Beautiful or best place

To Gordon Campbell.

I have been a BC resident on and off since 1967. I have seen many changes since then, most of which were designed to be of benefit to the people of BC. I have seen BC grow from being a place of real beauty, with friendly people and generous help being the normal.

But now in the last few years I have watched in horror and disgust as you have dismantled our social services, have reduced business taxes to the point where there is not enough money coming in to provide what few services we have left. Soon there will not be enough profit for the companies that now run our health and that soon will have control of BC

You have openly permitted the land itself to be destroyed by mining, drilling for oil and gas, pipe lines and hydro transmission lines to service these ventures, and the destruction of lakes and rivers being a part of your plan, not as you claim preservation of the same.

Lakes are to be converted to tailing ponds, rivers are being destroyed under the guise of clean energy production and how you can claim that as being green is beyond me.

Our forestry section is destroyed thank you, along with the satellite processing mills. Raw logs leave our shores at no profit to BC and we have to buy them back after they have been used in a manufacturing process which could so easily have been here not overseas. For instance presto logs come from Washington State or Saskatchewan.

Our wild fish are being destroyed by your Norwegian friends, and you are planning to drill for oil and gas off our most beautiful and dangerous coast line with no thought to the first nations people or the wild life which will be contaminated when the inevitable super tanker or drilling rig oil spill takes place…oh yes, what will you say to your Norwegian buddies then as their farms and fish turn black?

BC is now the place to be for the corporate friends you have, not for the people who are the brunt of your contempt and dismissive arrogance.

Even this latest undemocratic HST nonsense has been defended by your ministers in the legislature as being of benefit to endless lists of corporate or business organisations but none of them mention how the people will benefit and that is because they will not. This is further proof to me that you do not care about the people of BC. Your claim that trickle down employment will take place is as ridiculous as the theory was when Regan tried it – it simply does not work.

I have heard that you talk about your grandchildren and what you will be leaving for them. If you really had them in mind to live here you would be more careful of this incredible piece of the world.
I have this constant nightmare in which all the people of BC will be servants of General Electric, Monsanto and Merk, lining up at the end of the work shift to collect their meal slips for their families for the day. No work -no food. This is what you appear to want to happen, and I feel sure that you have already made arrangements not to have your family living here when it does.

Perhaps Hawaii with a constant supply of Mai Tais to be sipped as you reel in the money from your directorships eh?

I actually feel sorry for you because your legacy is one of total destruction, not building one damn thing for the people of BC who employ you.

Some sort of luck to you

Jeremy Arney

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