Fall out from G20 police stupidity

It has been bought to my attention that a young man who help organise a totaly peaceful protest aimed at both The Canadian Government and all that government’s (and therefore Canada’s) guests was picked up by the police in Toronto, held in jail for 3 weeks and is now under house arrest and not even allowed to send e-mails.
This is the result of organising part of a peaceful protest, whilst the real black shirted offenders were just watched, maybe even applauded for all we know, and then a thousand other peaceful  protestors trapped into an ever decreasing square and told to dispurse only to find they were not allowed to do so, thus being accused of disobeying a police order; they were arrested taken to holding pens (pre set up of course and so they must be filled) and abused both mentally and physically whilst there.
What in the HELL has this country become under this corporate control ?
Is this part of Stephen (I make the rules) Harper’s democracy?
Is this what Stephen (I make the rules) Harper plans to do to fill his privately owned jails built with unreported crimes in mind?
I say privately owned as Stephen (I make the rules) Harper  doesn’t have the money to care for children’s education, health or day care; for the old and sick; for the out of work thanks to corporate give aways which will only get worse. So how on earth can Stehpen (I make the rules) Harper afford jailors at these new jails, like the one north of Fort St John in BC?  He can’t but he can afford to pay huge sums of money to those private contractors who will provide those jailor services.
To return to the young man in Toronto, what of him?  My informant tells me he is a broken person, obviously abused, probably beaten and thoroughly shaken about his belief in Canada and freedom to congregate with peaceful speech in mind.
Combine that with a 51 year old woman who is sueing the Toronto police and I would say that Stephen (I make the rules) Harper is hell bent on damaging everyone.
Or perhaps Stephen (I make the rules) Harper thinks this will ingratiate him with the corporate powers which will allow Canada into the UN Security Council….or not.  If they had any sense they would kick us out of the UN and the G8 and G20.
Serve us right for allowing such a dictator to be in power in the first place.
Jeremy Arney

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