Shelley Ann Clark a Canadian hero on FTA whistleblowing

Shelley Ann Clark

I was watching on CPAC yesterday a replay of a House of Commons committee meeting on Bill C-17 (Combating Terrorism Act) and the main witness of that meeting was the Minister of Justice, Nicholson.
As usual as I watched this pompous verbose buffoon of a bully, I wondered how anyone in their right mind could take him seriously. This in itself is a problem as he is the Attorney General of Canada, supposedly the keeper of the law in our country.
At one point he advised a member of the committee from the Liberal side whose question he had avoided as usual, “that if he listened to the answer he wouldn’t have to ask the question again!” He interrupted the questioner to say this, whilst he listened politely to Reform/Alliance coalition questions for which he thanked them as they were so supportive of him. (I actually lost count of the number of times he interrupted, overrode and spoke over the Liberal members of the committee, and fat out refused to give them an answer). Then he repeated his call for all opposition members to support him because what he wanted to do was right and the only way. We are really supposed to take this man seriously?
This Bill C-17 is to do with bringing back part of the Criminal Code that was introduced in response to a UN request after 9-11 and sunsetted back in 2007. Now suddenly nearly 4 years later it is a panic. Funny how all the crime bills Nicholson brings forward are a panic isn’t it? Must be something to do with empty jails and falling crime rate so he has to fill the jails whilst there is still crime !
Nicholson seems to believe he is above the law and that the Canadian Bill of Rights does not apply to anything he or his department looks at. I still maintain that what was Bill C-36 and is now the Consumer Product Safety Act is so against the Bill of Rights, that if I had the money I would be challenging it myself.

So what does this have to do with Shelley Ann Clark?

Shelley Ann Clark is one brave woman who was right there and tells the story of whistleblowing about the two versions of Mulroney’s FTA deal, about keeping the provincial premiers out of the real loop and the total give away of Canadian Sovereignty by Mulroney. There was a real version and another for Canadian consumption and the efforts Mulroney went to keep the real version away from Canadians is extraordinary. After years of persecution, including being poisoned by an ambassador in Europe it would appear, and being refused access to a Canadian or US doctor by that same ambassador, loosing her home, car and position illegally before being hired back at entrance level work and pay, Shelley Ann Clark had what was supposed to be a fair hearing before the Human Rights Tribunal and got royalty shafted in that she could not even call any witnesses, nor get permission to have an affidavit from someone out of the country admissible.
If the Human Rights Tribunal is so unjust what is happening there and why? The Ottawa Citizen had a piece
by Katherine May on Jan 5th 2011 in which she documents the employees of the Tribunal leaving in droves completely disgusted with the attitude of the Tribunal towards its own mandate and employees, and even more damning, unable to get satisfaction of their own problems. Nicholson’s response was to send the problem to another totally dysfunctional body called the Privy Council Office, otherwise known as Harper’s toy. Nothing has happened yet to solve the problem and Canada’s protector of the Bill of Rights and Freedoms simply passed the buck upwards to Harper. Surprise !

Shelley Ann Clark has been treated as if she was a traitor, when the real traitors are those who make a mockery of our Canadian Parliament and its checks and balances and have made the committees in both Houses of Parliament totally dysfunctional. They work for us and we allow them to do this to us!

Meanwhile we are being subjected to complete imprisonment by the USA in this stupid perimeter deal to be signed this month, again in secrecy, without the approval of parliament or the Canadian people, because that’s Harper’s Way. Open, transparent government? Not from this Prime Minister because he knows that 90% of his decisions would not be approved if the Canadian people knew what he was really doing to them and our Country.

Whilst Mulroney was trying to give Canada away to Reagan, I remember hearing John Turner saying: “We must never give up on Canada, never, never, never.”
Well Mulroney gave away the first piece and Harper is trying to finish the job by surrendering our borders to the USA and our remaining businesses to The European Union through CETA. What is with these Conservatives even if it is not the same party any more?
What are we doing about it? Eating more toxic food, drinking more toxic sodas, taking more drugs and allowing ourselves to be traded off for a silver piece or two.

Will we wake up and say, “never, never, never” before it really is too late?

Jeremy Arney

Shell Ann Clarks web site:  THE SWORD – THE FIGHT FOR CANADA,