Foreign Affairs gone nuts

The Right Honourable Melanie Joly

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

MP for Ahuntsic-Cartierville  Que

WEF Attendee and devotee

15th May 2023

I appreciate that you are not actually responsible for our current military actions, nor indeed the actions within Canada concerning The Rule of Law, hate speech as defined in the Criminal Code nor the Rights and Freedoms of Canadians as recently demonstrated in Ottawa by a violent suppression of a peaceful protest against this Government’s overreach. However, I am concerned that you in your job as Minister of Foreign Affairs are completely out of touch with Canadians.

Nearly one hundred years ago we engaged in a war against the Nazis of Germany fighting as allies with the Russians in order to defeat them.  Now here we are with Russia as our enemy and the Nazis as our allies.  What happened to cause this? apart from the USA desire for constant war of course, that we would spend vast sums of money not only in training Ukrainian Nazis (since 2014) but also supplying them with weapons (who knows where they are now and if we will ever replace our own stocks) and donating large sums of tax payers’ money to who knows whose bank accounts, or massive yachts or mansions in the Caribbean.  You are completely behind these expenditures as shown in your obvious infatuation for the converted comedian drag queen, Zelensky, shown in your recent visit to Ukraine.  

Now the idiots in the UK are giving cruise missiles to him, and they have already been used against civilians in Lugansk, I have to wonder what comes next?  Somehow, we have slipped into a very dangerous position and you as Foreign Minister have helped us get there.

Instead of listening to Canadians, who actually pay your salary, you listen to Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden and his NATO and some unelected head of the European Union.

The equally unelected and puppet head of NATO even managed to state very recently in a Washington Post interview that NATO forces had been in Ukraine for years, and I imagine he was referring to those Canadians training Nazis to kill men women and children in the Donbass.

Stoltenberg:  “Non-E.U. NATO allies like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have trained Ukrainian forces since 2014. And, of course, they’re providing a substantial part — 78 percent of the support to Ukraine comes from non-E.U. NATO allies.”

He also said:

Stoltenberg: “NATO has fundamentally two tasks in the war. One is to support Ukraine, as we do. The other is to prevent escalation. And we prevent escalation by making absolutely clear that we are not party to the conflict, and by increasing military presence in the eastern part of alliance as we have done — with 40,000 troops under NATO command backed by substantial naval and air forces.”

Stoltenberg: “First of all, all NATO allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of the alliance. All allies agree that Ukraine has the right to choose its own path, that it is not for Moscow, but for Kyiv, to decide. And thirdly, all allies agree that NATO’s door remains open. Then the question is when, and I cannot give you a timetable on that.”

And what was the reaction from Hungary?    A tweet that said  simply : “WHAT?”

At what point was breaking the promise “not an inch east” acceptable to honourable people when it became a thousand miles or so?   Quite a large inch eh?

Can you explain that to those you have been elected to serve?   What percentage of informed Canadians support you?  I do not mean those still believing that CBC can actually be an independent, truthful and factual media but those who can think for themselves. As for Canadian Ukrainians, I feel great sorrow for them as we from way over here help to destroy their home country with callous disregard for human lives.

On top of that you and your administration are totally supportive of the State of Israel and their acts of piracy, apartheid and genocide against the Palestinians.  Again, are you sure that Canadians agree with your totally supportive actions in regard to these matters?   Yes, we ourselves are still practitioners of apartheid towards our own origional peoples in spite of your leader’s talking and promising to do better; there are still homes on reserves with no clean running water, mold in most of them and overcrowding not to mention lack of proper medical facilities.  However, this does not mean we have to approve of the State of Israel’s actions.  B’rai Brith and Irwin Cottler should not control your thinking in this matter by saying any criticism of the Zionist State of Israel is antisemitic, but Canadians should, and any democratic country would pay attention to its people.

I ask again what you have done to expand our relationships with the quickly multiplying number of countries of BRICKS and SCO?   That should be part of your job as Minister of Foreign Affairs or are you going to leave us in the cold and stick within the shaky skirts of the USA which leads only to war and violence?  I doubt that you are going to take us into an expanding trade and banking era and just maybe peace in our life time.

What do Canadians want Ms. Joly? or are you simply not interested?

I do not consent to your actions taken on behalf of Canadians in these matters.

