More dumb stuff from a Montreal school teacher

It is astonishing to me how far Canada has fallen under the evil spell of Fauci/Gates money and propaganda and the remarkable gullibility of one Trudeau 11.

The truth often evades being recognized due to its utter incredibility  Pericles?

We have a middle aged school teacher in the art of acting from a school in Montreal, professing to be a feminist and actually a practicing prostitute saying and doing things that no rational man would or even should say or do.

This farcical feminist freak from Montreal has the nerve to call me a racist, misogynistic, extremist who doesn’t believe in science based on the fact that I don’t want to have an untested, unapproved by any reputable body, toxic concoction injected into my body. I accept that others do not agree with me and they want to be part of this experiment for whatever reason and that is their right and I acknowledge and respect that. As far as real science is concerned it has always been open to interpretation, ie both sides of a scientific idea examine and maybe even argue all sides until a consensus is reached and theory proved or disproved – people didn’t fall off the flat earth so maybe it is not flat ! Science is not an economical proposal with enormous financial profits to specific sections (including the political leaders of the world) of a ludicrous idea with all opposition being violently squashed worldwide, and coercion the general practice of the day.  That, drama teacher, is not science; it is criminal acts against the people of the world, and you are in it up to your neck.  Don’t you dare make those accusations against me when you have no idea who or what I am, nor where I have been and are making those judgments, as you make almost all others, based not on real facts but for money in your pocket and at the demands of your puppet masters.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.   Marcus Aurelius

Right from the start of this propaganda circus this ‘actor’ has been there telling lies and preparing Canadians for a “Build Back Better” future; remember two weeks to flatten the curve?  How well did that work out? Then the introduction of a “lifesaving” injection which will end the problem immediately, again how well did that work out?   Here we are heading almost into the third year and I just had a positive test (mandated by this school teacher’s minions) for covid something or another when all I actually have is a common cold. Can anyone remember a time in history when a common cold was a reason for self-isolation. Good grief.

“If [fear of disease] justifies the suspension of liberties and the institution of an emergency state, then freedom and the rule of law will be permanently suspended.”    ACLU

There are two basic forms of con, financial (greed) or fear (loss of freedoms or even life)   This current world wide one is motivated by greed and based on fear and just like the old story of the Emperor’s new clothes the people of Canada ( and other nations too it must be said but I am not concerned with them particularly) were too scared to be thought idiots so they became idiots. Regretfully the kids who could see that the teacher was naked are either not in school, or punch drunk from being jabbed or kept busy on smartphones or tablets playing games which make them idiots too.  My son has told me that these are their new toys, but the toys of my day were at least thought provoking or manually challenging not button pressing dopamine releasers.

It is times like this when as an old man who does not fear dying, I am almost ready to do just that, but I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who are being affected by the actions of greedy, power-hungry men – and yes the odd woman in there too – without inhibitions or conscience.  Though I might be able to do little to stop them at least I will be able to say I tried to wake up those happily sleeping through a nightmare.

“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” – C.S. Lewis



29th December 2018


Has there ever been such a misnomer for a governmental body as this one?

 The name suggests that this body has been given the responsibility of looking out for the health of Canadians.   In reality Health Canada is a pawn for whichever corporation donates to them.

 There is only one country in the so called civilized western world that has approved the 5G cell phone network of microwave exposure to their people. Yes that is correct – Canada!


 Corporate lobby and donations giving preferential treatment over Canadians’ safety.

Want more info

Big Pharma are given an open door to sell drugs that are not fully tested on people and natural health food companies are harried, fined and put out of business for selling real food that can, has and will help people to recover their health after being made sick by not only big pharma’s’ drugs looking for a sickness or creating one, but also by GM products and their “roundup” pesticide along with toxic fast food and microwaves attacking our bodies and minds.

 Flu shots are causing damage and even death daily in Canada with Health Canada’s blessing.

Babies are being vaccinated or given shots – which big pharma CEOs will not take themselves -immediately after birth and the results are not even tabulated by HC. Immunization against common diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps etc., do not give lifelong resistance but have to be repeated almost yearly. When I was a small boy and any neighbouring kid got one of those sicknesses we were sent to play with them, caught the sickness and now I have that lifelong immunity which is still protecting me even in my advanced age. Because my immune system is not threatened every day by such disease I tend not to even get the “pretend” flu when it comes around yearly in whatever form is promoted and probably spread by the Big Pharma companies that year.


