The election period started yesterday and the writ hasn’t even been dropped

27th January 2015

Well this week it all starts again.


The venom and hatred coming from the PMO will be ratcheted up and the willing puppets of the administration caucus will continue to try and complete their almost successful efforts to turn the Canadian Parliament into a pathetic, dysfunctional, laughable joke. Judging by the Statements by Members of Monday 26th January we are already in full PMO election slander mode.


For those who think those words might be harsh and not apply to all the CPC MPs, let me say this.


When the votes are taken they all stand one after another, laughing, joking, gesturing at each other to support the most destructive legislation ever passed in any parliament anywhere, never mind in Canada. Do not take my word for it. Watch it on CPAC or read the votes in Hansard. It is all recorded.


When legislation was presented to endanger nearly two millions lakes and rivers in Canada by removing them from their protection against toxic dumping afforded by the Navigable Waters Act, they stood like one and thought this was a marvelous idea.

When the Environmental Regulations were gutted opening the way for destructive resource extraction, again they stood and applauded with their votes.

When the vets were being treated like vermin, again they all stood 4 square behind their PM.

When one of their members (Butt) lied not once but twice in an attempt to support the Elections Act they all stood again to make sure he didn’t have to appear in front of a committee to explain his deliberate lies. Their Speaker was not even in the chair when his ruling was voted down.


This is not good governance.


This is aiding and abetting the destruction of our Parliamentary system.


This is not representative democracy; this is not freedom of speech; this is not freedom of thought; this should not be a source of pride in work well done.


This is slavish breaking of trust and I would say partaking in treason against the people of Canada.


What could cause men and women who might actually be reasonable human beings to act this way?   Surely it’s not just money?   But then again maybe it is. We did get an example of the way the CPC members think in the way Del Maestro manipulated the system to ensure he got a pension for a job he cheated to get! Just an hour or so before his future was to be put to the vote in the HOC and expulsion would mean no pension he resigned uttering more lies as he did so. Does this mean that the cost to Canadians is second to the financial needs of the Members of Parliament?


I will willing grant that being an MP, specially a real MP, is an arduous job. Away from home all week for most of them, long hours with meetings that have no meaning (committees) attempting to read omnibus bills in a matter of hours, and good luck in having any say on them. Being subjected to cat calls, jeers and kindergarten behavior

in the chamber, subject to a speaker who owes his job to a vindictive Canada hater so he is hamstrung in his actions and ignored or rebutted when he makes a ruling against the administration.


However when I was young an MP was a person one looked up to, rather like a policeman, as someone there to help not to destroy.   Times have changed and no longer can either the average policeman or MP be trusted at all.


As long as the PM is controlled by corporate interests and other governments (Israel for example) Canada is doomed to be a third rate country, with third rate citizens and with no influence in the world. It is regrettable to say the least that that is what Harper gives every appearance of desiring for us, whilst he sits on his pile of cash (I believe he will get an over $5 million golden handshake from you and I for destroying Canada) along with the multi corporate boards upon which he has earned a place by his perfidy.


Shame on all who support these actions.


Register to vote, get your ID in hand and make sure you give Canada a chance to recover by voting. By doing those two things alone you will be defeating a potential dictator who only wants CPC votes to count. Oh by the way vote on early voting days and avoid the CPC scrutinisers who will make your life miserable on voting day itself.


Our children, grandchildren and in my case now two great-grandchildren deserve soo much better than the last decade of darkness.




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