Ignatief why do you support trade deals

Mr.  Ignatief

I understand that your party is backing the trade deals with Colombia and the European Union that Harper in his stupidity wants to rush into.

 Mr Ignatieff could you please tell me how it will benefit Canada to have whatever business we still own here in Canada bought by Europeans, or drug dealers from Colombia?

 The idea with Colombia is for them to allow Canada access to their country for our mining, oil drilling and banking companies, but what good will that do for us when those same companies can and probably will be bought by those drug dealers?

Can we afford to loose any more companies to overseas buyers who want to just get rid of competition?

Do we really want every level of our communities from federal, provincial , to municipal and school boards, hospitals etc., to be told by Colombians, or Europeans what they can and cannot do, who they must buy from, when and where?

 It is bad enough that that autonomy has been given to the USA whilst you were not looking during the prorogation this last winter, through the “buy American” trade deal.  If you were looking why did you allow it to go ahead?

 I have written to you before concerning your “image” with Canadians and what you are portraying to my mind is a Harper lite but with less steel and will to screw the country at any cost.

 When will you understand that just “not being Conservative” is enough?   You must give the people something they can believe and want….you are not doing that.

 I  do not approve of Harper’s desire to give the country to the international corporations because it is his personal mantra I think, but do you share that mantra or are you interested in maintaining Canada’s sovereignty?   I understand that you may think that you could right the wrongs if and when you ever get into power, however the only way to change things is to start with complete abrogation of NAFTA, and then all later trade deals with their disastrous results for Canada, and to wipe out TILMA too although that is not really in your power

 We owe more but own less than we did when the FTA and then NAFTA came into being, and we are getting worse and worse.  Our banking system, fraudulent and illegal as it is, will soon be bought by Europeans, and our people owned Bank of Canada will be given away to the Fed in the USA probably. 

 What do you see in all this that I am missing?

 Is this what you really want for Canada, our children and grandchildren?

 To go along with Harper’s contempt for Canada and Canadians we have here in B C a dictator who flat out refuses to listen to the people of BC or to actr in their best in terests, and now we are learning that our official federal opposition party appears to be the same.

 This is not what I want from my employees in the Parliament of Canada.

 I want a backbone in those who are supposed to look out for my interests,

I want a future for my grandchildren,

I want a Canada strong, free, ready and willing to help the world, in actions not empty rhetoric .

 I wonder what you really want because it is not obvious.

 Jeremy Arney

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