Omar Khadr

Omar Khadr is now on trial for war crimes.

Killing is the main purpose of war. One side tries to kill the other. It has been this way for ever. The purpose of the war is not important to soldiers, but killing the enemy is as a means of surviving.
So what is so surprising about Omar Khadr ?
Well, he was a boy of 15 – maybe the case could be made for him being almost a man- but classified by the conventions of war as a child soldier. Even though he was shot in the back (twice we are told by a brave opponent no doubt), and blinded in one eye, and buried in rubble he, just like so many Canadian soldiers before him, managed to take out an opponent. That is war is it not and therefore fair.
No it is not because first it was not really war but an occupation by foreign armies, and the soldier he took out was an American and that is not allowed.
I know nothing about the American who died, how many civilians he might have killed or even if one or both of the bullets fired into Omar’s back were his.
He was a soldier and therefore immune to prosecution from killing innocents, but Omar is charged with a war crime because he had the ability to kill an American soldier who was attacking him.
Something about this picture stinks so highly I have trouble in staying calm when I think about it.
Well over a million civilians are reported to have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to the best of my knowledge not one single soldier, airman, or navy man from the invading armies has been charged with murder, never mind war crimes.
I do agree that some contractors got their wrists slapped in Iraq once but they are hired assassins anyway and not real soldiers.
So please tell me why when those responsible for this whole mess can come and go as they please here in Canada, or just sit in Texas drinking and counting their oil money, our Reform / Alliance coalition government allows one Canadian child to be made into a war criminal.
What are you frightened of Harper et al?
Omar Khadr was frightened too but he fought and now the USA military system is going to crucify him and you sit there in Ottawa not even wringing your hands.
When I came here 43 years ago to make a new life and raise a family of proud Canadians I had no idea I would be so ashamed of a Canadian government who do not and will not answer to the Canadian people. Those same people who are served by a complacently pathetic media and therefore are themselves indifferent through lack of knowledge.
But that is how I feel now.
As a foot note I see that Judge Patrick Parrish is of the opinion that Omar was not tortured. Well Patrick how would you feel if you were told in your country club locker room that there were some big black men in the showers who were going to rape you because you had made a bad decision and lied on the bench even if you had not?
Maybe you are gay and would think that would be very exciting. Who knows? Most people would consider that mental torture.
By the way I object to the concept that only big black men rape other men. In my view it is more likely to be some ignorant homophobic hillbilly from the religious south eastern states of America.
Jeremy Arney

3 thoughts on “Omar Khadr

      • Khadr is nothing more than a commmon criminal..He never was a soldier ,just a terrorist thug allied with the Taliban.No uniform ,no chain of command ,superior officer etc.After throwing that grenade ,he did what all terrorists do… RAN away and tried to hide ..Shot twice in the back,I wonder what ever possessed the Americans to save this thug. Another bullet would have made him a martyr..Too bad,SOOOO sad…

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