Gary Doer and the TPP

Just by chance and I do not know why I recorded CPAC’s Public Record on 2nd December 2015, and I played it back a night or two ago.

One of the segments was Gary Doer, our outgoing Ambassador to the US, talking at the Economic Club of Canada on the subject of Canada- US Relations.

After rambling on rather disjointedly as usual about all sorts of things he came to the subject of the TPP, and here he showed himself to be just another lackey of the ex Harper bunch and the corporate agenda.

After he had finished his presentation he was asked a question about the likelihood of the TPP being passed by the US congress and when.

At the end of his reply he said this and I quote:


“My advice to Canada would be: be ready to make a decision. It’s your decision, it’s our decision. We are a sovereign country, we will make our decision but don’t do the, you know, due diligence. Don’t waste time on the due diligence on the public interest.”

 I replayed this segment several times to make sure I had heard it right and then again to write down what he actually said.

This is a man who has spent some 5+ years as the Harper Government representative to the USA so he can be forgiven for thinking like Harper, and indeed like the US congress neither of whom/which believe that the people of either country are anything more than a vote needed to be purchased every 2/4 years, and in between that time are there for the practice of arrogant, contemptuous behavior.  Since this has been Mr. Doer’s habitat for the last 5 years he can of course be forgiven for absorbing this attitude towards the people of both Canada and the US, but to actually come right out at the Economic Club and declare that the Canadian government should not waste any time talking to Canadians is an insult that I for one take personally.

Perhaps someone at his level of paycheck, or Minister Dion, should point out to Mr. Doer that there is a new sheriff in town who preaches consultation rather than brute force, and that it is maybe a very good thing that he will soon be replaced as a relic of the most dysfunctional and destructive government Canada has ever had.

How long I wonder before all these Harperites are smoked out and replaced by real people?

I d0 not wholeheartedly support the Liberals but I am willing to give them a chance to prove that they are serious in their desire to consult with Canadians.   As a member and the interim leader of the Canadian Action Party we have some fundamental differences particularly about Money creation through the Bank of Canada and allowing any investment profit agreements thinly disguised as so called free trade agreements back to the FTA of Mulroney and Reagan to remain in place.

We do however believe that the Canadian people should have a say in their government and their government’s actions, and it remains to be seen if the new Liberals think that as well, and their handling of the TPP and newly revived CETA with its apparently new court, which has yet to be defined while location and jurisdiction are still unknown,  will tell me all most all I need to know as to whether or not they are for real, or just another shill for the big money boys.

Fingers crossed?…maybe.


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