 I have no protection against microwaves which batter me every time I leave my home and venture into a world full of cell phones, smart meters, wifi zones on buses, taxis, in schools and shopping malls, even streets such as Goldstream Avenue in Langford BC; I have no immunity against the fallout from the chemtrails and their particles of aluminium and barium etc., which fall to the earth and are ingested by animals raised to feed me; I have no immunity against toxic water caused by the same chem trails and poisoned aquafers: I have no immunity against industrial smog – luckily I live on the Peninsular on South Vancouver Island but I do occasionally go to Vancouver; I have no immunity against the steroids fed to food animals; and I have no immunity against concrete or asphalt parking lots which have replaced trees, natural carbon sinks.

 Perhaps one could say that these are all part of living in an industrialist world, and I have, so far, still got the ability to buy natural products that can hep me. Problem is for how long now? That is up to Health Canada and big pharma.

 Health Canada is an expensive farce in that there is no protection for me – or any Canadian – from these or more toxins thrown our way with their blessing. I wish there was a way to boycott Health Canada but there isn’t so perhaps I should be promoting the idea that we would be better off both financially and in health matters without it.

 Come to think of it isn’t healthcare a provincial concern?

 Meanwhile, Secretary of the Treasury, Scott Brison, how about stopping payments to a body which caters to corporate lobbyists not to Canadians.   You will not hear me complaining.


Jeremy Arney

Smart Meters and Canadian Cancer Society

When it comes to the BC Hydro Smart Meters both Health Canada and The Canadian Cancer Foundation are asleep at the wheel again, or still depending on which way you look at it.

31 years ago a young man started on his Marathon of Hope because he understood that more funds and public awareness were needed to find any cures for a disease he had – cancer.
Although the cancer research projects have been overfunded by public donations since the early 1960’s there was no real money being spent on this research from any level of government, and of course pharmaceutical companies did not and still do not want a cure. My mother died as a result of cancer in 1965 and my brother did some research and as a result we refused to ask for donations for the cancer research as there was already more donated money then than could be spent in 20 years !

Now all these years later I would be willing to bet that no one actually knows how much money has been raised around the world in the name of that young man, Terry Fox, and even more appalling just where it has been spent.

Offshoots of this money raising effort have grown from our own Cops “Tour de Rock” here on Vancouver Island, to “Bike for the cure” from Vancouver to Seattle, to the international three day walk “to end breast cancer” events, and even at one time “do it for Dad”; along with numerous firefighters, teachers, students and unionist efforts.
All very laudable, and I feel tears when my grandsons walk and collect for THE RUN and I will always support them.


There is still no cure available to normal people for cancer.

The pharmaceutical companies almost certainly know how to do their bit to end the disease, but why would they wish to stop the flow of money from coming their way? Deaths of people such as Jack Layton will boost the donations enormously and are very desirable from their point of view.

The Canadian Cancer Society would go out of business, as would the various provincial Breast Cancer Foundations, and we could never have that now could we? Well yes, we the people could very easily have that, but not the corporate bottom liners as the sources of free money for all drug development would dry up and they would have to spend their own money to develop things like Viagra or Cialis.

We are being bombarded with carcinogens every day, and Health Canada is indifferent, being more interested in cadmium in jewelry (which the Health Minister still will not recall because the regulations are not yet imported from overseas corporations telling her to do this through her new Consumer Product Safety Act.! Press conference 25th July 2011) and with shutting down natural foods outlets. These outlets are a natural way to help prevent disease, therefore must be closed down, to the benefit of increased drugs and vaccinations.

Here in BC, as with Ontario and who knows where else, these so called hydro smart meters are being forced onto our homes in spite of the newest report from WHO about the possibility of cancer resulting from their proximity to people. For Health Canada and the federal and provincial politicians and the B C Provincial Medical Officer this means nothing. The contracts have been signed, the kickbacks have been paid and it’s a done deal and to hell with the health of Canadians.