Jeremy Arney

Leader of the Canadian Action Party

Victoria BC

Stoltenberg interview here:

Sunrise in BC

Democracy oh Democracy where are you?

Where is democracy in Canada now?

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it”.    Joseph Mengele

The concept of democracy is that people vote for their representatives for all levels of government, and those elected represent their constituents to the ruling body, in our case our House of ill repute, and clearly that is not happening in Canada.

Just this month the people of Ontario were given their opportunity to vote, and such was the discontent with Ontario’s government that many did not even bother to vote as they knew that they are not and will not be represented.  This does not only apply to Ontario, but when a populace decides not to even bother to vote it speaks volumes for the state of our democracy in Canada.

We no longer have representatives in Canada at any level who are interested in their constituents but simply tow the party line which is mostly dictated by the corporate power

“Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.”   Judge Learned Hand 

Our system should allow for checks and balances but it does not. Federally we have a senate which is supposed to be a house of sober second thought to our House of ill Repute, and when they recently got a chance to hold that house of ill repute in check by appearing ready to refuse to agree to the emergency powers illegally invoked by our “nice hair” drama teacher, he simply reversed himself and revoked those emergency powers. The Senate was not needed in this case but it appears they were ready for once to act on behalf of Canadians and their freedoms 

Will we need a new constitution written by Klaus Schwab who is not interested in provincial powers?

‘The truth often evades being recognized due to its utter incredibility’   Pericles?

Is that what we want, or are we willing to actually demand of our representatives that they act for us rather than against us?

‘Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless and corrupt’.  Mahatma Ghandi

However, one thing is very clear Canada is NOT a democratic country


Open comments to all Canadian MPs regarding Libya

It was with considerable disbelief and regret and yes even disgust that I heard MPs all talking about Libya in today’s (14th June 2011) so called debate about our terroristic attacks there in support of the IMF and USA and of course UN and the oil companies.

What I heard was a parroting of the “official” CIA, SAS, Mossad propaganda, not what appears to be true to anyone who has followed the Libyan situation over the last 40 years. What I heard time and again was almost word for word what we heard that the American contract soldiers were doing all the time in Iraq, and almost certainly have done in Afghanistan and probably many other countries as well. Are Bush, Cheney under indictment for war crimes from the UN? Don’t think so and anyway they are all welcome here in Canada by the government even if not by the people.

Ms. May, my MP just spoke and said she does not support this motion on behalf of her constituents and she is correctly speaking for me.  She didn’t get it quite right but, it seems, stands alone for what the majority of Canadians really think. Of course she was attacked.  Vote eventually 276 (I think) yeahs – 1 nay. Thank you Ms.May
I heard time and again from the debate that Gaddafi is a brutal man who is killing and raping his people. None of this makes any sense to me, unless we look at it in the same terms as Bush joking:

“Weapons of Mass Destruction, are they under here? no, over there perhaps? no.” , or even more ridiculously after the 9/11 fiasco

“Don’t panic, just go out and shop!”

What monkey sees monkey does, or what you read in the CIA media is gospel. Here we go again into lies, deceit and bombing when all we have is the right to operate is a no fly zone, not clear the way for and conducting bombing runs on Libyan civilians. The criminals here are not Gaddafi but the UN backed killers.

Simple research, which seems beyond the abilities of Canadian MPs, would show just what Gaddafi has done for the Libyans over the last 40 years since he turned his attention away from nurturing foreign terrorists with his training camps etc.,

So again I will show you what my limited research has told me; I do not have unlimited government resources as you do and you could verify what I am saying if you bothered to pay attention to 60% of the Canadian people who do not want us there, in fact want us out. Do you not wonder why?

Proud promises I hear every day in the House about serving your constituents to the best of your abilities are empty and hollow because you follow the party line not your constituents’ wishes. Yet I heard again and again from the House floor today that you are doing what the Canadian people want. According to whom? Not we the people.

So these questions for you:

Do we have free education at all levels including universities at home and abroad? No; but the Libyans do.

Do we have free and efficient medical and dental health? No; but the Libyans do.

Do we have full employment, that is a job for anyone who wants to work or run a business and support their family and community? Nowhere near, but the Libyans do with the exception of the Nomadic tribes.

