An extra 30 MPs is good for what? or whom?


Well like in so many other things Dictator Harper has rammed through his Bill C-20 to enlarge the House of Commons by 30 more MPs at a financial cost of about $100 million per election cycle and with only one thing to actually show for it.

Less representation for the people of Canada.

How can that be you may ask, well its actually very simple.
There is already no time for most MPs to represent what they think their constituents may think or feel, never mind what their party does, and closure is called more often than not, so where are the extra 30 voices going to be heard? And how can this extra number of MPs jostling for time be either fair, representative or even loosely democratic.

Oh wait a minute, they will probably all be CPC voices so it doesn’t matter, it’s just extra bums getting off the back benches to vote as instructed by Harper when the time comes.

This is another example of sleight of hand where the object is not allowed to be examined to carefully lest the public see what is really going on here.

Have you ever played “Find the Queen” ? well that is what’s going on here

Let it be said that I have nothing against real representation and would applaud it if it were happening here in Canada. It is not and will not under Harper, and with more MPs it will just get worse.

The financial shell game being played on Canadians is absolutely appalling. We
have the ability to be debt free in the eyes of the world, no compounding interest to international banks, no debt to the IMF, World Bank or Bank of International Settlements. Just a debt to ourselves through the Bank of Canada, and any interest we were charged by the BOC would be paid back to us again; so simple and so pure and yet so unfriendly to the IMF, etc., that we would never be allowed to do it.. The last country that tried to do this (Libya) Canada helped bomb into destruction and killed the leader at the behest of those same banks. In fact we “lead” the mission, if doing the bidding of the IMF, USA, Israel etc., can be called leading.


Back to those extra 30 MPs.

How can more be better in a restricted time and place?

Is quantity better than quality?

Is force better than serious contemplation?

Silly questions to ask the CPC as they have no voice,.

Silly questions to ask Harper because he will not answer.

Can you imagine Question Period with an extra 30 MPs to drown out questioners and hurl jeers and smears at them?

I have suggested to the opposition leaders that as question period does not elicit any real answers from any minister, including the head one, in this Harper Government that they should just get up and walk out for the 45 minutes of oral questions and do some work in their offices for their constituents instead of wasting time at a verbal bun fight.

That would be the day !

Meanwhile we are now stuck with an extra $100 million to be found, and you know that is coming from the pockets of the working stiffs, not the corporations who are getting yet another tax gift.


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