Open letter to treason stephen


Mr. Stephen Harper.

In an ultimate act of contempt towards the intelligence of Canadians you have made an advertisement which is saturating both TV and radio and has you saying: 

“My opponents have made this election about me. It is not about me it is about you the Canadian people……”

Three lies in just that statement by you.  Your opponents have not made this about you, and you know that very well. You have made every election since 2006 about you. As for  the Canadian people you care not one whit about them do you?

You have made this election all about you since the death of Jack Layton and the election of Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader.  In everything you say about your opponents they are in your eyes inferior to you, when in fact anyone is better than you as you are the very worst Prime Minister Canada has ever had, and no Prime Minister in Canadian history has so openly hated both Canada and Canadians as you do. For you to say that this election is about Canadians is as ridiculous as the Unfair Elections Act being designed to increase voter turnout.

Elections are supposed to be about all the Canadian people electing a representative to Ottawa, and as a result of that a Prime Minister will emerge.   You have made this election all about the Prime Minister.  You have made it about you and you will lie, cheat and steal again to keep the position, and a certain portion of Canadians will be frightened enough by your fear tactics, and taken in by your deliberate lies about the alternatives  to vote for you rather than a real local representative to Ottawa, thus helping you to erode Canadians elections even more. A perfect example of your deceit is you calling an additional pension contribution a payroll tax. No one but a fool would equate a pension contribution with a tax.


You are a religious bigot Harper, whose only real loyalty is towards the corporate profits of your puppet masters.

You have destroyed out parliamentary process; you have destroyed our social safety nets; you have depleted our national income whilst increasing our national debt; you have abandoned our vets, seniors, sick, homeless, aboriginal peoples, scientists, environment and even attacked our sovereignty through your corporate investment and profit protection deals disguised as trade agreements.

You have changed Canada from being a friend to the world to being a pathetic gunslinger without empty weapons. You promised to change Canada and you have done so with the same arrogant contemptuous hatred that you showed The House of Commons and the Canadian people in 2011 and ever since.

It is amazing to me that you can find 337 people to carry the Reform/Alliance/Conservative coalition banner and have to wonder what they have been promised, apart from a great paycheck and tax free pension of course, to act as your puppets. They have been discouraged from even granting interviews to those who are expected to hire them as employees. Which means their being hired or not is on your shoulders, and you say what again? This election is not about you?

Hopefully this time Canadians will see through your American Republican/Tea Party style of attacks, fear mongering and red herrings such as the niqab and they will send you and your party of robots into oblivion.   You deserve nothing less.

I am very aware that this letter, being one of dissent, makes me a target of your man Blaney’s police forces, who will probably be given the go ahead to shoot me on sight as a dissenter just like they did to James McIntyre of Dawson Creek. BC and Blaney applauded them. He is supposed to be the Minister of Public Safety not an applauder of wanton public killing.

Where has the real Canada gone under your horrendous leadership?

Jeremy Arney

Victoria BC

V9B 1N1

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