Tamara’s Rights?

Everyone in the world is entitled to the same fundamental human rights. There are 30 of them, in fact. They are the universal human rights that we, as citizens of this world, have agreed we are all entitled to. They include the right to live free from torture, the right to live free from slavery, the right to own property, and the right to equality and dignity, and to live free from all forms of discrimination.

So how does this apply to Tamara Lich?

It does not as she had the temerity to challenge Trudeau’s demolishing of the Constitution Act of 1982 and its embedded Charter of Rights and Freedoms with a peaceful demonstration of objection by truckers largely jabbed with the Trudeau Foundation’s money maker. See Aquitas and their LNP delivery system

She was arrested as we all expected for promoting mischief!  However, she now resides in jail – not prison – without bail as one of Trudeau’s tame judges refused her bail and threatened her with 10 years in jail.

Meanwhile the desecrator of the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms is promoting those rights and freedoms around the world, particularly in Ukraine (naturally as his pet and co-conspirator Freeland has roots there as well as with the Nazi Party of last century) and meanwhile he is destroying those same rights here in Canada.  This man is more out of control that Putin. His lack of compassion for a fellow Canadian, who stood up for those rights, by insisting that Tamara should be held in a holding cell indefinitely, speaks volumes to his vicious demeaning of a woman who believes in Freedom.

Illegal mandates are still in effect for all those who work in the federaly regulated transportation sector, limiting their ability to earn a living thanks to the illegal coercion being delivered by Trudeau’s lapdog Alghabra, the Minister of Transport for the corporation of Canada.

The Human Rights Commission of Canada is allowing this torturous and inhumane  jailing to happen in the same way that they are allowing the Minister of Finance to attack, without a warrant or any liabilty, the bank accounts of anyone who supported the Freedom Convoy with their hard earned money.  There is nothing legal here, but legality means nothing to the PM and his Cruella de Ville.   Perhaps that freezing of bank accounts should also apply to anyone foolish enough to donate to the Liberal Party of Canada. After all they are against the Constitution and the Charter and believe in violence towards women specially an indigenous one of advanced age with a walker who was talking about peace and love moments before she was struck down by a horse!

Some feminist, eh?

Over all the rating of this PM and his sidekick out of 100 is zero, but then what do they care because Klaus will look after them.

I can see the next election, if we ever have one, will be a mixture of Conservatives (no matter who is their leader) and Bloc and a small smattering of Greens, with very few if any Liberal or NDP members of parliament.

Congratulations Trudeau on destroying the dream of Canada and Canadians.  Klaus must be very proud of you, but what will you tell your children when they are old enough to ask questions?


28 February 2022



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