Whats not being talked about in election 2011

What I am finding increasingly disturbing is what is not being talked about in this 2011 election:
The stimulus program part of the Action Plan is rapidly coming to an end, and many thousands of workers will be out of work again. Convenient that this will happen after the “unnecessary” election is over is it not?

New perimeter agreement with the USA which will further enmesh us into the control of the US Homeland Security with the resulting movement of personal data south.

CETA, the trade agreement with Europe which is still continuing through this election, and will undermine Canadian sovereignty even further. Provinces and municipalities will be subjected to WTO international trade deal rules, which we already know through FTA and NAFTA do not favour Canada. Our sewage, water and infrastructure will all be up for sale to European companies and we could even see the Trans Canada Highway turned into a toll road, owned and controlled by Spanish companies which specialize in that throughout the world.

By the end of this year Health Canada will have removed from the shelves of Health Stores about 80% of their offerings as the producers cannot afford the expensive scientific tests required by Health Canada to prove something that has been known for thousands of years to be fact; natural foods are safe and effective, yet they do not make money for the pharmaceutical companies, on the contrary they lose them profits due to wellness rather than sickness.

The Rule of Law in Canada has been turned on its head because we are becoming ruled by “violation of the regulations” in the laws, not the laws themselves. This means that the courts will not be used to judge innocence or guilt as that will be done by the Ministers themselves and the only recourse under this system is to a review panel established by that same Minister. The courts will not be involved at all. Guilty without the possibility of proving our innocence before a court is contrary to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law before a jury of our peers if necessary.

These and more are not being addressed so please help us get answers

Jeremy Arney

2 thoughts on “Whats not being talked about in election 2011

  1. I tried to twitter but twitter where? we can only follow
    cant blog same thing no site to complain or state issues
    face book where?If there were a site to post issues that people
    should think about I could not find it
    I have questions
    how do we get our country back from the fascist
    why do yuppies say ok to abortion which says human life is of low value
    when you say the earth is to small for a baby there are others that are putting the same value on you Why do we allow news people to work for globalists and still talk to us each nights with the go to sleep lies how does Harper get away with blowing 275 billion to banks for a promise to continue to finance mortgages then the bank finance minister changes the amortization from 35 years to 25 years down payment from 95 to 85 and raise interest rates what was the gift of 275 billion for but to give the IMF something they don’t have ,legitimacy Prisons for 9 billion all the unreported crimes Day says is that the crime they here while listening to us on our phones as we know they do 200 million to run a 2 year political campaign The worker help program tens of billions with at least a billion for political billboard campaigns Why did we have an election any way why did the Queen through the GOV GEN not give the other parties the chance to allow the opposition representing 60% plus of us Canadians Who is represented here us or the queen When do the American and Mexican solders come to Canada to put down the rebellion once everyone realizes we were sold out to the NEW WORLD ORDER Why do we vote for MP’s to go to Ottawa then shut to f*ck up and let a payed off leader run the show Why can,t we fire them before they do the damage Why can,t we get back to financing the country without usury rather a fee based system as in the Muslim countries that the banks want to destroy Why cant we put corrupt judges news people bankers and CEO,s in jail Why cant the police be given the top priority of protecting us In places where people open carry their own guns crime goes 23% plus they would find it hard to steal a country if we all had guns Finally it is a fact that global warming is not our fault if human do contribute to it it is the psychopathic bankers who finance nuke power plants and will finance more nuke power freighters as they have already done and every other dirty pollution filled but profitable scum filled idea known to man global warming is a bank paid lie the sun is getting hotter it melts the ice caps on earth but also on mars it turning solid nitrogen on one of Jupiter moons into gas it causing a second storm on Jupiter 7 cel temp change also Pluto is warming by 3 degrees and guess what no people their to blame PS for the arm chair eugenicists out their who want us all dead we are already their as the fluoride vaccines abortions birth control voluntary and as in Africa forced and hidden and poisoned crops genitally modified foods and radiation are killing us and you too Did the rich bankers show you how to avoid that did they invite you into their massive underground bunkers till the dieing is over . No? So what did you sell out yourself and the rest of us for Cop getting coffee did they warn you about the fluoride in the coffee and the mod corn starch in the donuts your kingdom for a donut. did they tell you how serious the radioactive fallout is Did they tell you about zeolite and how it can save your stupid life Go down to the next g 20 and crack some heads for those maggots you protect and do not ever think for yourself

    • Don,
      If you read all my bogs you would know I am asking the same questions, well most of them anyway, so please do not accuse me of protecting maggots.
      I do not subscribe to either twitter or facebook, and if you want to make comments to everyone go to wordpress.com and create your own blog, its easy and free. :Let me know and I will read it.

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