The most dangerous men around today.


Over the centuries many dangerous men have come and gone. Most of them were simply cruel, greedy, hate filled or seeking power to boost their small egos.  Always the weaker amongst us were their victims, those who could not fight back, or were disabled in some way because these are the easy pickings for these kinds of people.

Really not much has changed today, just a different way of hunting.  Today those same types hide behind corporations or unelected bodies which claim to have some jurisdiction or another, when in reality they are just fronts for those to whom humanity generally is their killing ground.

So, who do I think these dangerous people of today are?

First let us ask the question “what is the most important life aspect of human beings?”

Some will answer money; others a home, a job, a supportive family, freedom and rights and they are all right except that without health none of these means very much.

Our ancient ancestors knew how to look after their bodies by using the uncontaminated foods available; sure, it probably took a lot of experimenting to find out which plants were good for what but I am guessing that in those days sickness was pretty rare anyway. About two hundred and fifty years ago elixirs made of “secret concoctions” started to become fashionable and exotic to treat imaginary ailments and that was really the start of modern western medicines:  “treat the symptom and ignore the cause of that symptom”. The snake oil salesman mentioned about was gradually replaced with the real quacks who offered often lethal concoctions instead of real food, and eventually started to invent man mad variations of the real foods and herbs.  This is when mankind started to get sick and it has steadily worsened since then.

So today my most dangerous people are not:

Putin, Valensky. Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, Nacy Polleski,

Or the devil who made us do it.!,

They are:

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus,  all unelected self-serving creeps who are posing as people who know more about sickness than anyone else.

Fauci claims to be a scientist and yet his knowledge of science is really about how to manipulate others to do his bidding through the use of US taxpayers’ money to bribe with grants.  His attempt to link HIV to AIDS has taken 50 years or so and still he has failed, as he has failed to come up with a “vaccination” for a virus as yet is not shown to actually exist!    It was just a way to consolidate power and reputation along with funding largess to big pharma and was very good practice to  build his drug empire and  set up the Fauci Flu.   His changing of his position on things like masking, whether the jabs are effective in stopping or not the spread of yet another mythical virus ( as yet there has not been any identification of COVID 19 from any human tissue) reminds me of a drunk chameleon.

Bill Gates, born to money and power just increased it with his being in the right place at the right time with the right partners to put Microsoft on the map and increase his worth enormously.  Today he sets himself up as a specialist in how to counteract pandemics, how to promote jabs in which he has financial investment, how to buy himself into unelected bodies to gain power, and with his partnership with Fauci, influence in what he will want the world to do next.  You can be sure he is working on the next pandemic. I wonder if there is a big pharma that Gates does not hold big if not major shares in?

I have been reading “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jnr and it is a very detailed account of what happened – I haven’t finished it yet, but I have to admit that I was aware of the HIV “practice”, and my gut told me about the Fauci Flue and I was convinced even more as any attempt to actually manage this second “unconfirmed from human tissue virus”  with off label drugs or pumping up the natural immune systems in humans was abandoned and in fact outlawed in favour of deadly drugs and eventually untested, toxic, experimental, mRNA jabs which suddenly seemed to become mandatory all around the world at the same time.   This was due mostly to an unelected organization, now owned by Gates called the WHO.

Which leads me to Ghebreyesus, placed in charge of the WHO by the above-mentioned Gates.  Just like his boss he is not trained in any form of medicine, but is well capable of doing what Gates tells him to do, and at this time it is to tell the whole world that the next plandemic will be controlled out of the WHO and all countries must fall into line with their ‘lawful” dictates.  Which laws will be broken if we do not obey?  You know that Gates is already organizing the next plandemic and it is to be seen if Fauci will still be around to control the next jabs.

As a last comment on the unelected, Klaus Schwab and his WEF are in favour of a Nazification of the world under one ruler and one suspects he imagines it will be himself.

So much for the unelected, monsters, but what about those who were elected and have completely abandoned their people?

Well Justin Trudeau immediately comes to mind as the prime example, a member of Schwab’s good and obedient little boys and half his cabinet of elected MPs have dual priorities as they are also members of the WEF.   But perhaps the most egregious part of Trudeau’s COVID perfidy is due to his family foundation owning 40% of Aquitas, a company from UBC which has the patents on the delivery system for the mRNA jabs. No wonder he was and still is pushing as many jabs on Canadians as he can.  Conflict of interest?  Yes, for sure but this man does not care one whit for Canadians, their Charter of Rights and Freedoms, nor in fact the Rule of Law in Canada.  His use of hate speech would have caused arrests if directed at him, and yes, I am one of those to whom that hate speech was directed. I just consider the source and feel sorry for his children.

His complete love affair with the Western Ukrainian comic leader has cost our northern citizens homes, fresh water, food at affordable prices, good sanitation, schools and health care; it has also cost our military all their howitzer guns which the Russians destroyed before they could be used against the Ukraine people by the comic’s nazi army.  Just heard him say (24th May) that his heart bleeds for those who have lost children and loved ones in Texas. Its OK for his comical buddy to kill civilians both women and children by the thousands in Ukraine with weapons donated by Trudeau, but a few Texan kids breaks his heart.  What heart is the question that immediately springs to mind.  One that sends 20 thousand rounds of standard howitzer ammunition to Ukraine that he had to buy from the US with Canadian taxpayer money.  A mere $98  million us$ no doubt!

Since almost all the other elected leaders fell into line with Fauci and Gates’s WHO they all deserve dishonourable mention only.

ANTHONY FAUCI and BILL GATES the two most dangerous people to the world as we know it.

If we allow this stealth of our health to take place, then we deserve to be sick and have the one eye world government take us over body and mind.


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