Influenza Season 2021

It is early October 2021 and the northern hemisphere is heading into a new flu season.

But this time it will be different as some 80% of us have weakened immune systems caused by a series of jabs designed to stop something called covid-19.   These jabs do not protect as advertised and it appears that even three of them is not enough protection, but each one of them alters the antibodies in the human system.

When this new season of “normal” flu hits and it will, even though it did not last year because everything was label as “covid”, we can be sure that this year too the normal flu will be classified as covid to keep the hysteria mounting with high hospitalizations and as unnecessary ventilation kills thousands, at least for as long as there are those to insert the ventilators.

There are other side effects as the supply chain will likely creak to a halt as jabbed workers all over fall sick.  All those ordered to take the jabs or lose their jobs may well find themselves too sick to work, or no jobs anyway as the system creaks to a halt, governments close as the civil service collapses and thus into chaos..

Who will be blamed for all this – why the un-jabbed of course as we will be doing our very best to carry the load, care for the sick, drive the trucks, ambulances, fire trucks etc., but many of us are old and can only do so much.

Hope I am wrong, but let’s see what spring brings.


ps. looks as if my part time job will be ended by government toxic jab mandate later this month…Oh joy!!!