What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

The Chretien Government for example was called that by the media, MPs of all sides and the people of Canada specially those who could not bear the thought of a Liberal Government.

I have not been able to find where that name went any further than what was really a nickname.

The “Harper Government” on the other hand has letter head for governmental communications, instructions from the PMO to refer to the government as the Harper Government, and of course media branding as well. All back benchers for the government refer to “our” government or even “this conservative” government and I feel sure that is because they cannot use the name Harper in the House.

So why am I going through this exercise?

Well I suppose it is because the Harper Government does not reflect the views, morals or concerns of the Canadian People either here at home or to the world generally. I have no need I think to list where we have lost our way internationally, but I believe it is because the Harper Government is based completely on an ideology which is in turn based on international corporate needs and regulations, and trade deals that are not in Canada’s best interests, nor those of the Canadian People.

So I reluctantly acknowledge that the government we currently have is not the Government of Canada, but is indeed the Harper Government. In a way I am glad because I would hate to think that any Government of Canada would openly and proudly use its military to destroy another country (Libya) simply because the corporate IMF told it to do so.
I would hate to think that a Government of Canada would be so inept as to be unable to get a seat on the security council of the UN; nor so determined to sabotage and disrespect the world’s attempts to get some control over climate change simply to protect a filthy development in Alberta.

For these reasons and others too numerous to list here I would say that on May 2nd we elected for better or worse a majority “Conservative” Government for Canada, based on election lies, contempt and disrespect for the Canadian People. However we did not elect a “Harper Government” and frankly I refuse to acknowledge that this Harper Government is in fact the Government of Canada.
As we are stuck with this Harper Government which is determined to completely change Canada as we have known it, by its leader’s boast, let them do their worst as we cannot stop them, but let it be known that the damage is being done by the Harper Government, not the Government of Canada.


The Harper Government, how low can you go.

What follows is an angry comment on what is happening in our Canadian parliament to destroy Canada as we have known it and replace it with a corpocracy, controlled by some unknown forces outside our borders, and the latest attempt by our Prime Minister to undermine the Canadian Parliament.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

Our Canadian parliament is in a total shambles.

The prime minister of Canada is a heartless soulless metronome responding to the corporate interests of the world and not to the people who elected him in his riding, nor those who elected him to lead his party and therefore the country. His contempt for the people of Canada, their future, the country’s sovereignty, the parliament of Canada, and anything that is non Israelite is absolutely astounding. And WE put up with it.

We put up with it because we do not absolutely demand from our elected representatives that they speak and act for us and remove this megalomaniacal son of Alberta from office.

The right hand man to all this is not the government House leader John Baird because he is simply a thick skinned idiot who can stand in the House of Commons and repeat ridiculous statements and falsehoods without blinking an eye. Rather the right hand man is a bumbling, buffoon who miss represents the Law in his position as Minister of Justice, but who probably has to ask permission to fart in the night.

As the Minister of Justice it is his responsibility to ensure that the Canadian Bill of Rights is not trampled on by any Bill prior to it becoming law in Canada.
When the Minister of Justice allows a Bill (Bill C-36) to proceed that removes the courts of Canada from any position in a proceeding of wrongdoing except only for a JP to provide an e-warrant to allow a swat team to enter a home on the suspicion of a civil servant that there might be a violation taking place; and then there is no further action by the courts as from that point on any wrong doing is a “violation” subject only to the kangaroo review board set up by a minister in charge of the swat team, we know that is not in the best interest of the people of Canada and is therefore a violation of the Bill of Rights. This stupid hand maiden to the Prime Minister can argue all he wants that he doesn’t see anything wrong, but he is the same man who is proclaiming so loudly that he and his government are acting in the best interest of victims of crime, and has yet to actually say or show what he is in fact doing for those victims.

Having established his stupidity and treasonous action towards the people of Canada, this fool is allowing his party’s dictator, who thinks he is a king, to change the name of the Government of Canada to The Harper Government. Yes, in the past in both writings about governments and speaking about governments, all governments have been referred to as “Chretien”, “Mulroney” etc., governments which is simply a description of the government of the day. However never before has this been done on official government letter head without the permission of either the House of Commons,  the yes men controlled Senate,or the people of Canada whose government this is. It does not belong to Harper even though his mind might have difficulty realizing this; he is slimply a caretaker until he is fired just as he fires all whistleblowers and people who disagree with him..
Damn the man he is totally unacceptable.

If I receive any correspondence from this “Harper Government” it will be trashed as I do not recognize its legitimacy.

After a couple of days I thought over the above and thus:

After an initial reaction of anger and revulsion for such a treasonous act at a time of very opaque transparency, no openness at all and the spendthrift direction for everything not to Harpers liking I started to think this is actually funny. I mean really how can anyone take this fellow seriously?
Should we take him seriously anymore?
He is supposed to be a Prime Minister so what went wrong?

Let’s take the next steps:

Harper’s Taxes:
None for the corporations, increases only for the minimum wage milieu.
Harper’s crown:
Wild rose of Israel
Harper’s scepter:
A glass of water to ease his throat when he lies
Harper’s hairpiece:
Replaced by a crown
Harper’s court:
Yes men of the Privy Council:
Harper’s Jester:
John Baird and the cabinet
Harper’s money:
Doesn’t exist because he is overdrawn at the banks
Harper’s credit:
All the corporate directorships he is line for
Harper’s supporters,
Stupid and terrified of him it seems.

There could be many more and I invite you to come up with your own, but the point here is that like so many weak men with inferiority complexes before him he is suffering from delusions of grandeur. This state of mind I think is caused by the inability to understand that we are trying to move forward in this country, not backwards to some sort of medieval feudal system, and Harper is too mentally structured towards absolute control to change.

Harper is not king material nor for that matter, lord of the manor, squire, town mayor or store keeper material. He has shown he is just a homophobic, bigoted, red neck idiot who uses his religion as an excuse.

At a time when the world is watching people power removing dictators he is trying to assume the title of dictator here in Canada.
Can he really be so stupid or are we?

It is definitely time we thought seriously of taking to the streets all over the country and then getting rid of this mental case and consign him to feeding the pigs at a farm in southern Alberta.

My grandchildren wonder why I am so upset with our current crop of pathetic politicians, and I suppose this is a prime example. At a time when we need leadership we are getting petty partisan bullshit, and an implosion of Canadian values.

Jeremy Arney