Is Obama slapping Stephen’s hand?

This is from President Obama’s speech to the UN on 23rd September 2010:

The world that America seeks is not one we can build on our own. For human rights to reach those who suffer the boot of oppression, we need your voices to speak out. In particular, I appeal to those nations who emerged from tyranny and inspired the world in the second half of the last century — from South Africa to South Asia; from Eastern Europe to South America. Don’t stand idly by, don’t be silent, when dissidents elsewhere are imprisoned and protesters are beaten. Recall your own history. Because part of the price of our own freedom is standing up for the freedom of others.
What I believe he is saying to those nations is “Speak out against Canada for what they did to their dissidents and peaceful protestors in Toronto at the G8, G20 meetings this last summer”.
I wonder if any of them dare, but if they do dare the USA will have to back them up.
Way to go Stephen (I make the rules) Harper, way to go.
But never mind,  Israel will stand behind you !
Jeremy Arney

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