Is this the Canada we want?

Is this the Canada we want?

As I read some of the newspapers, watch the TV and listen to the talk radio stations, from here in Canada and from the USA, I am struck by a common trend:


People no longer matter.


I know there are those who will say – where have you been?  But I have been here watching and fuming but I have also realized that especially our present Federal Government and the BC legislature have openly lost interest in the people in favour of big business. At least in the past there has been some pretense, but now they do not care that we know it, they thumb their collective snouts at us.

 The word contempt comes to mind

 It is not a new and sudden thing for sure, but in the last few months it seems to have been ramped up that the people do not matter, that the Canadian Parliament can be made dysfunctional by stupidity and that it is quite alright for “officials” to lie to us, pretend we are not here, or even herd us like cattle as was shown in Toronto a few weeks ago.

 Actually cattle probably get treated much better than those who simply wanted to make a peaceful statement, and were not allowed to do so. My daughter, who was in Seattle (unknown to me at the time) for the WTO demonstration a few years ago, knows well the smell of tear gas and that allowed her to escape the evil clutches of the Toronto security thugs (both those overdressed in riot gear and those with their shirt tails hanging out) who were supposed to protect everyone against terrorists and chose instead to attack peaceful demonstrators singing “Oh Canada”.  Did anyone else notice the ugliness and hate on the face of that plain clothes straw haired woman cop as she swung her baton? After allowing mayhem to be done by what we now believe to be their brothers in arms the previous day, to attack the citizenry in such a fashion can only be called stupid and cowardly, and any loss of faith in the police agencies in Canada was well earned that day.

 We are told that these men and women were just doing what they were told, and that makes it even worse as they knew what they were doing was wrong. Let’s not even get into how much they were paid to assist in the suspension of any civil liberties Canadians think they might have.

 But these events are really only the surface that the media glom onto rather than tell us the real story.

 Our federal government is comprised of a rag tag bunch of Alliance/Reform coalition politicians, who it seems are bound to follow like lemmings as their senior idiot sells Canada to who ever wants to buy us. It is bad enough that many years ago Mulroney sold us out to the Americans and then Chrétien made it worse, now Harper wants what is left to be purchased by EU countries, Colombia and if there are any pickings left I am sure he has another buyer in mind. 

Remember the throne speech : “Canada is open for business” translation means open for investment, means open for buyouts.

Since Mulroney’s original FTA deal we have steadily lost our ability to control our companies and production of anything as manufacturing leaves our homeland for cheaper countries. This of course looses us jobs of any value, and this government is happy to replace them with part time jobs at such places as Wendy’s or Wal-Mart.  Benefits, once part of a job package, are now almost unheard of except in upper management or civil service positions.

 All governing parties are making the claim that they are reducing taxes and what they really mean is that they are infinitesimally reducing the personal income tax of lower income earners.  At the same time other taxes are rocketing up and corporate taxes are due to come down again. The argument is that keeping corporate taxes high will stop prices from coming down for goods and services, and will stop future expansion of businesses. That argument is about as sound as me holding a full gown elephant over my head with one arm.

How can anyone justify reducing taxes for a company which has just made record profits and paid huge bonuses to the senior directors?  They need help?

If one follows the money, which is generally good advice, it takes us, or I anyway, to assume some very ugly things about our politicians and their personal financial healths.

 Over the last 70 years a social network was put in place so that there would not be people without the means of living a meaningful life. These services have been so eroded since Reagan and Mulroney got together that we now have a homeless and sick population in Canada which is totally unacceptable to anyone but the heartless corporate morons who run our governments.

 This headlong rush into trade deals with all other countries does not benefit you and I one bit.  Yes it benefits the bigger companies, which will be purchased, gutted and then abandoned along with anyone who worked there. How exactly does that benefit the person on the street? How does it for instance benefit the Colombian peon? Be sure that the CEOs and their friends in government will make out very well.

We already know that the NAFTA ruined the Mexican corn farmers because Yankee corn flooded the market down there at a deliberate knock down price designed to destroy the Mexican farmers…thus the price of Yankee corn could go up again…strangely benefiting  companies such as Goldman Sachs with their futures games, but not the American corn farmer.

 In spite of all this Harper wants to bash on with the great Canadian Giveaway on the backs of what he considers to be great Canadian accomplishments recently; namely the disruption of the Copenhagen Climate Control summit in order to protect the Alberta tar sands; the  winter Olympic financial fiasco  which was a great success thanks to the athletes not him, and the non-meetings of the G8 and G20 which as far as I can tell accomplished nothing inside the meetings thanks to him, but established the future of the Canadian Police reaction to any peaceful public action by Canadians. Peaceful demonstrations are not to be tolerated but of course the police and their cohorts can do what they want. Just a few days ago the Liberal government of Ontario arranged  the  arrest of people peacefully demonstrating in a government building about the cuts in funding for the physically handicapped…  Imagine, riot police charging wheelchair inhabitants with batons raised and then arresting them for being in a public building to present an invoice for lost funding.!…that’s the modern Canadian policeman?

 Is this the Canada we want?

Not for me.

Who will take it back for us?

Liberals and NDP are struggling with realising that they are useless as long as they vote the party line because I suspect their leaders are bought and paid for and will not look after the people ;  the Bloc are interested in rescuing Quebec from the demise of Canada, so who do we have in our corner?

I really think that the answer is to eliminate all political parties, including those on the fringe such as the Green Party and Canadian Action Party, the latter of which has some absolutely great ideas that cannot be put into place as long as corporation controlled parties run our lives.

Maybe it’s the time for the elimination of all parties and to have 308 independents in Ottawa.

Now that would be something and yes I have some ideas about that I will get to later.

Enough for now


Jeremy Arney

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