Does every Canadian who wants one have a home and a car and the ability to support them both? Good grief no, but those Libyans do, although the Nomadic tribes still like to wander the desert and that is their choice.

Is the Libyan desert irrigated with water found under the desert, and used in a huge irrigation scheme to allow the desert to become farmable again? Yes it is, while here in Canada we are poisoning our water supply with mining and fracking to the point where soon we will have no fresh water left, but lots of natural gas for export. Oh yes GMO seeds are taking over here too so we will soon have lots of home grown poisonous food to eat. CETA is in trouble because the EU doesn’t like GMO.

Does Libyan have its own central bank which finances the above mentioned health, education and housing plans, and also supplies free money for business startups? Yes they do and there is no national debt, no deficit and huge monetary donations to other African countries? Actually a huge chunk of money set aside by Libya for the benefit of African countries which need the money has been stolen by the USA on behalf of the IMF which just cannot allow those poor African countries to escape their greedy clutches.

Do Libyans own and control the oil of the country, Yes they do. It pays for everything.
Our oil is owned almost exclusively by foreign owned companies who pay us a minimum royalty, and the bottom line leaves Canada without any benefit to the people.

We also have our own bank – the Bank of Canada – which you refuse to use anymore and we are getting further into debt every day, the deficit is growing every day and the compounding interest on that debt is growing every day, yet we dare to criticize Gaddafi and tell the Libyan people they can do things better if they follow our way?

Even Al Jazeera carries articles and stories about the Libyan people who ask the simple question:
“Why would we want to get rid of a man who has done so much for us?”

So please tell me again just how hard done by these Libyans are by their “brutal dictator” and what are we going to do for them again?

Oh yes we will give them debt, disease and illiteracy.

If we are going to protect civilians everywhere and even Chris Warkentin says we must never let civilians be attacked again, then that means that we must stand by HAMAS to defend the Palestinians against the terroristic attacks by Israel. Protect the Palestinian farmers from being evicted by Israeli settlers, and literally thrown out into the road without even their clothing. I am sure they will welcome our help. That will never happen because you are owned in part by Israel who also helps you determine who comes over our borders. George Galloway will testify to that, and Stockwell Day signed the deal allowing that to happen.

Gaddafi has always been harsh on traitors and rebels and dealt with them strongly, because they are the ones who will eventually hurt his people. These rebels are the “people” he says he will get rid of, not the ordinary Libyan civilian, but easy to twist that isn’t it? Indeed thanks to support both financially and with arms and training, that bunch of rebels, which the Government of Canada is now not only supporting militarily but has also recognised as the legitimate council (government) of Libya, is indeed hurting his people. I have yet to be shown any real evidence that government of Libya forces are deliberately attacking innocent civilians as claimed in the House today by almost everyone who spoke. In a civil war such as this the rebels will hide under the guise of pretending to be civilians to get the kind of sympathy you are giving them. Anything done to them is claimed to be done to civilians, even if they do it themselves.

Classic CIA operation really, they have done it so many times and you fall for it every time.These rebels have the backing of the IMF because the IMF has already established a new central bank which they claim is the real central bank of Libya, designed to make money for the IMF because at the present time they, IMF, are not making any from Libya, and this is unforgivable. A bunch of CIA backed ragtag rebels with their own central bank sponsored by the IMF? doesn’t that make you shudder?

New oil companies have been set up to take over those of the Libyan people and to make money (US$ of course), for foreign oil companies not for the people of Libya. It will only be a question of time before some corporation will want to take over the desert and the agriculture, I assume it will be Monsanto so the bankrupting of the farmers and the poisoning of the Libyans can begin.

There is talk from countries who have forgotten or even never knew the meaning of democracy and certainly do not practice it about establishing democracy in Libya.
Well damn it we do not have democracy here in Canada so what right do you have to tell the Libyans that we will bring them democracy. We don’t have it and never will under our present system, so to promote that talk is farcical and dishonest.

It is time we in Canada and the USA for that matter, recognized that democracy does not exist anywhere in the world, maybe the closest it ever came was in Libya prior to our intervention of behalf of the IMF, USA, Israel and the UN etc.