There is also the fact of the mercury in the switches in these meters:

According to Itron’s manual each smart meter contains a cylinder switch with mercury. The Head of Environment Canada’s Mercury Section estimated that the amount of mercury in this switch to be at least 1000 mg. This compares to 3-5mg. in a CFL light bulb. Milt Bowling in Health Action Network quotes US Sen. Mike Enzi as reporting that the mercury from one CFL bulb is enough to contaminate 6000 gallons of water beyond safe drinking levels set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Where is the voice of the Canadian Cancer Foundation on this?
Absent because they are still glowing in their victory in getting 18 year olds banned from tanning beds in the CRD of Victoria BC ! Watch out Canada this ban may be coming your way too, whilst the smart meters will be accepted as safe without any shadow of doubt for any age.

Smart meters can be wired and do not have to be wireless radio stations, and what is wrong with only placing them when the old meters have to be replaced instead of filling the landfills with still functioning meters?
What is wrong with B C Hydro spending only a few million (instead of billions) on establishing a factory, or factories, to make a new mechanical style, wired, mercury free meter and selling them to the rest of the world who wish to remain cancer free? That would more than pay for the cost of meter readers and line men working overtime in the winter as well as giving much needed employment to BC.

That’s just too simple, even for people like, Christy Clark, Rich Coleman, commentators such as Vaughan Palmer or Tom Fletcher who make their living commenting on a legislature that usually only sits for 14 days or so a year under this Liberal regime, or even the Federal Minster responsible for health, because she hasn’t been told what to do.

At one time in our past, BC Hydro would have already have that factory up and running, but this Liberal government is not interested in home grown industry, and employment for the people of BC; they are only concerned with the interests of foreign corporations and the future directorships coming from them. The health and welfare of the BC people is of no interest even though the new premier did say that families were to be her top priority – that didn’t last long did it?

City councils are trying to do the job of Health Canada, the Federal and provincial governments and are trying to ban the installation of Hydro Smart Meters until they are proved safe. Good for them, and good luck.
Subsequent to writing this we had the meter exchange done in our area and I wrote this letter to our local paper The Peninsular Review, of Sidney BC

Dear Editor,

Last week the crews from Corix descended on Tanner Ridge like a swarm of locusts and changed all the meters that they could over to the new radio transmissions station “smart meters”

I asked a man I was told was the crew boss where the reception / transmission towers were and he looked at me as if I was from Mars and said the meters were talking to the hydro poles ! Obviously I now live in a Douglas Adams world microwave.

Now I wonder what will happen to the birds and insects and even the trees in my neighbourhood. Will they disappear?

If the man tells me radio stations are talking to wired hydro poles obviously B C Hydro, Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark, Rich Coleman, (Dr.) Perry Kendall, and even Leona Aglukkaq. MP and writers such as your Tom Fletcher and Vaughan Palmer have no idea what is going on and no concern for the other creatures that live in BC.

On the other hand Rafe Mair, Damien Gillies and Jack Etkin do seem to have a grasp on reality.

We have a problem with loosing bees, and how long will it be before any bird or insect will be unable to remain in BC and take the barrage of radio waves? What will happen to our farmers, flowers (Butchart Gardens ) then? I have already noticed a change in the bird calls here on my tree lined road., as these meters start to chatter to each other.

Does anyone know what has happened to the old meters ? Harland Road landfill maybe, or perhaps sent overseas to be recycled? Surely there is no money to be made here in BC doing that is there?

I am not impressed with those charged with our interests

This letter was partially because after a night shift I woke in the late morning to hear what sounded like a cuckoo or a pigeon calling out in real distress, and I then noticed the silence of the other song birds. We also had a hive of the harmless kind of wasps which was suddenly deserted,  moths seem to have gone, and I haven’t seen any ants.

For those of you outside Victoria BC, Jack Elkin can be found by Goggling “Face to Face with Jack Etkin”, a great weekly 1 hour independent local TV show produced by Steve Poole and broadcast by Shaw, and Rafe and Damien can be found at The Common Sense Canadian. where their seemingly tireless efforts on behalf of the people, fish, wildlife and rivers of BC can be found.

