The USA wants what Libya has

40 years ago things were very different in so many ways, and this is the strangest turnaround of them all.


Libya under Gaddafi was in trouble with the UN and his hands were smacked and he decided to change his ways from being a terrorist supporting country to a peaceful self-supporting country.

 The central bank was nationalized as were the oil wells and refineries.  Through
having Libya own these two and thus having a great source of income and no international bank debt he turned Libya into a sort of paradise.

 He looked for and found water under the desert and by making his canal system he irrigated the desert and agriculture flourished providing the country with its own food.  Everyone had free health care, free education including university level either in Libya or abroad, paid for by the government. Everyone who wanted one had a job, a house and a car, and cheap gas. Interest free money was available to start a business or buy a second car. The Nomadic tribes still today prefer to wander the desert so they have no
houses.  Gaddafi himself travelled with a tent until his people had houses, and even now lives in a rather modest place. The life expectancy is now 80, and life in Libya, apart from the constant niggling of foreign sponsored rebels, is good.

 At the same time, that is 40 years ago, a broken down ex actor, ex-Governor of California became the president of the USA and started to deregulate everything that should have stayed regulated.  Banks, insurance, financial and investment
companies, the pharmaceutical and seed companies took control of their own
regulating and the religious nuts were invited into the office of the president
to have a level of control never dreamed of, in fact specifically not wanted,
by the founding fathers. The USA started to flounder as a republic. Reaganomics
started the world controlled by the World Bank and IMF downhill to financial destruction.
World corporate rule is to my mind the destruction of the people of the world.
People do not have a bottom line and are therefore dispensable, except that
they need to, as G W Bush put it, “Go out and shop” in order to feed the

 Now here we are 40 years later, Libya is a flourishing country with the only problem being the constant flow of money and arms to rebels from such organizations as the CIA, SAS, Mossad etc., with the idea that the US could get their hands on Libya’s oil.  What I also think might well be a factor is that desert water.  Water will soon be more valuable than oil.

 On the other hand the USA is morally andfinancially broke, uneducated and sick, and like a rabid dog is snapping and biting at anything that has what it believes is its right to have.

 Then it was decided that as the IMF was losing too much money because Libya was not borrowing from it and did not owe them anything, and the oil companies were not getting their profits from the oil so it became time to act. When the Arab Spring as it was called happened it was just too easy to freshly arm these rebels, give them the promise of
paradise and accuse Gaddafi of killing his people. The fact is he has always
been hard on traitors and rebels and maybe Canada and the USA could learn from
that as The House of Commons, and the Congress listen to big corporations not
the people.

That is treason against our constitutions.
Gaddafi’s people do not want him gone; they also do not want to become a democracy if that means they will be broke, out of work, hungry, unhealthy and uneducated just as most North Americans are.

 But the IMF and the oil companies stepped in creating a new central bank, and new oil companies for the rebels and are telling lies about Gaddafi and so the whole word which is controlled and owned by the IMF is agreeing that he should go.

 Everyone that is but the Libyans.

 It would be ironic if the IMF at the behest of China, demanded that Obama and Harper be replaced but we know that will not happen as we are already heavily in debt to the IMF anyway.

 So that’s where we are now.

 What a crazy world we are leaving our grandchildren.


Jeremy Arney


As a Canadian I do not approve of any of this action against Libya and particularly our part in bombing civilians and blaming it on Gaddafi. It is regrettable that one of ours is leading this sham.

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