What we really, in the noble and totally all-knowing west, want to do is bring Libya down to our level of enslavement, standard of living and total indebtedness to the IMF, subservience to the robber investors such as Goldman Sachs and their futures rip offs, to the pharmaceutical corporations, insurance, seed and oil companies who have no interest in anything but money. We want to make sure that Libya comes down to our level, because by golly no-one should be better than us eh?

My question is what about the Libyans, who is listening to them in the west?

Oh silly question, you are not listening to Canadians so why would you listen to any Libyans other than the “rebels”?

We really need a huge make over here in Canada, staring with our so called representatives in Parliament.

Jeremy Arney

A Look at the Canadian Parliament in February 2011

Perhaps now would be a good time to do some evaluation of what the Canadian Parliament is all about.

We all know the concept that MPs are elected by the people of Canada to act on their behalf and to represent Canada to the world.

Is it working?

From my perspective as one of those people of Canada it is not.

We no longer have representation in Parliament, rather we have political parties which tell us what they will do for us and do not complete on those promises. One reason for this is that those parties respond to lobbyists and financial backers but not to the people.

We have a government now which is thinly disguised as Conservative, but is actually the Reform/Alliance coalition party and destruction is what they are doing to Canada and the Parliamentary structure. When Peter MacKay was elected leader of the Conservatives it was with the written agreement that he would not join with or amalgamate with the Reform/Alliance party, however he did so within months because the Reform/Alliance party needed a marketable name and he needed a cabinet seat. Talk to or read David Orchard on this subject, as he was the one who negotiated this agreement during that leadership convention.

This duplicity is still very much in evidence today, because it is the original foundation of the Reform party.
Lets look at the name Reform…Re…form.

What in their view has to be reformed?

The country? Yes
The concept of people having a say in government? Yes
Accountability to the people? Yes
Freedom without accountability for multinational and domestic corporations? Yes
Increased power to ministers (really the prime minister) to destroy what has been built up over the years? Yes
Destruction of any safeguards built into the system of government regardless of the wishes of the people? Yes
Change the Rule of Law? Yes
Build up police and military presence to achieve a police state? Yes
Removal of personal liberty to say and write the truth as seen? Yes
The ability to look after our own health using natural real foods and herbs? Yes
Acceptance and harmonization with anything American as we HAVE to join them and become part of them? Yes
Destruction of our rivers, lakes and the very lives of our indigenous people by mining and oil corporations, not only here but around the world. ( This has been going on for years so there is no change in policy here except the rate at which it is happening, and the deregulation of environmental concerns) Yes

Why does this all have to happen?

That is the question that can only really be answered by those who are doing it. However I think it is all to do with financial greed and power.

Perhaps the question should be more why are we allowing it to happen?

We no longer control our country, our destiny or our lives. Oh yes we can still go out and buy a new car, house, groceries etc., because the banks are manufacturing money out of nothing and allowing us the use of that money. But jobs are still shrinking, value for work done is not rewarded in any meaningful way, pride in country is at an all time low unless we win the world championship in something of course. What we will win a championship for is indifference to our country and our world. The security council fiasco showed that clearly.

It is a gloomy picture I paint, but as long as we are RULED, and allow ourselves to be RULED, by a man who is full of contempt, and I often think hatred, for anything Canadian we are faced with this gloom.

We have the power in this country to recover from almost anything except the destruction of our liberties. Our Parliament can be changed to represent the wishes of the people and thus free democracy can be returned to Canada. As long as we have an adversarial party system that allows hate and even fear mongering along with outright lies at election times and then allows it to become part of the process in the House of Commons we will not have any form of democracy, nor will we have people who want to take part in it. This apathy due to lack of real choice will complete the destruction of Canada as we know it.

Provided we have freedom to do so we can achieve anything.

Those very freedoms are under attack by the Reform/Alliance coalition party because these freedoms are so dangerous to them.

At the time of re-writing this (I originally did so about 6 months ago), there is a series of freedom movements going on in the middle east, peaceful and democratic in intent and where force has been used, as in Libya, it has been condemned by the world, which watches to see what will happen. This government is unable to respond in a positive way, because it does not know how to deal with people anywhere, only Israel, corporate lobbyists and their bosses.

There is a lesson here for the Canadian people who are tired of all this hypocrisy; we can take our country back if we want to. We can do it through the voting system or we can take to the streets. It is up to us to choose whilst we still can.


Jeremy Arney