A bit of a rant

On the 26th of October 2010, after 2 hours and 50 minutes of HESA Committee meetings – they could not be called hearings except by the mentally impaired – and at a cost of $15,500 or $91 a minute – a few cosmetic but immaterial amendments were proposed by the Reform / Alliance team simply to keep some Liberal Senators happy, were accepted, naturally, and the clause by clause was completed. This was at about 11.13 am.

The report was presented to the House of Commons on 28th October 2010.

The first order of the day on the 29th was the third reading of the Bill and right after Question Period it was bought back again and all done, by somewhere close to 1.30 pm.

Now it is up to the Reform / Alliance coalition loaded Senate to rubber stamp it.

King Harper and his Northern Fairy have given the gift to Canada which will just keep on giving and giving us regulation after regulation from overseas.

It was done so fast that I missed it and wasted valuable time writing meaningless letters to the equally traitorous Iggy and Jacko over the weekend, and I am really pissed at them all.

It is absolutely incredible to me that not one of the 308 MPs has even bothered to answer my question about overseas regulations being enabled by this Bill C-36 and the intended Act. The closest was the pathetic Minister of Justice providing excuses for his incompetence, and blaming it on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms !

As Minister of Justice, I am required under section 4.1 of the Department of Justice Act to report any inconsistencies with the Charter to the House of Commons. I would like to assure you that this process is completed for all tabled bills, including Bill C-6. It should be noted, however, that the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Charter are not absolute and are subject to limitations under section 1 of the Charter, including reasonable limits prescribed by law that are demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society.

My bold

Can someone tell me how something guaranteed can not be? Either the Charter is a meaningless piece of paper or the Min of Justice is crazy. After all if it is meaningless why quote from it, and if it is valid then obey it. Simple enough even for him I would have thought. Perhaps he hadn’t received clear enough instructions from the PMO.

I wish there was a mainstream media in this country that was independent enough and interested enough to let Canadians know what is happening to them.

Stop and think about it for a moment.

We have been rejected as too inadequate on the world stage to be part of the UN Security Council, and thank you for that because we are enough of a hindrance to the world already.
We have torpedoed the Copenhagen climate change meeting; we have destroyed thousands of acres all over the world with our rotten mining practices, destroying families and communities in the process. We have a government backed and protected tar sands which is a blight on the planet. We have fracturing of shale taking place, and our water supply is being ruined for power, copper, gold and uranium to help kill families overseas. If ever there was a country which deserved to not make it to the Security council it is Canada. I am not proud of that, I am disgusted.

Our banks require our armed forces to be there to keep them safe whilst they rape the local people and governments of third world countries which have something we want, all for the sake of the bottom line in some corporation based in Canada but which banks in an offshore non taxation country. So much for the role of peacekeeping when it is not to protect the local people but rather Canadian Mining corporations and banks. We call these free trade deals. Hah, free for whom?

At the G6 and G20 meetings we refused to allow what most of the other members wanted on the agenda, we refused to allow the concept of help to pregnant women, because it does not fit with Harper’s ideological christianity, but it does with the Canadian people as a whole. We spent more money on security alone than any other country has spent on the whole event, simply because we are becoming a hated country in the eyes of the world.

We refuse to recognise the rights of aboriginal peoples or even the rights for everyone to have water.

For Harper, and thus unfortunately from the world view of Canada, Israel can do no wrong and all Muslim countries are not to be trusted. Now what kind of a Canadian ideology is that? Is that what we are being required to do at home now too, hate the Muslims and tell the Israelis that they are wonderful no matter how murderous they are? Harper makes the rules so I suppose so. The CPCCA will soon get him to make it law that any words of dissent against Israel will be a hate crime. Our useless and pathetic opposition will allow it to pass too.

It seems likely that Harper’s bosses, the Republicans, will gain control of the US House of Representatives tomorrow, and that will embolden his highness to step up the pressure on the necks of we the Canadian people.

