Letter to Western Canada Media.

American citizens
from four Northwestern States 
a huge EXXON (Esso) mega-shipment destined
for the TarSands. 
For information, google ‘giant alberta bound oil sands’ which should get you to the Portland Oregonian at www.oregonlive.com  
Or:  www.allagainstthehaul.org  
At a time when the present Reform/ Alliance coalition government of Canada, masquerading as conservatives are claiming their priority is jobs for Canadians, they are allowing Korea to manufacture the necessary parts for Canada’s shame in northern Alberta.
They must have known this was happening because they had to issue import licences.
Why did they think these could not be made in Canada?
Why were they not willing to tell Exxon, “Get it done in Canada or forget it.”
The size and scope and costs of this is breathtaking and we get nothing but the destruction of Alberta roads and a larger mness near Fort McMurray Alberta.

How much are they willing to help Alberta with the destruction of those roads to be used?
Are they really serious about creating jobs in Canada?

There are so many questions here that need to be answered.
One of those questions will be are you the mainstream media in Western Canada going to even look into this and then report it?
Thanks to the American States which have refused to allow these shipments to destroy their roads and towns on route.
If ever we needed proof that Stephen ‘I make the rules’ Harper is out of touch with the needs of the Canadian people and reality this is it.


Jeremy Arney

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