What happened to choice?

What happened to our choices?

There is a move afoot in Canada to remove from the public domain the opportunity for us to choose whether we can use natural products for our health or if we must be forced to use dangerous and harmful pharmaceutical drugs controlled by Health Canada and Big Pharma with the only purpose being that the corporate bottom line and shareholders profit is far supreme to the health of Canadians.

 More and more today we are hearing of Health Canada inspectors, RCMP officers and Pharmaceutical Board inspectors descending upon and closing health food outlets, or compounding companies and what amounts to the theft of their products. This is being done in the name of regulations.

 I use the word theft advisedly because the excuse for taking the products from Marigold Compounding Company of Courtenay BC was based upon the lack of a DIN for the compounded products.  The very nature of any compounding company is that various ingredients are compounded together with the idea of being of benefit to the patient. Well that is true in the case of natural health products, but regretfully it cannot be said to be true of the pharmaceutical drug compounds.

 In order to understand the difference it is easiest to show that pharmaceutical drugs have a deliberate predetermined effect on the body which has no choice on what happens to it as a result of the ingestion of these drugs.  They have an effect, good or bad, and that is that.

 I wonder too how many of these drugs are tested to see how they will react with the toxins in our environment from the constant use of pesticides, weed killer and fattening drugs for livestock.  Very few if any I suspect because Health Canada doesn’t stop the use of these toxins unless told to by the good old USA

 On the other hand natural health products give the body what it requires to help it cure itself, and the body chooses what it needs and passes the remainder out of its system.

 In the case of Marigold, they are presumably presented with symptoms along with the history of the patient and decide what natural products will have a beneficial effect, or create a cure if you will; actually by Health Canada rules the only products which can claim a cure are harmful pharmaceutical drugs, so it is dangerous to even suggest that a natural product can effect a cure because it unlawful to do so!

That in itself is absolutely ridiculous. It is perfectly legal for Big Pharma to add for instance Echinacea to a cold drug and then claim it is improved with that addition. 

Do not make that claim if you are only talking about Echinacea though because that is not legal.

 Natural foods have been used for centuries without multiple deaths in fact very few deaths can be laid at natural health products door,  whereas just to name two recent examples Gardasil and H1N1 vaccinations have caused many serious side effects and deaths. What’s worse is there is absolutely no proof that either of these vaccinations will do what they claim to do!

 Back to Marigold, after the compound is made, by strict letter of the law a DIN must be applied for to be attach to this new compound and we all know that it could be up to 2 years before such a number is given…meanwhile what happens to the patient? Health Canada doesn’t care about them it is clear, so they have a choice: take something that is made to make a profit and most likely to damage them- a drug, remain sick for two years and maybe more, or take the new compound now and most likely get better.

 But wait! This government doesn’t want that to happen does it? Get better? what nonsense! There is no profit for Pharma in that!

No they are trying so hard to get Codex Alimentarious here in Canada that not only will we not be able to obtain or consume health food products, we will have to survive on genetically modified crap from companies such as Monsanto who are the main backers of Codex anyway.

 We have a Minister of Health who only appears to care for untested vaccinations and drugs for supposed health and safety, and thus seems determined to make us all sick.  Shame on her.

 How did we get to this situation where our ability to choose how we look after ourselves is taken away from us?

 Why is it so urgent and important that our health and safety be controlled by other countries?

 Why do we need a new consumer product safety act (Bill C-36) when the very agency which is to administer it is completely corrupted and indifferent to our health and safety anyway?

 Why can we not modify the Hazardous Goods Act and then give the administration of public safety it to an agency that works for the Canadian people?

 Instead we have Health Canada, which is so compromised and corporate influenced it will never again be of any use to the Canadian people.

 It is time for a major shake-up in the way we look at health and the way we treat those who are sick.


Jeremy Arney

One thought on “What happened to choice?

  1. Dr. Abraham Hoffer M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P.S. (Can.) has researched and tested extensively the use of megavitamins to treat Psychosis. http://doctoryourself.com/hoffer_psychos…

    Even though the next link I am offering you is more of a discussion on how corporations are influencing governmental law…..however, within the documentary a fellow tells his story about his bi-polar, schizophrenic wife who committed suicide …..and then discusses how he came to research with another concerned person some methods to prevent his two children from falling into the same illness.

    He states that his children were exhibiting symptoms of bi-polar, schizophrenia….and with his research, discovered that mega vitamins and minerals taken daily, removed the symptoms over time.
    Here is the link: http://vimeo.com/13024940
    Then we discover how the department of Health Canada sent in a SWAT police team at night and arrested the father at gunpoint …..for failing to include a specific/required number on his bottled megavitamin/mineral product.

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