Where are we heading and why is the question I dread being asked by my grandchildren.

Jeremy Arney

Health Canada about Marigold Natural Pharmacy


On 14th June 2010, Health Canada, RCMP and the BC College of Pharmacists attacked Marigold Natural Compounding Pharmacy of Courtney BC, arriving with a UHaul type Van and just removed anything they wanted and closed down the pharmacy.  The BC college of pharmacists apparenly has control over the compounding side of the pharmacy.

Thus I was prompted to write this letter to see what proof Health Canada had obtained to justify their invasion, and in essence destruction, of a legitimate business concerned with wellness.


Ms. Glenda Yeates,
Deputy Minister of Health,
Health Canada.
I am writing to ask for some information about Marigold Natural Pharmacy of Courtney BC. I have tried phoning several times and get shunted from one extension to another until I eventually get a voice mail. I have left messages but not surprisingly I have not receiving a call back.


This is from your release of 23rd  July  2010
The issue
Unauthorized health products manufactured and sold by Marigold Natural Pharmacy Ltd. may pose a risk to health and safety of Canadians. These products were made available to Canadians via the company’s pharmacy in Courtenay, British Columbia and via their  website. Marigold Natural Pharmacy Ltd. is not authorized to manufacture, package, label or import any drugs or natural health products in Canada.
A number of the unauthorized products (listed below) pose specific risks to the health and safety of Canadians: one unauthorized health product indicates that it contains Kava Kava. Kava Kava products contain kava lactones which have been associated with severe liver damage. In addition, two unauthorized health products indicate that they contain ingredients that legally require that they be sold with a prescription because they are used to treat serious diseases or may have side effects that require monitoring by a health care practitioner.
What Health Canada is doing
Health Canada has taken steps to mitigate the risk posed by these products and will continue to monitor Marigold Natural Pharmacy Ltd. Should Health Canada become aware that the company is continuing to sell unauthorized health products that may pose a risk to the health and safety of Canadians, Health Canada will take immediate and appropriate action.
My questions about all this now you have had almost 6 months to examine what has been done are these:
Exactly how many customers of Marigold Natural Pharmacy have been damaged in any way by the products they purchased from the compounding side of the business?

You claim that one health product contains Kava Kava, which MAY cause severe liver damage.   How many of Marigolds clients have actually suffered with this damage as a result of Marigolds products?

How many of Marigolds concoctions do you have sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting for a DIN # which you have no intention of supplying?

How can a company get authorization when you will not even look at the products?
Do you have any proof that Marigold deliberately set out to hurt anyone?

Do you accept and agree that Marigold’s business should rely on the permission of the BC College of Pharmacists whose training in natural remedies is nil?

Do you accept that an immediate health problem can ONLY be treated by dangerous and toxic drugs with the possibility of multiple side effects or death and to which you have given your approval, rather than being allowed to be treated with a mixture of natural products created with knowledge, loving care and real wellness in mind?

How can you allow such toxic unproven and untested vaccines such as Gardasil and H1N1 to be administered to the people of Canada when you know very well that they both have side effects and even deaths related directly to them, and yet you ban natural products which you think may perhaps cause some damage? 

Are you really interested in the health of Canadians or the wealth of the Pharmaceutical companies?

This is also from your web site:
Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

How can you claim this to be your role when you are doing the exact opposite??

Health Canada is part of the Ministry of Health which is a Federal Ministry of the Government of Canada. The Government of Canada is employed by and elected by the people of Canada, as is the opposition.  The purpose of the government of Canada is to serve the people of Canada and act in the best interests of their employers, those same  people of Canada.
When Health Canada acts in the interests of the pharmaceutical companies rather than the interests of the people of Canada, then they are betraying the people of Canada.
If that is allowed to continue then are not both the Minister of Health, the Cabinet and Prime  Minister equally responsible for that betrayal?

