What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

The Chretien Government for example was called that by the media, MPs of all sides and the people of Canada specially those who could not bear the thought of a Liberal Government.

I have not been able to find where that name went any further than what was really a nickname.

The “Harper Government” on the other hand has letter head for governmental communications, instructions from the PMO to refer to the government as the Harper Government, and of course media branding as well. All back benchers for the government refer to “our” government or even “this conservative” government and I feel sure that is because they cannot use the name Harper in the House.

So why am I going through this exercise?

Well I suppose it is because the Harper Government does not reflect the views, morals or concerns of the Canadian People either here at home or to the world generally. I have no need I think to list where we have lost our way internationally, but I believe it is because the Harper Government is based completely on an ideology which is in turn based on international corporate needs and regulations, and trade deals that are not in Canada’s best interests, nor those of the Canadian People.

So I reluctantly acknowledge that the government we currently have is not the Government of Canada, but is indeed the Harper Government. In a way I am glad because I would hate to think that any Government of Canada would openly and proudly use its military to destroy another country (Libya) simply because the corporate IMF told it to do so.
I would hate to think that a Government of Canada would be so inept as to be unable to get a seat on the security council of the UN; nor so determined to sabotage and disrespect the world’s attempts to get some control over climate change simply to protect a filthy development in Alberta.

For these reasons and others too numerous to list here I would say that on May 2nd we elected for better or worse a majority “Conservative” Government for Canada, based on election lies, contempt and disrespect for the Canadian People. However we did not elect a “Harper Government” and frankly I refuse to acknowledge that this Harper Government is in fact the Government of Canada.
As we are stuck with this Harper Government which is determined to completely change Canada as we have known it, by its leader’s boast, let them do their worst as we cannot stop them, but let it be known that the damage is being done by the Harper Government, not the Government of Canada.


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