting on some of them for many moons, even years.

Jeremy Arney
CAP candidate for SGI in 2008

Bills before the Canadian Parliament from Justice and Public Safety that are supposed to protect victims.

S-2. An Act to amend the Criminal Code and other Acts
(Protecting Victims From Sex Offenders Act)

S-6. An Act to amend the Criminal Code and another Act
(Serious Time for the Most Serious Crime Act)

S-7. An Act to deter terrorism and to amend the State Immunity Act
(Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act)

S-9. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (auto theft and trafficking in property obtained by crime)
(Tackling Auto Theft and Property Crime Act)

S-10. An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts
(Penalties for Organized Drug Crime Act)

C-4. An Act to amend the Youth Criminal Justice Act and to make consequential and related amendments to other Acts
(Protecting the Public from Violent Young Offenders))

C -5 An Act to amend the International Transfer of Offenders Act
(Keeping Canadians Safe (International Transfer of Offenders) Act)
The Minister of Public Safety

C-16. An Act to amend the Criminal Code
(Ending House Arrest for Property and Other Serious Crimes by Serious and Violent Offenders Act)

C-17. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (investigative hearing and recognizance with conditions)
(Combating Terrorism Act)

C-21. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (sentencing for fraud)
(Standing up for Victims of White Collar Crime Act)

C-22. An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service

C-23. An Act to amend the Criminal Records Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
(Eliminating Pardons for Serious Crimes Act)
The Minister of Public Safety

C-23A. An Act to amend the Criminal Records Act
(Limiting Pardons for Serious Crimes Act)
The Minister of Public Safety

C-23B. An Act to amend the Criminal Records Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
(Eliminating Pardons for Serious Crimes Act)
The Minister of Public Safety

C-30. An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
(Ending Early Release for Criminals and Increasing Offender Accountability Act)
The Minister of Public Safety

C-39. An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
(Ending Early Release for Criminals and Increasing Offender Accountability Act)
The Minister of Public Safety

C-48. An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to make consequential amendments to the National Defence Act
(Protecting Canadians by Ending Sentence Discounts for Multiple Murders Act)

C-50. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (interception of private communications and related warrants and orders)
(Improving Access to Investigative Tools for Serious Crimes Act)

C-51. An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Competition Act and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
(Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act)

C-53. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (mega-trials)
(Fair and Efficient Criminal Trials Act)

C-54. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (sexual offences against children)
(Protecting Children from Sexual Predators Act)

C-59. An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (accelerated parole review) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
(Abolition of Early Parole Act)
The Minister of Public Safety

C-60. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (citizen’s arrest and the defences of property and persons)
(Citizen’s Arrest and Self-defence Act)

Is Obama slapping Stephen’s hand?

This is from President Obama’s speech to the UN on 23rd September 2010:

The world that America seeks is not one we can build on our own. For human rights to reach those who suffer the boot of oppression, we need your voices to speak out. In particular, I appeal to those nations who emerged from tyranny and inspired the world in the second half of the last century — from South Africa to South Asia; from Eastern Europe to South America. Don’t stand idly by, don’t be silent, when dissidents elsewhere are imprisoned and protesters are beaten. Recall your own history. Because part of the price of our own freedom is standing up for the freedom of others.
What I believe he is saying to those nations is “Speak out against Canada for what they did to their dissidents and peaceful protestors in Toronto at the G8, G20 meetings this last summer”.
I wonder if any of them dare, but if they do dare the USA will have to back them up.
Way to go Stephen (I make the rules) Harper, way to go.
But never mind,  Israel will stand behind you !
Jeremy Arney