GG, PM and TPP.

What an appalling thought that a man whose hatred of Canada and his utter and arrogant contempt for the Canadian people makes him believe that during an election yet he can still try and give away Canada’s sovereignty. 

After some thought I decided to try this…wonder if David Johnston has the fortitude to do anything.

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa ON K1A 0A1


Dear Governor General of Canada

I have a question and request for you:

This was taken from the Government of Canada website:

Our Country, Our Parliament

Overview of the Canadian Parliamentary System

Three branches work together to govern Canada: the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The executive branch (also called the Government) is the decision-making branch, made up of the Monarch represented by the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and the Cabinet. The legislative branch is the law-making branch, made up of the appointed Senate and the elected House of Commons. The judicial branch is a series of independent courts that interpret the laws passed by the other two branches.

Parliament itself is made up of the following three parts: the Monarch, the Senate and the House of Commons.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, which means that we recognize the Queen or King as the Head of State, while the Prime Minister is the Head of Government.


Thus in the event that we are in an election period, as we are now, which means the Legislative branch does not actually exist,  does the outgoing Prime Minster and his equally outgoing Cabinet, all of whom are seeking re employment by the people of their ridings, have the right to sign or even decide anything not of vital importance to the safety and sovereignty of our country?

I am referring particularly to the signing of Investment Agreements with other countries that have not been presented to and debated by the Legislative branch and therefore not approved by any level of Parliament?

There are reports that the incumbent, but not yet re-elected, Minster of Trade is meeting with representatives of other countries with the intent to finalise and sign an Investment Agreement with those other countries of the Pacific Rim known as the Trans Pacific Partnership.

My understanding of this proposal to sign this agreement by the Trade Minster is that it is unconstitutional in that this agreement has not been presented to or approved either by the House of Commons or the Senate and is therefore not to be binding upon this Country, and that his signature at a time when parliament has been dissolved is basically illegal.

As the legal head of the country and the Queen’s representative I ask that you require of your incumbent Prime Minster that he ask his Minster of Trade to cease and desist in the signing of any agreement not approved by our parliament.




Jeremy Arney

Interim Leader of the Canadian Action Party

#6, 3931 Craigowan Rd

Victoria BC

V9B 1N1


Special delivery Mail


Electronic Copies to:

Submissions Form, Stephen Harper, Ed Fast, CBC News, CPAC, CTV, Wire Service Media, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen , Vancouver Province, Revelstoke Times, FreePress Winnipeg, Sun Winnipeg, The Agora, The Tyee, Express News, The Guardian (UK), ATV Victoria, Revelstoke Times, Times Colonist, Abbotsford Times. and more….

“What is physically possible, desirable and morally right, we can make it financially possible through the Bank of Canada.”*

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