Wake up Canada !

Just what has this election of 2015 turned into?

Once upon a time Westminster style parliaments were created by people electing someone to represent them to that parliament.  There were a few rules about who could run and who could vote.   In fact the Magna Carta clearly stated that without representation no taxation was due.

“The demand for Representation has a long history going back to sections 51 and 53 of the Magna Carta, (June 1215) which says that there should be no taxation without representation”   Question for Harper and Poilievre: Dos that mean that all those you have denied the right to vote through the “Fair” Elections Act, and will do so on October 19th with your scrutineer antics at the polling stations, no longer have to pay taxes?

Today what we have in our election is the request to crown a temporary King, maybe one day it will be a Queen.

What is so sickening is the willingness of the Canadian people to fall for this, and to believe the lies, false promises, the red herrings, the manipulation of the media to feed them a story they think they want to hear.  For example the niqab story is a smoke screen for the destruction of freedoms and to create fear of one religious group by another. Either we have freedom of religion or we do not; and if we do not then ban them all. Could it be hiding something else? Yes indeed, after all the minister who is supposed to be in charge of public Safety quite clearly said:

“If you choose to express dissent then you can expect to face the full force of the law”…….Stephen Blaney after a cop murdered James McIntyre who was wearing an anonymous mask in Dawson Creek BC.

So we have a public safety minister clearly endorsing the cops murdering a man for  dissent and this is not even being mentioned, questioned or explained. No way as niqabs are much more important than the death of a dissenter!   Today’s Canadian accepts that!  What have we become?

The real issues are brushed over or just ignored.

Why for example would you even contemplate hiring, at a salary and pension far superior to 95% of those casting a vote, someone who cannot in fact represent you?  A question I have asked many people and it stumps them to the point of bluster and anger towards me for even making them think like that. 

But really why would you?

Are you happy with the thought that money that could be spent on sick seniors living in poverty; physically and mentally broken war vets; kids going to school without breakfast; homeless and starving people living in doorways; young people seeking work and/or an education to mention just few things, is instead being given to who you elect without any obligation to pay attention to you:  indeed their job will be to back the king of the lead criminal cabal, or the leader of the rival cabals and the very last thing they will  be allowed to do is express your wishes by their votes in the House of Commons.   The Green MPs will have no whip so to give them their due they might listen to you if they ever figure out how to do so.

The very idea that we need 338 MPs is absurd when with 308 only a very small portion ever got the chance to say anything.  When the entire process in our House of Commons has been turned into how quickly the King/Dictator can have his way, and oily, lying minions turn the process into a giant farce, from debates on bills from one liners to omnibus monstrosities having a time allocation; to committees with absolutely no mandate except to obey the King/Dictator; to Speakers who are overruled on House ethics when puppets outright lie not once but twice and how he can’t even be bothered to be in the chair to be so insulted and belittled and then do something about it; to when legislation is passed that will deprive Canadians of the right to vote (C23 and C50) or the right to freedoms of speech (C51). Both of these are in direct conflict with our constitution and yet unbelievably there are Canadians who are willing to vote to support the re crowning of this despotic King/Dictator.   I wonder what they will tell their grandchildren when they are asked “What part did you play in the destruction of Canada?”  Probably just lie as their ‘hero’ has taught them to.

Are the NDP and Liberals that much better?  Hard to tell but at least they don’t charge the media cash for the privilege of asking questions that they do not answer (I wonder if that is considered a political contribution), and in the case of the Liberals anyway they do get out and talk to the people; the NDP leader is a “rah rah” reader of massive cue screens, and refused questions when he appeared in Victoria BC for just over 20 minutes.   It is a giant con job people, with the real issues carefully glossed over or simply ignored or lied about.  The so called leader’s debates are a perfect example; more time is allocated to who will be on the debate than on the actual value of the debates, which are not really debates at all, simply an a opportunity to belittle an opponent.

“What is your vision for Canada and what are you going to leave your grandchildren” is a simple idea that it appears none of them want to embrace and nor, it appears, do you fellow Canadians.  They talk about economics as if they understand it and yet they have no clue:  tickle down austerity has never worked and never will, out of control spending combined with cutting taxes and borrowing to make up for it is even more foolish. The biggest crime of all is that we own our own bank and yet they all boycott it in favour of compounding interest borrowing from international banks and investors.  They all claim it will cause inflation to re instate the BOC as our money supplier yet it did not do so between 1935 and 1974 so why should it now?   Fear? Fear of an IMF, BIS reprisal such as happened in Libya? Maybe, but more likely it is the fear of being excluded from the trough in the form of directorships and patronage after they retire from pretending to represent you, the public. 

It is very possible that there are many good people running for a seat in our House of Commons, but it is unlikely you will find them among the ranks of those who will obey their leader rather than you.  There are hundreds of independents or small party candidates asking for the job of representing you, who would fall into the category of real representatives with a passion for Canada and its people, yet the names of the parties will turn you off in your search for a better lie.  The fact is that in a story told by Tommy Douglas called “Mouseland” our situation today is even more applicable than it was when he told it.

A leaderless mob of MPs doing what you ask of them, supporting good legislation and defeating the bad, really asking questions and listening to the answers of the experts in committees, refusing to let the constitution be destroyed and representing you sounds like heaven in Canada to me.  Party politics as practiced today in Canada is totally toxic and nonproductive, and yet we as a people accept it as a way of life.  Why are we willing to settle for so much less than mediocrity?

Thinking within the box by the Canadian people has led Canada to a very bad place, and staying within that box will improve nothing.   Think outside the box, as Canadians always did in the past, and Canada can and will be a wonderful country again.

Choice is yours really as it will be until it’s too late to realise it isn’t anymore.

Jeremy Arney

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