Why are we not buying the Russian fighter which is already flying now? Why wait for the inferior and very expensive US model? Obviously we need it for something Harper has in mind – like attacking Iran for Uncle Sam, ‘cause Uncle Sam’s too tied up and busy to do it – so let’s get with it and get the Russian plane. I am sure if you asked them they would be happy to put the manuals and switch nameplates in French and anglais.
Hey if we talk nicely to them, they might swap some for asbestos!

We are developing into such a police state and soo fast that most people are not aware of what is happening. Why in spite of  billion dollar price tag are vandals allowed to destroy property in Toronto and peaceful demonstrators and singers of the national anthem are herded into a tight square, beaten up, arrested and thrown into jail? Why are the police now arrestors, judges and jury on the roads of BC.

Why are jails being built for the perpetrators of unknown crimes…come on people , I will probably be in one of them, because I refuse to lie down quietly and be a good little old man. That will be the unknown crime I’ll bet. Dissent. Just disappear to that place north of Fort Nelson.

So if my blog goes quiet for too long that is probably where you will find me, just in time for that pagan holiday now called christmas.

I am not a happy camper today, maybe tomorrow I will have recovered my sense of humour after I have spent some time with my two grandchildren, who help me see things more clearly. But for now I am mad as hell.

Jeremy Arney

3 thoughts on “A bit of a rant

  1. During the Cold War, the Russians had something that was called “the Salami tactic”, i.e. one little piece at a time was cut off and nobody would notice it until one day the entire “salami” was gone and by then it was too late. And so it is with today’s so-called “democracy”, our rights are being eroded one right at a time and all we can come up with is the lame excuse “there is nothing that can be done about it”. Oh, yes! there is a lot that can be done. Thinking “outside the box” and questioning authority at every step is one. Keeping a sharp eye and voting out of office all those who are only looking after their own well-being and the well-being of those in whose back pockets they are. Canada’s worst problem is having the US as neighbour and so many Canadians ready to betray Canada for the benefit of the US.

  2. This is a direct threat to our sovereignty. Where has the Council of Canadians been? They seem to be the only nationalist flag we can rally around. Canadians rely on the Council to warn them of threats to our sovereignty. What have they done to warn us?

    I believe that the Elites behind the Throne (ruling class in a supposedly classless society) have to compromise any organization which could rally Canadians in their justified self-interests. Thus leaders of all political parties, top union executives and leaders of popular Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) have to be compromised (bought, blackmailed or effectively threatened) in order to control them.

    Could this explain the silence of these organizations to this and many other bills, to all the bilateral free trade treaties Canada is signing including one which included mutual security with Israel, transformation of Canada’s peacekeepers into a hi-tech, expensive offensive capable forces to support US imperial wars for resources, etc?

    Since our political parties do not seem to react as We the People would expect, perhaps we need a Citizen’s Legislative Oversight Committee to independently review all draft legislation to determine threats to our sovereignty, legislative clauses which give corporations undue advantages at our expense, review of taxation legislation, etc

    For example, did you know that in BC, Gordon Campbell’s record tax cut when he took over in 2001 was 25% of the previous years total income tax? Remember he promised that the majority of tax cuts would be for the two lowest levels in the income tax categories. What actually happened? Those in the top tax bracket earning @250,000 or more which comprised only 0.4% of BC taxpayers got an average tax cut of $23,260 whereas the lowest tax bracket making up 48.8% of taxpayers got an average of $181! Why weren’t We the People told about this?

    Somehow We the People have to take over political power to ensure our interests are
    looked after just as the long neglected and abused aboriginals have done in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and other South American countries. What are we waiting for – more abuse from our politicians?

    What the Elites fear most is some organization rallying and uniting We the People who make up over 98% of the population. Thus the Elites make sure that the two organizations which could rally We the People are ineffective and have trouble organizing themselves. They are full of Trojan Horses which ensure that any effective or new initiatives are killed at birth. Their organizational structure is designed for rule by a small unrepresentative group.

    These two organizations are the NDP and unions. Comments?

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