Military Madness In UKRAINE

Didn’t send this because I was mad enough to write somethings I maybe should not have.

Anita Anand.

I was watching a briefing to the PM and a couple of other stooges, by our soldiers in Alberta who were there to help fight wild fires.

The point of an army is to defend the country and that is why they fall under the supposed command of the Defense Department. The armed forces are very efficient at helping with wild fires, floods and other natural emergencies.  At Vimy Ridge they figured out a way to succeed and have been largely successful since….. now their feat is being eliminated from the Canadian passport – way to remember.

You have given away all our working tanks, artillery and ammo for them and we have outdated planes and you are planning to replace them with single engine planes to fly over the northern part of our country.  Single engine!!! Good luck if that goes on the blink or gets a bird strike. Will the pilots get danger pay to fly them up there?

However, the military’s main purpose is defense of Canada, and when we need them here, a 1,000 or more are teaching killing methods in Eastern Europe and probably more in the UK which both have centuries of experience in that endeavour.

Bring them home Ms. Anand so they can help defend our citizens against natural (or maybe not) disasters.

Of course, it takes caring to do something like that and our PM clearly doesn’t give a darn for the Canadian people, but you could if you so choose.  Photo ops and no action is the trade mark of this fellow.

Can I assume that the weapons being used to train Ukrainian Nazi troops to kill or wound men women and child civilians in the Donbas will be left in their hands to take back to Ukraine?