Climate Change


Sent to all Canadian MPs and senators and BC Cabinet

4th April 2023

Global Warming begat Climate Change.

I find it really hard to understand how those of you who are supposed to be in the know are falling into the trap of blaming carbon for everything that you claim is wrong with our world; indeed, there is a level of panic about degrees of heat that would make me laugh if it was not so ridiculous.

Global warming and global cooling have been a fact of life for the planet, and probably will be so, long after we have turned it into a nuclear wasteland.  To try and blame these cycles on mankind is, I think, the sign of a futile and infertile mind.

The earth’s axis has shifted and north is no longer north, which even by a degree or two will make changes to the climate patterns we have become accustomed to.  Where is that information in your announcements of doom and gloom?

Since the very earliest days of this planet the oceans mostly but also forests and plants have been carbon users and oxygen producers.  Without their health we will be in trouble – and we are and have been for a long time.  Our lakes and rivers have been polluted by pesticides, fertilizers and mine tailing garbage, and the dumping of industrial waste.  These waters go to the oceans where even more pollution is being created by oil spills, islands of plastic etc., overfishing or ocean harvesting and they are simply being ignored by our elected officials appointed to deal with such issues.  “Sea Sick” by Alanna Mitchell (a Canadian) is a good reference to this.


You bleat on about carbon reduction while at the same time you allow the destruction of the very things that survive on carbon.

Oh, I know there is no money or glamour in protecting the oceans and forests compared with that which can be made by destroying them, but if your reason for being is simply to raise taxes against carbon producers (face masks for cows and horses!!!)  and doing nothing about deforestation, fracking, mining, agricultural runoff, the poisoning of the oceans and all their inhabitants and the slowing of the caterpillar action in the Atlantic Ocean, then I think you are deluding yourselves as well as we the people.

What we really need is new thinking.

A good start to that would be to think of the planet and how it is supposed to operate.  The native people around the world knew (and still know) how to do it, but then we came up with the wheel and the modern way of doing things, that is to say what makes life easier for us. How is that working for us? Not too well I would say.

I do not have the answers as I am just a simple old man and I confess that I am partially responsible for the situation we are in because I have gone along with supporting the corporate way of making money with no serious thought to what those corporations have been and are doing.  The convenience of having a motor car (essential for me as the public transport systems are so inefficient at getting me where I need to be at all times of the day or night); having the possessions and other conveniences to which I have become accustomed are great and then I make myself feel righteous because I recycle. 

It is not enough, and I look to those who proclaim to know better to let me know what I and everyone else can do.

Yet I am not getting anything new.

Carbon taxes, which should be called pollution taxes, are not working because there are always concessions to the major polluters.

I am reminded of the ancient Cree saying:

“Only when the last tree has died

and the last river has been poisoned

and the last fish has been caught

will we realize that we can’t eat money.”

I do not know how long humanity or the other species on this planet have to survive, and I do not think I will find out now, but I have great grandchildren who most likely will have to face what is coming.  Is it fair to them to basically do nothing except ring our hands and utter words that are meaningless?

You have been elected (or appointed) to deal with these issues and you are failing.

The box you have been thinking in is not coming up with the answers and we are looking to those who claim to know what is the best way to deal with the situation to step forward with better ideas.

Let’s all get out of the box and rethink with reality in mind, free from the confines of money, and come up with ideas that the whole world will get behind.

Where are the leaders of today?

This is not only a Canadian problem but one for the whole world, but we could lead the way if we so chose.