Cariboo Legs

I received this from a friend not from the Council of Canadians because I don’t think they are aware that there are more than 5 or 6 registered political parties in Canada. Strange is it not?   I mean really all the non represented parties – except the Libertarians of course, want the Bank of Canada reinstated as the supplier of money to the Government of Canada so I suppose it is in the interest of the Council of Canadians to ignore us.
Anyway here is what i received and my reply to C of C.
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Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 12:08 AM
Subject: Caribou Legs delivers!
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Victoria Island

Dear Don,

4,400 kilometres.
110 days.
5 provinces.
… and 1 man on a mission!

Today, Indigenous ultra-marathoner Brad Firth – better known as Caribou Legs – accomplished two remarkable feats.

For one, he ran the equivalent of a marathon a day for 110 consecutive days. If that wasn’t enough, he also achieved his goal of raising much-needed public awareness and political will to restore federal protections for our endangered lakes and rivers.

Not to mention, he did it in the middle of a record hot summer and the closest federal election in a generation.

But he was determined to deliver your signed Pledge to Protect petition – and those from thousands of people like you who supported him and this important campaign.

Parliament HillSo I’m writing to celebrate this incredible day with you, and to thank you for believing in Caribou Legs and the Council of Canadians.

Over the course of his epic run, Caribou Legs crossed countless lakes, rivers and streams. And what kept him going was the thought that every one of them is likely among the 99% of all waterways across Canada that have been stripped of federal protection by the Harper Conservatives.

That, and knowing he had the support of kind people like you behind him was all the inspiration he needed to lace up those shoes every day and keep running.

Along his journey, he also witnessed first-hand the impact that contaminated water has on people and communities. “I’ve learned what people are going through out there. Some of the reservations in southern Canada have little to no access to clean water”, he told me today. “Every day, we all should do something to protect water.”

And today Caribou Legs delivered his powerful message to candidates from all parties who are right now scrambling for our vote this October: Pledge to protect our lakes and rivers!

On the steps of Parliament Hill, he and I delivered your signed petition along with 15,000 more from great water warriors like you!

We invited MPs from all parties to attend today’s petition delivery, and NDP MP Paul Dewar and Green Party candidate Colin Griffiths were kind enough to accept. They also each affirmed their respective party’s commitment to protecting our lakes and rivers to the crowd and media that gathered.

We have a lot more work to do between now and election day. And with your continued support, we’ll fight every day to keep water on the election radar.

Thank you again for all you do.

Garry Neil
Garry Neil
Executive Director


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Dear Gary Neil,
I received this amazing story this morning from a friend with whom I  correspond on a very regular basis, and I would like to congratulate Caribou Legs for his remarkable feat and the Council of Canadians for their support. It is indeed a story of one man’s passion for his country and the people and in fact all living things in Canada, and I have no doubt that it will have an impact upon Canadians but not on their employees in our parliament. I do not have Maude Barlow’s email address so perhaps you could pass this along to her please.
The Canadian Action Party is committed to bringing back environmental protection to all those lakes and rivers as well as the land itself and to working with all those of our First Nations, Inuit, Metis nations and peoples to ensure the recovery and future protection of our environment. 
We would have been very happy to have had someone there to greet Caribou Legs and make that commitment had we been invited to do so, and thus been made aware that the event was actually happening.
It is unfortunate that the small legally registered but as yet unrepresented political parties are ignored by the Council of Canadians because you would be a huge resource for us if we ever gain the balance of power in our House of Commons, and you could be  a great force for good in Canada and the introduction of democracy into what is nothing more than a one man, controlled by corporate power, show.  
Is it possible for you to imagine what would happen if the balance of power in our House of Commons was ever given to MPs who are not party leader controlled, who are not whipped but who vote as their constituents want, who reject any bills that are not of real benefit to Canadians, who in fact decide the laws based on what Canadians want and need, not on what is demanded by the corporate powers of the world?   Exciting ? A dream only? well maybe, but one I believe in on behalf of my great grandchildren, and their offspring if there are to be any.
Regretfully you just want to change the colour of the cats running the country instead of having we, the mice, control our own destiny
Jeremy Arney
Interim Leader of the Canadian Action Party
#6, 2931 Craigowan Rd
Victoria BC
V9B 1N1
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