There is a stink of Hypocrisy emanating from the Foreign Office of the Harper Government.

A rebuke to John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, An embarrassment to Canada, and the world.

There really is just so much one can take before starting to complain about your ethical standards and those that you present to the world on our behalf. Hypocrisy gone wild.
From the CBC report entitled “Libya transition ‘won’t be perfect,’ Baird cautions”. June 27th 2011.
Baird said the group preparing to take power once the country’s dictator, Moammar Gadhafi, is ousted has a strong dedication to democracy, but he added no one should expect that transition to take place overnight.
Baird, who gave you permission to have Canada undertake to replace Gaddafi?
“Our vision is a strong, prosperous Libya, living in freedom and living peacefully with its neighbours,” Baird said after meeting with anti-Gadhafi rebels and delivering trauma kits to help their cause.
What do you think they have in Libya now? They have an educated , healthy, employed, housed, and self-feed peoples and a civil war sponsored by the IMF, CIA, SAS and Mossed and who knows which other terroristic organization out there. You claim the rebels are interested in democracy and yet you have no idea what democracy is do you Baird? We do not have it Canada so how can we export it? We have a corpocracy here and you know that very well, because you answer to them not to the people of Canada.
But, he added, “I don’t think we’re going to move from Gadhafi to Thomas Jefferson.” The post-Gadhafi regime, he cautioned, “won’t be perfect.”
If you and your Israeli partners have anything to do with it then it will be absolute hell for the Libyans.
“We are doing our due diligence because that is what Canadians expect and the Libyan people require.”
Since when did you or your party start even considering what people want? Never mind Canadians who overwhelming say “Get out of Libya now”, or the Libyans who say “Why would we want to replace a man who has done so much for us with rebels who will bring us debt, disease, unemployment, broken homes, Monsanto and our oil money leaving the country after the rebels have taken their share?”

You have spent the most part of the last 5 years, belittling, sneering, slandering and generally bad mouthing the Bloq in the House of Commons and wherever you could get anyone to listen. What have you called them?
Traitors, Quebecers only interested in breaking up Canada, separatists, amongst other things, and accused them of no supporting all manner of bad bills simply because they could and indeed Quebecers required them to do so.
And just what and who are these people? Why they are duly elected MPs from a legally registered federal party in the House of Commons. Yes they are interested in Quebec and the wellbeing of the Quebec nation, and that’s why they were sent to Ottawa. What right do you, a Reform/Alliance misfit, masquerading under the name of Conservative Party of Canada (a name I might say that was stolen by Peter MacKay and sold to Harper) have to do such unjustified name calling?

From the same report on CBC :
“I was incredibly, incredibly moved by the courage and determination,” Baird said of rebels who gave him their firsthand accounts of battles with Gadhafi forces and subsequent escape to the safe haven of Benghazi.
“It is a remarkable accomplishment” said the minister.


In 1948 land was stolen from the Palestinians and given to the newly created State of Israel, and the Palestinians are still today losing more ground to the terroristic state of Israel, by military or police backed incursions, by confiscation of land lusted for by the Israelis, and the Palestinians are still being kicked out of their homes and farms that have been in their families for centuries to make room for the expanding hordes of imported Israelis.
Where do you stand on that?
Why you are 1000% in support of your friends in Israel of course. It actually gets worse because the election of 2006, monitored by US President Jimmy Carter and declared by him to have been conducted in exemplary fashion, elected HAMAS, which you and your religious leader cannot stand, and refuse to recognize. What right do you have to refuse to recognize a duly elected government? They are the people of that country’s choice not yours and you should be able to accept that. Such is your hatred that you will not lift a finger to help the men, women and children constantly being killed, raped, turned out of their homes, starved and entrapped in a small strip of land called Gaza. Meanwhile you praise the state of Israel and say they can do no wrong, and even if they did you would back them completely because they are justified in doing those things to people who would choose to elect Hamas as their government!
See above about your admiration for the Libyan rebels! Wow!

So Now you hate the Bloq (Liberals and NDP too and in due course we can add the Green Party MP) and Hamas and Gaddafi…that’s a lot of hate Baird, but I’ll bet there is more to come isn’t there?

So, in case it is not obvious by now, this brings us to the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier. While you despise and hate those duly elected both in Canada and Palestine, you are only too willing to jump into bed with rebels in Libya. Not only is that hypocritical but it is also morally wrong; unfortunately it is completely in line with the Harper government’s philosophy.

The IMF have sponsored a dispute in Libya, and backed a bunch of ragtag rebels whom are really only in existence because the CIA, SAS and Mossad (your friends again) have been feeding them arms and money for decades, and they have been a constant thorn in Gaddafi’s side whilst he has turned Libya into the closest thing to a democratic country that exists in the world today.
Canadian Oxford dictionary definition of Democracy:
1. A form of government in which the power resides in the people and is exercised by them either directly or by means of elected representatives.
3 A classless and tolerant form of society.
Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva in 1712 and he eventually wrote a series of books “Social Contract” and in book three chapter 4 he gave the four conditions for a country to be labeled a democracy:
1 The state: the bigger the country the less democratic it can be. The smaller with many individual communities the greater the chance of democracy.
2 Simplicity in customs and behavioral patterns.
3 Equality in status and wealth
4 No luxuries unless enjoyed by everyone.
(For more and greater detail on this you can visit “The Lies behind the West’s War on Libya” by Jean-Paul Pougla. )

We do not have any of those 4 requirements, but Libya comes very close…do your research and due diligence Baird, the people of Canada expect it of y0u.!
Gaddafi has given the Libyan people a standard of living that is so far above that of either Canada or the US and has actually paid for everything (health, education, jobs, irrigation of the desert, homes for all but the nomads, interest free loans to start businesses and much more) and has no debt to the IMF and World Bank. In fact he is due to cost them a fortune because he wants to create the United States of Africa and have every country therein free and clear of any IMF induced debts.
(Interestingly we could be the same way, but we decided that the BIS and IMF should get their way when they complained about the Bank of Canada financing all the wonderful things it did which you now wish to do away with. More stupidity which you share with the Liberals this time.)
The IMF simply cannot let this happen all over Africa so they arranged to finance the rebellion in Libya, gave the rebels a central bank- for which the rebels will pay dearly later – and twisted some arms from indebted nations, such as Canada, to attack Gaddafi. It is Gaddafi they must replace as he is the one with the humanitarian aid and financial self-reliance designs for Africa. So now we have a bunch of ragtag rebels supported by the IMF against a very valid almost democratic Libyan government, and you step in and on behalf of The Harper Government (not the Government of Canada) give that ragtag rebel bunch full support and recognition.

How dare you !

And you are brazen enough to say this is all about replacing Gaddafi !
Nothing to do with a no fly zone being rolled into an all out bombing of Libyan civilians by NATO forces.
You have decided that Gaddafi must be replaced no matter what the real people of Libya think, because you have chosen the side of the rebels. No wonder that we did not get a UN security council seat, we are the joke of the world thanks to you and your leader.

Baird, you are an embarrassment to Canada and 75% of Canadians, and I suggest you resign as Foreign Minister, and come home as Government House leader where we can laugh at you making a fool of yourself and not Canada.

Jeremy Arney

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