What’s going on Mr Cannon?

Dear Minister Cannon,
It appears that neither you nor your department have read the PM’s memo.

Your Leader has clearly stated that Canadian Sovereignty is soon to be a thing of the past, so why are you using it as any of excuse for not signing the UN declaration of the rights to clean water for everyone.?

From the National Post:
“Melissa Lantsman, press secretary for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, said Wednesday that Canada’s sovereignty over its own natural water supply is a key issue for government”.
“We continue to assert that international human rights obligations in no way limit our sovereign right to manage our own resources,” Ms. Lantsman said.

Your fellow cabinet member and Minister for Indian Affairs wrote to me that:

“Our government” will continue to demonstrate leadership by advancing the cause of indigenous rights around the world and create opportunities for a better future for Canada’s Aboriginal peoples”.

This was in response to my question to him about Canada’s reluctance to sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as promised in the latest throne speech. It would appear that the rights, wellbeing and health of our own First Nations peoples are being put on hold by both of you whilst this Reform / Alliance coalition government plays political games in the name of sovereignty which you plan to trade in for global corporate rule.

What is really going on here Mr. Cannon?

Jeremy Arney