I await you answers to my questions with interest.
Jeremy Arney

Hey MPs I told you so

To all MPs and a majority of the Senators,
Bill C-36, an act respecting consumer product safety.
Strange isn’t it how things work out.
I, along with many others, wrote to you all about Bill C-36, and NHPs. 
Section 4 (3) states:
For greater certainty, this Act does not apply to natural health products as defined in 1(1) of the Natural Health Products Regulations made under the Food and Drug Act. 
What I wrote to you all time and again was that this was a red herring because the NHPs were going to be attacked under the regulations made to the Food and Drug Act and which came into force last January, and so Section 4 (3) was a meaningless paragraph.
But of course you all knew better did you not?  This was a victory for you wasn’t it?Just as you knew better about Canada’s sovereignty and rule of Law.
There have been a series of swat team type raids on natural health foods purveyors already and the damn is about to break.
This is what I received by email today from two different sources.
I regret to be the bearer of bad news. I have received confirmation of the new Health Canada enforcement intent for 2011. On March 1, 2011 Health Canada begins full enforcement of nhp’s. Here are the details:
·         On March 1, 2011 retailers will not be permitted to purchase unlicensed stock from suppliers (EN or NPN is required), regardless of a submission being in queue.
·         On March 1, 2011 importers will not be allowed to import unlicensed products (EN or NPN required).
·         On September 1, 2011 retailers will not be allowed to sell to consumers any product that does not have an EN or NPN. In other words, retailers will be allowed to continue selling out unlicensed stock from now until September 1, 2011 — but after September 1, 2011 they will not be permitted to sell unlicensed stock. 
Do any of you have any idea how many applications there are for EN or NPNs that are being ignored by Health Canada for years because their pharmaceutical masters tell to do so?   Do any of you know how many products are being delisted for the same reason? Maybe one of you should check it out as it is not hard to find the answer. (Clue: it is in the 500,000 + range). Not one single pharmaceutical drug has been refused or delisted, inspite of hundreds of thousands of deaths, in how many years? 
So for those if you who were so proud that you had managed to get this “concession” and therefore claimed that this Bill C-36 was very good for Canada and Canadians and so you did not need to listen to what we were saying to you, I say thank you for altering the very fabric of Canada, her citizens’ health and certainly her peoples’ freedoms to practice their own health care and privacy by your careless acceptance and passage of Bill C-36 with a catchy name.
It is way too late for you to re-read what you so blithely passed with hardly even looking at the Bill and it’s gross attack on Canada’s sovereignty and Rules of Law. Even though the valiant fight goes by a few Canadians in the Senate which is no longer a chamber of sober second thought but an extension of one man’s personal ideology and determination to destroy Canada by handing our parliament, courts and people over to his corporate masters. No it is a forgone conclusion unless some of those Harper minions in the Senate realise what is happening and decide that Canada is more important than a really dangerous Bill with a catchy name.
The Minister of Health has done a great job of selling you on the need for this Bill C-36 without ever referring to the real purpose behind the bill. All you MPs fell for it without regard for your constituents, whom you are supposed to represent, and without listening to their cries of alarm.  Great work. I expect you all to to be rewarded in the next election.
When the first regulations come rolling in from EU, USA, China, Israel,  or wherever without you even being made aware of them; when our agriculture and food supplies are all controlled by Monsanto; when our budget is under the direction of the IMF and/or the Bank of International Settlements,  remember this…YOU WERE WARNED.
I will not take the drugs that Health Canada will try to force on me as they did last year with the untested, untried dangerous H1N1 vaccine for a fake pandemic, but rather I will seek out the black market for those natural foods which are good for my body. Since I am now getting old it will not be long before I start to rot due to the lack of availability of healthy nutrition for low income seniors, so thank you all very much.
My greatest contempt is for the leaders of the parties who told you what to do and you did it blindly.  When the deaths start to happen due to malnutrition and excessive pharmaceutical drug use; from the fear of and the actuality of raids by armed riot police for the simple “suspected” possession of a possibly dangerous product; from the removal of personal possessions simply because they can be removed indefinitely, remember Health Canada, Health Canada’s real masters, Bill C-36 and your part in it.
My admiration to those who are still fighting for Canada in the Senate, and you know who you are.  You are included in this simply so you know what I think of the rest, but I thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of Canada, my children and grandchildren. May the force be with you.
For the rest of you I have nothing but pity and some measure of contempt. 
Jeremy Arney