Stop the world and let me off, I’m tired of going round and round


Sent to all Canadian MPs




To all those elected to the House of Commons on the false pretext that the voters were actually voting for the leader of their party.

To all those elected MPs who bleat about democracy as if it was real and alive in Canada.

Good day to you all.

It is not a good day in Canada nor has it been for many, many years.  You are all aware of the problems facing Canadians every day with their jobs, or lack of due to illegal mandates, due to food, gas and home prices and yet you simply allow the puppet PM and his ministers to make things even worse day after day.

Is that what you were elected to do?

Is it democracy when your leader dictates what you say and do or support?

My own representative to the government of Canada (Alistair MacGregor) has absolutely no idea what I expect of him because it does matter to him. I expect him to act like a human being instead of a puppet. In spite of many emails addressed to him of which has refused to answer even one and his characterization of the Freedom Convoy could be right out of the more rabid puppet liberals  How can he act for any of his constituents if he is not interested in any of their viewpoints?   How can he respond to their requests or suggestions if he ignores them in favour of his leader?

He is not alone in what almost certainly applies to every MP including those of the ruling junta, and yes, it is a junta controlled by a puppet of Klaus Schwab who has made open claims he controls the Canadian Cabinet.

Do I believe him?  Sure I do because this PM and his sidekick do not give one single damn for Canada or Canadians. From our Constitution to our criminal code; from our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to our privacy laws, from our ability to see family and friends to promote healthy children they have interfered with it all to please the man who pulls their strings and wants to lead Canada into the great reset. On top of this they are giving away our military assets to another country which is being annexed in a much more friendly way thanwhen we attacked all the infrastructure in Libya and ended killing their leader for the World Bank yet! We stood by while Israel has annexed Palestine… oops should have said the Palestinian people as we (official Canada) refuse to acknowledge that Palestine has the right to exist because in our official Canadian eyes the State of Israel is never wrong about anything.

And you still call Canada democratic?

You have permitted a fake pandemic to go on for two full years now allowing the Canadian so-called media to promote fear, even panic, among the easily fooled with your propaganda campaigns.

Allowing and actively promoting untested, toxic injections with no known long term side effects but soo many immediate reactions up to and including death and altering the DNA of injectees, all to benefit the Trudeau foundation financially.  If you don’t know how this is being done then you do not deserve to be where you are.   Come to think of it you should start acting as if you do deserve to be there and act as if our laws actually meant something; that hate speech is not acceptable from anyone up to and specially including our PM; that the Constitution Act of 1982 and its embedded  Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the supreme law of the land, not something to be ignored with illegal mandates causing coercion on too many levels; that an emergency due to your inaction is not necessarily an emergency for the people of Canada who are busy trying to survive, and trust you to betray them anyway; that peaceful protests held in front of the parliament have been legal up till now but that right has been taken away with a nuclear sledge hammer.  If you dispute the peaceful part of that protest then listen to what Senator Batters had to say about how much more safe she felt walking in Ottawa when the truckers were there. Or realise that almost as soon as they were gone guns appeared again in the shopping mall and the homeless are hungry again.

Can you believe anything you see on the CBC? No, of course not.

At a time when Canada needs some real leadership, I find it sorely lacking. Yes there a few of to you who have spoken out but when it comes to voting in the Canadians’ House what do you do? 

“Follow the leader” always was and always will be a child’s game to me.  Adults who have been raised and schooled with love are supposed to have their own minds as to whether or not they do their jobs with a clear conscience or a very bad taste in their mouths.

If you destroy a country financially: if you divide it into partisan factions with family members fearing each other;  if you destroy freedom  by brute force or insidious laws and  mandates; if you strip away a person’s rights to privacy; if you want to control how a person spends their hard earned money without fearing of losing it all for no valid reason except spite; if you want to deny real science and replace it with paid talking heads not allowing both sides to express themselves; if you want ..oh hell the list could go on forever and it seems that you all want it to.

Vote you party leader wishes not your conscience or your constituents wishes and help the country into slavery.







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